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Check out Covering Ground by Chuck Ragan on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free Meet You in the Middle · Meet You in By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use. Simulation Theory (Deluxe) . If you want to lay back in a semi punk lyric with country/folk vibe then listen up & let the music flow over you. Me?. See more ideas about Lyrics, Music lyrics and Song Lyrics. chuck ragan can build you a house and sing you a song. Chuck Ragan & Brian Fallon - Meet You In The Middle @ Revival Tour Ports. .. (Les Mis Interview)My Second Conversation with Eddie Redmayne (Theory of Everyting Interview)"What is striking about. artistTerm=chuck+ragan+">iTunes lyrics have never been a problem, but arrangements have been at times. the Remarkable Regrettes Are Coming for You, Too (premiere) middle}.affiliate-rating:after{content:''.

It was a set which, nowadays, usually goes for about 65 on a regular basis. It was on track to last for 50 so we ended up playing this colossally long version of the last song of the set.

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We just did it on the fly simply because we wanted to keep playing, and it went and went until it when so drastically sludgy that it could go no slower, and then we liked it so much that it ended up becoming part of how we recorded the music. How would you describe the voices of the members of Ex Eye? He has this ability to really cover, to inhabit so many different musical roles within the context of the band just with his Moog synths.

Greg Fox is a whirlwind. There is a curious balance in play on the record between that maximalism and a sense of minimalism. Was it intentional to keep this and if so, how difficult was it to maintain? The noise that we make throughout this is founded in a density and overloading of very confident melodic and harmonic information, so the hope is that the natural state of the listener is, within moments of being steeped in that barrage, their perception will slow down and focus on the minutiae naturally and create a sense of slowing of the passage of time.

That was a lot of the rhetoric that flowed around our creative space when we were playing these things together. F ollowing a reunion tour last year, alt-rock vets Belly have announced plans for their first new album in more than 20 years.

And so are the mechanisms of sharing music with our friends and the rest of the world Kolderie working the knobs and faders. So far, the third album from the group is schedule to be released on April 6,but has yet to secure a title or. ISSUE 23 The band, which consists of Tanya Donelly, Gail Greenwood, and brothers Chris and Tom Gorman, got back together for a limited tour inand fortunately they decided to create some new music together, which means this is going to be tin 20 years, since their broke up in A portion of all the profits will go towards towards hurricane relief in Puerto Rico and the U.

February Sounds Like: Adventurous dreamy rock with shades of folk, country and post-punk. Now that Modern Baseball took a break, Jake is more focused expanding his writing and sound in his project. With a new album Birdie to be released very soon, we talked with Jake about what he's been up and what this album represents for him. What did motivate you to start this project? I originally started it as something to overcome a writer's block that I was having.

I started doing it with the intention to write songs about fictional scenarios and it was something that I've never done before and that's how I wrote our first album, Welcome []. After that I've kind of got me out of my writing punk and I was able to just go back to writing normal but also keeping some of the fictional scenarios and doing a mishmash of everything.

It kind of started as a songwriting exercise on the side. I started right before Modern Baseball released Holy Ghost, like the summer before. Out of curiosity, why naming your project as Slaughter Beach, Dog? There's this town in Delaware on the way to my parents' house called Slaughter Beach and I thought that was a really cool band name, but when I started actually writing the songs and decided I was going to put out a record, I googled the name to see if anybody else had it and I found out there is a band in Denmark called Slaughter Beach and so I just added Dog on the end.

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I was hoping that one day that they would just break up so I could drop the Dog, but I'm kind of attached to the Dog now. Hum, dogs are okay.

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Earlier this year, your band Modern Baseball announced that you were taking a break after releasing your amazing record, Holy Ghost. What led you guys to that decision? We were just kind of burned out. We were doing a lot of touring ever since we started playing. We started doing it after college and we were just constantly on tour and trying to finish school in between, and once we got out of school, we were on the road even more and we never took any time to figure out what we actually wanted from the band or from being musicians.

We just went full blast all the time and it eventually caught up to us and it took a lot of us. We decided that the healthiest thing to do would be just taking some time off to figure out what each one want individually and work on our friendship, work on our relationship at home, because the band kind of sucked up all of our whole lives, so it was really a need that we had.

It was a really personal decision for all of us. What has everyone in Modern Baseball been up to since the break?

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Sean [Huber, drummer] is focusing more on his project Steady Hands. Did you see this hiatus as a opportunity for you to focus more on Slaughter Beach, Dog? Any time I had nothing to do, I just ended up writing music and recording it. It kind of worked out nicely. I put out some of them on an EP called Motorcycle. You have already released under Slaughter Beach, Dog name an album titled Welcome and most recently the Motorcycle.

What can you tell me about the writing approach for this one? I think finishing up the songs and recording them was when Modern Baseball were starting to slow down and take a break. I just felt really very relaxed and at peace, so they had this really good energy going where I feel all the songs have a more relaxed intimacy and that kind of came from me finally slowing down and getting a little more center.

Even in the studio when I was recording it, I just came in and I had the songs written.

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Ian recorded and produced them and I played all the instruments, so for two weeks it was just me and Ian together in a room working on these songs and it was just so relaxed. It was the perfect environment for the songs. What inspired you to go more on that music direction? I think a big part of that were two things. One of the things was that I started listening to more bands that sounded like that.

I think probably as Modern Baseball started to playing bigger and louder shows I kind of got more into quitter and softer music, and the other thing was that probably a year ago I never had a really nice acoustic guitar before and I always write on an acoustic guitar, so I decided I was gonna treat myself and buy this nice smaller travel guitar.

It was kind of a combination of those things into this kind of style. You have announced a headlining tour this fall with support from Shannen Moser and you will also be playing solo in the UK for the first time this September. What can people expect from a Slaughter Beach, Dog live show? I play guitar, slide guitar and a little bit of keyboard. Ian plays bass, our friend Joe plays drums and our friend Nick plays electric guitar and acoustic guitar.

One of my favorite things so far about playing these newer songs is that we do a lot of variation within the sets. How could we not be depressed seeing one the most thrilling bands of our generations breaking up? The Fever, a band formed by Jason Aalon Butler letlive. Whether you choose to believe it or not, they are happening. Whether they affect you or not, they have significant effects.

Not happy with their previous heavier bands, Carter and Kortney decided to join forces and play music that both are passionate about and start something completely brand new. The duo makes a blend of pop, funk and rock tunes that will stick in your head for days. Their chemistry is simply contagious. They were in high school together, but the band loosely formed the year after graduation.

They manage to mix loud and intense riffs along with an erratic rhythm section, plus a dose of charm and carefree attitude. Sometimes it feels like they have grown up in the whole Seattle music scene. Last year, the three-piece released their explosive debut album, Roaring at the Storm. It was about that journey and that album that we talked with Jade Jackson, one of the most exciting artists off of the country spectrum. How living in small town did shaped you as a songwriter? You just pay attention to the smaller details, and The little things are still big and important.

For example, when I was inside listening to the music or playing piano. What a shy year-old did see in a Social Distortion show that made her want to step on a stage and share her feelings and thoughts with the entire world? Because I was shy and kind of introverted I was by myself in the crowd. There were two moshpits going on and all this crazy audience just going nuts, and I was just standing there waiting for Mike to come on stage.

He walked on stage and everybody in the audience just kind of stopped and looked back at him. Everybody just listened to what he had to say and it was just so compelling like how he was able to captivate the entire room of people just with his presence.

I hungered for that. I wanted a voice and I thought that maybe if I was on stage, being thirteen, maybe that would give me a chance to have a voice and be confident. I soon realized, when I start performing soon after, that I was a lot more peaceful performing on stage than I was off the stage. It just became addicting from that point. How it was receiving a phone call from Mike Mess saying he wanted to work with you? I can imagine someone feeling all these different things at once when receiving a call from one of his or her heroes.

I found out that he wanted to help me with music stuff and that he had heard a bit of my performance that his wife showed him from capturing on her phone It was this really surreal moment. I just felt so excited and grateful. That was three years ago and today the album is being released. And it was really important especially because I went through a pretty deep depression for a couple of years in college.

I had an accident and I injured my back. I had to take a lot of medication and once I got off of it my brain was just really messed up I was just not feeling good about myself. I had to put my music on the backburner for a while because I was focusing on healing and feeling normal again, so Mike reaching out to me it was just the right time.

He just made me believe in myself again just by believing in me. I wrote it very quickly, which is something that I do normally since they are kind of just this purging of an emotion or energy that I need to get out, and I realized that often times they will be a little bit more empowering.

It seems like a huge struggle for you. After we spoke I looked up the dates to make sure I could go and, as luck would have it, realised they were playing London on the 27th of July. I punched the air with joy at the thought of spending my birthday in London watching one of my favourite bands.

We need you!

Going to this show was set in stone until a couple of weeks later Braid decided to throw a spanner in the works. I had seen that there was a campaign to get Braid to play in the UK and now it was actually going to happen and happen it was on the 27th of July!!

Dilemma time, do I travel to London and spend my birthday watching one of my current favourite bands for the 2nd time or do I go and see one of the most legendary emo bands of all time for the first time playing an absolute classic album in its entirety???

The day finally arrived and after a morning of being spoilt by my wife and kids with a cooked breakfast and a stack of new records I set off on the train to London. Turns out not everyone you meet online is a crazy psycho-sex pest like my mum always warned me they would be, in fact they were really bloody amazing people.

We turned up to the Buffalo Bar just in time to catch the last few moments of Wrestling, a shame really as the seemed really good. The show really kicked in to gear when the next band, Plaids, took to the stage.

Plaids seem to tour a lot so I would highly recommend taking any chance to catch one of their shows.