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P June 7, | WHISTLER'S WEEKLY NEWSMAGAZINE | www. acryingshame.info .. CEO Mike Furey in place when the election changed. Agenda: Financial Report, Election of Officers Schedule of meetings for .. around town: we also saw a snowmobile swap meet happening in the Bob Leduc and Helpers for helping us in harvesting our potatoes in Arrow Creek. Fog Murder in Normandy: Kurt Meyer Trial Con Super CanadaRemem. AirVenture in photos: Images of EAA's fly-in just turn the page .. in Type John Nazarenko, Leduc, Alberta Beech Bonanza H35, CFTAA Ohio Piper L-4B Grasshopper, N Judges' Choice: Yak/CJ-6 B. Kurt . Five EAA directors earn re-election at EAA annual meeting PHOTO BY JASON TONEY.

The degree of machine intelligence and automation that enables the system to continuously provide the physical state and health data for components connected to the network is of particular importance. The resulting technology will facilitate reliable health management of the LRUs connected to it. Develop optical materials and novel methodology to produce an infrared-transmitting dome with high optical quality and enough design flexibility to simultaneously minimize cost and aerodynamic drag for missile seeker applications.

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Produce a low-drag dome for demonstration in an imaging missile seeker to prove the design and manufacturing technology developed in this effort. The US Army desires the ability to operate imaging sensors behind a non-spherical dome at the front of a missile. This effort shall develop novel materials, fabrication processes, and assembly methods which shall allow for the production of transparent domes for missiles at a minimized cost which is favorably compared to the cost of current, traditional, spherical domes.

Exterior dome shape must remain variable in order to allow for tailoring of aerodynamic characteristics to fit various missile platforms.

Dome materials must simultaneously transmit 1. A solution for each infrared band is preferred. This effort shall consider dome maximum base diameters of 2. The US Army employs imaging and non-imaging sensors on a variety of missile platforms to provide precision guidance to targets. The Army now places a strong emphasis on decreasing cost in its missiles, while simultaneously increasing the effective range of those missiles. Aerodynamic drag must be reduced on current missile platforms in order to extend the range of the missiles in an efficient manner.

A key drag component of a missile with an imaging seeker is the front-end dome. Aerodynamic drag varies with missile speed.

DoD SBIR 2016.2

Therefore, the shape of minimal-drag domes must be tailorable to suit different missile platforms. Domes must also be resistant to abrasions and other environmental effects typically seen by missiles in tactical environments. The Army requires novel research of highly-transparent and robust optical materials.

Novel dome materials must allow favorable transmission and wavefront quality for imaging missile seekers. Dome material research must couple with fabrication and alignment innovation in order to realize the cost minimization desired under this effort. Platforms of interest to the Army are those with outside missile diameters of 2. Transparent dome base diameters are typically slightly smaller than the missile outside diameter.

This effort shall expect length to diameter ratios of the aerodynamic domes to be greater than 0. The smallest platform of interest 2. The larger platforms 5 and 7 inch diameters are more likely to be gimbaled.

These gimbaled sensors will rotate behind the dome as much as degrees in angle from the longitudinal axis of the missile and dome. This motion significantly complicates dome wavefront quality metrics. Larger diameter missile platforms may also be required to operate while transmitting both 1. The Army consequently prefers dome materials which might allow for such transmission.

The Army shall regard this as lower in priority for this effort than the goal of infrared wavefront transmission and low cost. Past efforts have developed techniques for both optical correction [1], [2], and dome fabrication and measurement [3], [4], [5], [6], for gimbaled seekers.

These techniques have either not considered gimbaled imaging quality, or have proven to be prohibitively expensive for current missile programs.

EAA AirVenture, Sunday, July 29, by EAA: Experimental Aircraft Association - Issuu

Relatively recent work in chalcogenide materials [7] and molding technology [8] imply that more unique lower-cost infrared materials and novel approaches to dome technology may exist. The Army also recognizes that fresh approaches to older concepts, like plastics [9] [10], might now be made feasible.

Consider missile speeds for this effort to be subsonic. Dome abrasion is likely due to external mounting on aircraft. The Army may entertain the idea of hardened coatings, possibly even shielding the dome until launch if it is necessary, or any other novel concept to improve the lifetime of any domes developed in this effort.

Of secondary interest is the near-infrared NIR. These correspond to wavelengths 3 to 5 microns, 7 to 13 microns, and 0. The dome materials in this study only have to transmit one waveband at a time. However, the Army prefers the ability to operate seekers on these missile platforms in a dual-mode configuration with a 1.

Therefore, preference will be given to dome materials which exhibit simultaneous transmission in one of the aforementioned wavebands as well as at 1. Minimized materials and production costs are just as important to the Army as the ability to tailor domes to aerodynamic shapes with high-quality optical performance.

This SBIR effort exists in order to produce domes which cost less than ones currently produced with traditional materials and methods. Smaller platform dome cost goals would be significantly less than this example. Phase I proposals will be technically evaluated on the perceived ability of the technology to meet the previously-stated desired system performance goals as well as achieve future cost goals.

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In short order, that economy ground to a halt, the horrific and never fully explained air attacks on the World Trade Centre and other targets took place and, ensuing, Bush and his vice-president, Dick Cheney, were taking credit for another attack not having happened.

Instead of responding to the bombings as a crime, the BushCheney brain trust sold them as an act of war so they could attack hated regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. They conveniently ignored the fact that if any one country was responsible for the attacks it would have been Saudi Arabia. That Bush was so eager to send troops into battle was hardly a surprise, he himself having had the fortunate experience of never having to enter battle himself, thanks in all likelihood to the wealth and connections of his family.

Henry Ford vowed to produce vehicles that his employees could afford. Too bad his entire head each time she opens her reason for wanting the presidency mouth. Some of my best friends default. No one should take any wish they were rich. A few days ago, I had a very sad experience.

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I made the opportunity to check out the thrift store at the Trinity United Church. I thought it was some one-time effort, but here it was set up as a permanent business, the most beautiful church in Creston converted into a thrift shop. It is my understanding that the cost of heating the building was too high, so this action had to be taken. Canada is wallowing in oil, and the powers that be are stumbling over each other desperately trying to find someone, anyone, to buy our oil, while a church cannot afford to pay for the cost of heat.

Should we be falling on bended knee and praying for our great capitalist system? I think it sure needs help. I think there is food for thought here.

A welldeserving lady from Kelowna was awarded the last place of regional game changer. We extend our thanks to all who voted and voted every day, and who asked family and friends to assist.