Eight mansions relationship direction

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eight mansions relationship direction

Based on your house facing direction, you can identify the Eight Mansions chart expansion, success and wealth; Nien Yen: Marriage, relationships, romance. Eight mansions Feng Shui explained and demystified. favourable and unfavourable personal directions that promote productivity at work and in relationships. Classical Feng Shui advocates eight personal directions; of which, four are It enhances the quality of relationships, and promotes longevity. This is the most harmful and dangerous energy in Eight Mansions Feng Shui.

Use it when all the lucky direction are not feasible.

Personal Directions: Know Your Best and Worst!

To quell Ho Hai luck, use the wood element. Your 3rd worse direction, risks of theft, burglary, disharmony and minor illnesses are increased if you face this direction constantly or if your main door faces this direction.

eight mansions relationship direction

To suppress Wu Gui luck, use yin water as still water has the power to silence the five ghosts and may even cause the five ghosts to bring gold into the home. If you have to face this direction, place the Blue Rhino and Elephant or Blue Water Dragon in front of you or beside your bed. Liu Shar — Obstacles Being the 2nd worse direction The "Six Killings" energy brings 6 types of bad luck in the form of accidents, wealth loss, illness, loss of reputation, loss of loved ones and death.

The problems can be quite serious, thus you should try hard to avoid this direction. If you absolutely cannot, then subdue the Lui Shar luck with lots of earth energy. Keeping the area in this direction you are facing piled up or decorated with Crystal products. The presence of crystals and stones is always a good deterrent against the six killings energy of Eight Mansions Feng Shui. Chueh Ming - Total Loss As its name suggests, this is your worst direction practically in all matters.

In brief, you will lose everything. This is the most harmful energy of all as it causes bankruptcy, long term illness, injury and disaster, in fact a state of total loss. Do take the threat of Chueh Ming seriously, as its effects are very powerful.

Feng Shui Kua Number & 8 Mansions Theory :: Feng Shui Tips

Basically, your lucky feng shui directions allow you to tap into the best, most potent energy; while the unlucky feng shui directions obviously do the opposite. If possible, position your bed so that the crown of your head is directed toward one of your lucky feng shui directions.

eight mansions relationship direction

The same applies to your office; see if you can position your desk to face a lucky feng shui direction. That being said, it should be remembered that that general feng shui is always more important than personal feng shui. The information on lucky and unlucky feng shui directions is awesome and helpful, but way too often taken the wrong way.

While knowing your lucky directions is sure good, understand this is not absolute as there are many aspects of feng shui to consider.

The Eight Mansions

Just install some cures as mentioned above and concentrate on other feng shui aspects such as Flying Stars or 8 Aspirations Trigrams. In fact, the essence of feng shui is to create an environment that makes you feel happy, balanced and harmonious.

eight mansions relationship direction

Less extreme than that, is sleep. So, a bedroom tends to contain a lot of Yin. Yang is the more lively counterpart to Yin.

eight mansions relationship direction

Eventually, Eight Mansion Theory was brought into the house and people started using it to improve their lives. Rest assured, this will not summon up creepy stuff. Sheng Chi is Generating Chi, so it can bring more wealth, success, and beneficial activities. It may also be used to activate career, wealth, study, pregnancy, and more.

Inside the house, this sector must always have more space to let the Chi circulate and gather. Adding moving Water into this sector makes it even more powerful.

This Chi is balancing, meaning that everything here is in balance. Health-wise, it will enable a person to heal quickly. It can also be used as a secondary wealth area, but the Chi is not as strong as the Sheng Chi area.

Suitable for health, warding off bad luck, secondary wealth and sleep. Yan Nian Chi can be used for longevity, love, relationship and marriage. For elderly people, they will find restful sleep in this sector.

For singles, they can activate this Chi and improve their relationships. Last of the Four Auspicious Chi areas, this Chi is moving upward and it forms like a support. This Chi supports everything. Suitable for study, meditating, altars, and activities that need support. So when you study in this sector, it will give you more stability to understanding and when meditating, it will enable you to focus more fully.

The Chi is self-destructive, and it forms something that can be life-threatening. It can cause sickness, emotional, mental instability and health issues. It is advised not to touch or activate this sector, or it will bring misfortune to you and your family members.

Ba Zhai Feng Shui 2 Your house direction

Luckily, there are cures for this sector. In The Five Elements, this star is Fire. This Chi is strong, brutal, attacking and competitive. It can cause misfortune, such as accidents.

I can rile people up, cause injury, or fire.