Untalented kpop idols meet

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show appearance/movie etc change the way you see a k-pop idol or group? And I love Zico and he's amazingly talented, but some Block B songs .. she doesn't put any effort into meeting her fans, she's just a faceless. Pann: I honestly really hate untalented idols 1. [+, ] BTS Jin can't dance, sing, or do anything. He looks so awkward on the stage. 10 Overrated K-Pop Idols Sometimes, we look through lists of popular idols We' ve never actually met people that blabbered about how great Hyuna's . YG is just as guilty for exploiting the attractive and talented for a profit.

In fact, school marks are not considered at all, and no entrance exams are required to be taken which regular students are still required to pass to gain a seat in that institution. In fact, it almost seems easier to overcome the strict training regimens to debut as an idol, as that seems to be a sure-fire way to gain entry into tertiary education.

That was inand the only improvement has been a 4. As children, they are told, promised, that if they work hard and gain good marks at school and graduate from a top university, then they were set for life. Naturally, jobs are going to become scarcer, yet to have done all that hard work in expectation of a high-flying career, only to settle for a lower-paying job at a smaller firm, seems a poor consolation prize, and a reality many unemployed graduates are unwilling to accept.

untalented kpop idols meet

Samsung is said to have hired high school graduates this year. Youth from poorer backgrounds, and their families, may find an offer from a company too good to pass up due to the fact that most costs are not up-front, unlike fees for tertiary institutions. Education is traditionally seen as the best way to achieve this, and this is the path young people follow, with little regard to the other options—unless they are directly presented with them.

SM Entertainment is a company notorious for street casting: In most of these cases, the idols in question were not displaying any kind of still or talent, but were approached for their looks. And while they do have to pass through an audition to be eligible for selection, there is also the factor of potential to consider: So companies often recruit trainees on the basis of such potential.

[KPKF] Dilemma of untalented idols

Picking out potential entertainers is not an exact art, and it is inevitable that some people who are not cut out for the entertainment industry slip through. Thus, with its appeal to young people look for a seemingly quick and easy way to hit the big time, its increasing viability as a career choice and a selection system that is not foolproof, K-pop has been able to attract both the right and wrong types of idol hopefuls.

What are your thoughts, Seoulmates? Do you have your own special name for such idols?

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And I think Minho should have just become a sportsperson—do you agree? Everyone deserves a chance.

untalented kpop idols meet

Just please respect someones hard work. Let me give an example: Irene from Red Velvet.

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She is so looked down upon. So many people say she's all looks. No she may not have the greatest vocal range. But little did you know that she discovered her love for singing and performing at a young age and you're degrading her for living her dream?


She's not worthy enough to be where she is because you think someone is better? Because she doesn't meet a standard in your own eyes? To me that is sad. She's a wonderful human being simply living her life the way she wants it. That's how simple it is. She loves what she's doing and that's somehow affecting you?