Relationship between resilience and sustainability

Sustainability vs. Resilience: Bouncing Back is the Future

relationship between resilience and sustainability

In this paper we specify the relationship between resilience and sustainable development. Based on an ecological-economic model where two natural capital . To distinguish between resilience and sustainability approaches, it is useful to contrast . an operational model that emphasizes agency and power relations. The difference between sustainability and resilience.

Sustainability vs. Resilience: Why Bouncing Back is the Way of the Future

A Real-World Lesson on Resilience At the time of writing my parents have been spending Christmas in Finland where thousands of residents have been without electricity due to power outages caused by storms and unseasonably warm weather trees toppled over because the unfrozen ground could not support them. While their neighbors found themselves without heat or light neither of which is much fun in December in Finlandmy parents' year-old-house still had a traditional masonry stove at its heart that can heat most of the house for hours after one short burn.

They were able to hunker down, keep themselves warm, and wait for the power to return so they could continue watching Agatha Christie reruns on the television.

Resilience doesn't mean abandoning all high-tech projects or retreating to the hills with our guns.

relationship between resilience and sustainability

It doesn't mean going without Agatha Christie reruns. But it does mean paying attention to where we are most vulnerable, and then taking steps to build redundancy and adaptability into our systems so we can keep going through such shocks.

Perverse Resilience is a False Friend Of course there's also a danger that the "resilience" message can be misused. As one commenter mentioned in my last topic on this piece, oil and gas advocates continue to push what he termed as "Perverse Resilience" under the banner of "Drill, Baby, Drill".

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By increasing our domestic oil production, for example, they argue that we can create a stronger, more resilient nation.

But given the convoluted supply chains of even domestic oil production, and given the link between climate change and extreme weatherit's clear to me that true resilience will never be delivered through fossil fuels. These definitions originated from the concepts of balance and continuation in nature. Consider the cycle of a plant in its natural setting: The seed grows, is nurtured by soil and water, matures, dies and breaks down into reusable components that feed the next crop of seedlings.

relationship between resilience and sustainability

Extra seedlings are produced to compensate for those that do not survive, and the cycle exists in balance with its surroundings.

Contrast this definition with the current use of fossil fuels, which is rapidly depleting our supply of these resources. Considering the many uses of fossil fuels in the Western economy, this could have a widespread, destructive impact.

relationship between resilience and sustainability

One solution is to become more sustainable in our use of these resources. Resilience Resilience is the ability to bounce back after a disaster, whether natural such as earthquakes, hurricane and tornadoes or man-made such as bombings and chemical spills.

It involves anticipating disasters and developing systems to mitigate them. The ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens. The ability of something to return to its original shape after it has been pulled, stretched, pressed, bent, etc. The increase in man-made and extreme weather disasters is provoking a response from the European Union EU. In20 percent of its relief funding went toward disaster risk reduction and two-thirds of its humanitarian projects included activities that served this purpose.

Resilience starts with a disaster, and then looks at how to clean up afterward. It then considers how to prevent or minimize a future disaster, or at least minimize the negative effects of the disaster. The end result may or may not be sustainable, although a sustainable outcome is ideal. Resilience and Sustainability in Action The concepts of resilience and sustainability can be more easily understood through an example.