Evidence of your relationship to sponsor

Step 4: Collect Financial Documents

evidence of your relationship to sponsor

Q:how to show Evidence of your relationship to your sponsor and any contact between you?? any idea please coz im goin to apply uk. Child sponsors. If your sponsor is your child, provide: proof of your relationship with them such as: birth certificates; a family book showing family relationships. If you are in a common-law relationship, you may show evidence in the For this type of relationship, the obligation is to prove that you are not.

However, these forms are updated frequently and without warning. Sometimes they are even updated several times within a year. If you submit your sponsorship application using an older version of the forms, IRCC could return the application to you without processing and ask that you complete the application again using the current forms.

"People Want to Know": Affidavit of Support (I-864 form)- joint sponsor requirements

This does not always happen, and sometimes it depends on how old the forms that you used are. For example, if the current forms are from Julyand you submitted forms from Januarythe likelihood of your application being returned is less than if you submitted the forms from June You can tell what version of the forms you are using by checking the bottom left corner of the page for the form number such as IMM and a month and year such as The reason IRCC updates the forms is because they ask for new or additional information than they had previously.

The best way to avoid this problem is simply to ensure that you have the newest forms. Answering questions incorrectly on the application forms The most common mistake people make when applying to sponsor their spouse is not asking for help if they do not understand what a question means on the application.

Frequently people mistake the meaning of a question and answer it with irrelevant or incorrect information.

How Can I Prove My Relationship? | Spousal Sponsorship

One example is misunderstanding who can be listed as a dependant or a family member for the purposes of a sponsorship application. Just because someone is a relative who is financially dependent on you, does not mean that they can be counted as a dependant on your sponsorship application. For more information on who can be listed as a dependant on a sponsorship application, click here.

Financial requirements A bank-slip, bank statement or certificate of deposit that shows you have held enough money to cover your course fees and your monthly living costs for up to 9 months.


They must show that you have held the required money for at least a consecutive 28 day period which ends within the 31 day period before you paid your visa fee online. For example, if you paid your fee online on 15 August, the bank-slip, bank statement or certificate of deposit you submit must show that you held the required money for at least a 28 day period that ended between the 15 July and 15 August. UKVI will accept money that is frozen in a certificate of deposit.

However the certificate of deposit must prove that the money has already been held for 28 days. For example, if you deposited your funds in a fixed-term account on 1 March, and your date of online application was 15 August, it is not enough to only submit the original deposit slip from 1 March. You must also submit an additional certificate of deposit to show that the money was still held between 15 July and 15 August i.

Do not provide a bank letter or certificate quoting an average balance.

evidence of your relationship to sponsor

Funds must be held in your name or by your parents or an official sponsor. Money held by any other third party will not be accepted.

You can only qualify as a sponsored student if you are sponsored by one of the following official sponsors: UK government; British Council; your government; or any international organisation, international company, university or UK independent school.

You cannot be sponsored by anyone else, including other family members or friends.

evidence of your relationship to sponsor