China and hong kong political relationship between india

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china and hong kong political relationship between india

Under the Basic Law, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is exclusively in charge of its internal affairs and external relations, whilst the Government of the People's Republic of China . Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Brazil, India, France and other countries during his term of government. Sep 19, Time is right to rejuvenate Hong Kong-India relations it conducted little trade with India and did not have close political relations with India. Apr 19, India's relations with Hong Kong are historical and date back to the Political Relations and recent visits With the rapid growth in engagement between the Chinese and Indian economies, Hong Kong presents a great.

But now mainland radio stations broadcast in Indian languages and various universities boast well respected graduate departments specializing in Indian studies.

china and hong kong political relationship between india

The superior knowledge of India found on the mainland, compared with Hong Kong, derives from the fact that mainland schools teach Indian history. They do this emphasizing its struggle to establish itself after the British reluctantly granted independence to India after World War II. By contrast Hong Kong's British-inspired history books do not even appear to teach Chinese history well, let alone the history of India.

But maybe Hong Kong should change this as the Indian economy expands and relations between New Delhi and Beijing seem set to reach new heights.

china and hong kong political relationship between india

To gain an idea of how little impact India has had on Hong Kong, one only has to compare the effects that other big Asian economies, such as Japan and South Korea, have had upon Hong Kong, even though the South Korean economy is smaller than India's.

The roots of the "Indian problem" in Hong Kong date back to the earliest days of Britain's settlement in the s. As part of the British "divide and rule" policy, the British brought in Indian policemen to enforce the law in Hong Kong. From the beginning there were also rich Indian merchants, some dealing in opium.

Hong Kong can be India’s gateway to China: Gautam Bambawale

For the people of Hong Kong this meant having to accept being policed by Indians. This tainted relations between the people of Hong Kong and its Indian population. Nevertheless there were other more significant Indian contributions to early Hong Kong. For example Mody Road in Tsim Sha Tsui is named in honor of an Indian philanthropist, while the Star Ferry was founded by an Indian in and an Indian businessman generously contributed towards financing the University of Hong Kong.

Meanwhile the partition of India to create Pakistan between and another British ruse! The Sindhis, primarily Hindus, and the richest Indian merchant community in Hong Kong, originate from the province of Sind, which is now part of Muslim-majority Pakistan. Citing one such example, he notes that every week between Singapore and different cities of India, there are over flights.

china and hong kong political relationship between india

The corresponding figure for Hong Kong is just about a Bambawale is convinced though that this issue of connectivity will be addressed in the near future with deepening economic ties.

Edited excerpts from an interview: What critical challenges do India and China face today economically? We are also talking with the Chinese government to work on another long-standing issue. And the reason for this is the non-tariff barriers against these two industries in which India has a competitive advantage.

We are trying to work with the Chinese government to reduce these non-tariff barriers and then we hope that we will be able to reduce our trade deficit. We have a major problem on that because we believe that it violates our sovereignty and territorial integrity.

china and hong kong political relationship between india

So, unfortunately, that is an area of strategic disagreement. But, we need to cooperate more with each other to move forward and past it.

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How can India and China better cooperate in the near future to ensure a de-escalation in geopolitical tensions? Today, the energies of the people of India are focused inward on economic development, social progress and national transformation. I feel that for two large countries with big populations, big economies, we are not talking to each other enough, and we need to do that much more.

We need to do it at the leadership level of President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but we also need to most importantly increase the exchanges at the people-to-people level.

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Inwe should aim to have a greater exchange of military personnel, parliamentarians, business leaders, journalists, academics, students, sportspersons and filmmakers between the two nations. Yet, another way is to increase tourism between the two nations in both directions.

What are the common positions of India and China today that can be leveraged to improve relations between the two nations? The prime example of a common position is that of climate change. We have been working closely together on this in the past and under the new international circumstances arising from the West, it is especially important that we continue to work even closer together.

China And Hong Kong's Complicated Relationship

India and China have also benefited tremendously from globalization. It has provided a common platform for both our countries to benefit economically and grow on the world stage. We need to together ensure that the global rules of trade and security between nation-states should continue to be upheld and promoted.