Drakken and shego relationship with god

Drakken & Shego: All the Evil Love/Awkwardness

drakken and shego relationship with god

Alternate continuity after "So the Drama." Kim and Ron are in a relationship, Drakken and Shego are beaten. God is in his heaven, all is right. Shego's relationship with Dr. Drakken bordered on bizarre. Early on in the series, she was shown to be more respectful toward the mad scientist, however. Dr. Drakken is Shego's usual employer; she has been stated to be his Their relationship teeters between a familiar, cooperative.

This kiss deepened, and Shego's arms had found their way around his neck.

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Just minutes later, he had been on top of her in the limousine. Drakken's heart skipped a beat sitting there in his room with his head in his hands, when he vividly recalled the little moans of pleasure and anticipation Shego had made in the limousine, while he kissed her eagerly as far down her chest as her dress would allow.

It shouldn't have happened, he thought. It shouldn't be real. He quickly wiped away the few tears left on his face, angry at himself for being so sensitive about his feelings for Shego. Collapsing back into the warm comforts of his bed, he sighed heavily. The reason he was in his room in the first place was because of a fight about their relationship, and where it was headed.

Earlier that day, before they checked out of their hotel, things had gotten heated again. Drakken couldn't exactly remember how it began; he had been packing his things getting ready to leave, and Shego, being as organized as she was, had already checked out of her room, and was sitting on Drakken's hotel bed reading a magazine, waiting for him to finish his packing. The next thing he knew, he was on the on the bed with a nearly naked Shego, and they were caught up in a very passionate make out session.

This time, Shego had taken the lead, stripping his shirt off, and kissing his chest, making her way hungrily down to his pants.

drakken and shego relationship with god

It was only when she unbuttoned them that Drakken froze up. D," Shego teased playfully, "Don't tell me you've never been laid before. What does this mean to you? Drakken remembered Shego looking extremely annoyed at him, as he replied, "I just…I don't want to do this right now.

You are totally a virgin. I am being serious here. I honestly want to sit down and talk feelings with you, before we do something we can't take back, and you can't even respect that? You're cold-hearted and hurtful. I don't know why I ever liked you, or even why I've kept you on as my employee all these years. Drakken rolled over and buried his face in his pillow, the memories of that morning's mishaps fading away.

It was evening now, and he didn't have a clue what Shego was up to. He had heard her arrive shortly after him, but they avoided one another all afternoon, and Drakken had had enough of the tiptoeing around, so he had decided it would be best to resign to his bedroom.

Being alone for hours didn't help his anxiety, however.

drakken and shego relationship with god

It seemed like with every minute that passed, a new memory of Shego was manifesting in front of him, making him relive it another time. He could still taste Shego's lips on his, and smell the lavender scent of her long, silky hair. He could still feel her slender fingers trailing down his chest, and the tingly sensation of her nibbling on his neck, playfully.

He could still see deep into her eyes if he thought about it - and oh God — those eyes. He had actually got to gaze into them, and for once, she was looking right back, smiling. He wanted to talk to her about everything, but she had made it clear she didn't want to talk.

Maybe I really was careless with what I said, Drakken thought, biting his lip anxiously. She had finally seen what had been right in front of her for several years, at least: The blonde, freckled, frequently terrified boy was her first and only best friend, and her companion on missions. Last night, she had finally figured out why: It had only been one day since the international cataclysm known as "The Lil' Diablos Incident," but such things were far from Kim's mind.

Instead, as she got ready for bed, she recounted the day that she had shared with her new boyfriend.

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They had gotten ice cream, seen a movie, and cuddled under a tree beside the new pond formed by a Diablo's plasma cannon. As Kim slid into bed and flicked off her nightstand lamp, she thought about how her life couldn't possibly get any better, from her perspective.

Along with the periodic beep of the electrocardiogram and the rhythmic hiss of the respirator, the noises made a sort of mad scientist's symphony.

drakken and shego relationship with god

Indeed, this may have been the best term, as a mad scientist sat beside the bed, heavy blue bags beneath his bloodshot eyes. He would have taken pride in such daring robberies — one even from the hospital where Kim Possible's mother worked — but his fear and misery wouldn't allow for a positive emotion just yet.

In the bed lay one of his most precious people, someone whom he considered to be family even though she could be very, very mean sometimes.

drakken and shego relationship with god

Drakken stood up, cracking his back and stretching out his shoulders. Shego was suffering, and he couldn't just leave her alone. Crime rates had fallen all over the world at the news; despite her acerbic nature, Shego was beloved by much of the villainous community, and they had decided to take this day off out of deference to the tragic event.

Drakken sat back down, speaking softly to Shego.

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He didn't know if semi-comatose people could understand speech, but it was probably doing her some good. After all, if plants grew from being talked to, couldn't it work for people, especially green people? We can start a smear campaign against Kim Possible when you get yourself fixed. It's so lonely without you there to give life to this place…" Drakken choked back some tears. He might be a villain, but this was just cruelty!

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Part of him wondered if the teen even knew what she'd done using that suit's super-strength. Drakken, I need you to leave. I have to give Shego a full physical to make sure that her regenerative powers aren't reacting with her electrical burns.

Unlike her husband, who was designing a very detailed diagram of how he would jettison Ron into a black hole if he hurt Kim, Anne was not focused on the boy.