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ramayan hanuman meet sita world

As per Valmiki Ramayan, Hanuman Ji meets Lord Sri Ram at Rishmiuk Parvat, We both come from Ayodhya and were in search of his wife, Sita who had been .. between a deity and his devotee, worshiped by the whole world,till date. Dec 27, Have you ever thought why he did not just asked Sita to come back to Lord Rama when he met her in the Ashoka Vatika? Let's find out some Seeing this Sita praises Hanuman but she still not agree. Counter Even small incidents are so much of value and epics like Ramayana are full of them. Read with. While crossing the sea, Hanuman is stopped by Surasa to test his prowess, There he meets Lanka Lakshmi who is the guardian of the city, defeats her, It is believed that reading only this chapter gives same benefit as reading the entire Ramayana the order of the lord of all worlds, Am going speedily in search of Sita.

ramayan hanuman meet sita world

Ravana was shocked and amazed to learn that Akshay Kumar had been killed and wondered at the power of the monkey who killed him. He sent his son Meghnad next, and told him not to kill the monkey, but capture him and bring him to the court so that he could see him and find out who had sent him. Meghnad took a chariot and soldiers to confront Hanuman, who was busy destroying the gardens. Meghnad challenged Hanuman and a fierce battle ensued.

In spite of using all his strength, he could not overpower Hanuman. So he used the amogh Brahmapash, the noose that cannot miss its aim, and Hanuman was caught in it.

As the noose belonged to Brahma, Hanuman respected it and did not attempt to break out of it.

Chapter 10 – Hanuman meets Sita and the Burning of Lanka

Meghnad dragged the captive Hanuman through the streets of Lanka as he led him to Ravana. People thronged to view the vanara monkey who had destroyed Ashok Vatika garden of Ashoka treeswhile Hanuman took note of his surroundings. Before Ravana, Hanuman introduced himself as a messenger of Rama. Enraged, Ravana ordered him to be killed at once. Then, when his tail was set on fire, Hanuman took on a small form and jumped on the terrace of the royal palace and over the fortifications.

Then, whipping his flaming tail about, he set the city on fire, causing enormous chaos all over Lanka. Then he returned to Sita in the Ashok Vatika garden of Ashoka trees. He asked Sita to give him a token that would indicate he had met her.

Chapter 10 - Hanuman meets Sita and the Burning of Lanka - Sagar World

Sita took off her Choodamani armlet and gave it to him, and said if Rama did not come and rescue her in a month, she would kill herself. Hanuman then crossed the ocean again and rejoined his group, and told them the tale of his burning of Lanka Lanka dahan with his tail.

Now Rama consulted with Sugreeva, Jambavat and others about the formation of the army. Giving him salvation there, when they were, Walking near the Malyavan mountain, They signed a treaty with son of Sun god, And immediately the son of Indra was killed, And the son of Sun god became king of monkeys, And as a return for that service Sugreeva, Sent speedily great monkeys to all four directions, For searching and finding out and afterwards, Out of them, one, that is me has come here, Due to the words of the blessed Sampathi, And I easily jumped and crossed the sea, Which was one hundred yojanas long.

I searched in the entire city of Rakshasas, At night and then due to the blessing of my father, I could find the garden and then the Simsupa tree, And you at its bottom, with great enthusiasm, And seeing you with great pity, I became satisfied, And due to achieving my desire I became greatly satisfied, And I am the first among the assistants of God, This is my luck, great luck, my salutations.

ramayan hanuman meet sita world

Is it that the wind god took mercy on me and is telling me, Or is it only a false feeling in my mind? Since I have not slept for some time now, There is no possibility of it being a dream. Oh God, let this story of my pretty husband, Become true definitely, And suppose this has been told by a man, Let me be able to see that very good one.

Hanuman hearing the words of daughter of Janaka, Slowly and slowly got down with rising happiness, And with humility fell down and saluted her, Very pretty lotus like feet with devotion, And after saluting he went back and stood, At a slight distance with a body, Similar to a Kali Pinga bird A very small bird Has the Lord of the Rakshasas come here, In the form of a monkey to enchant me? Please tell me, how all these happened, Between man and monkeys who are, Of different tastes in the deep forest.

Oh treasure of mercy, Oh monkey who is great, Please also tell me the reason for telling, That in the mind of Rama, there is love for me. Immediately when they searched here and there, In the forest crying and wandering without purpose, In the impenetrable forests, they saw Jatayu, Who was similar to the king of the sky,Garuda, Lying in a pitiable condition, And as soon as he told all your story completely, That king of birds was granted salvation And later when Rama along with his brother, Was searching for you speedily, He granted salvation to Kabanda, And then he went to the hermitage where Sabari lived, And that Lord with a peaceful soul gave her salvation.

Because of the pure words of Sabari they came, To places near the rushya mooka mountain, And Sugreeva seeing those two pretty people, Became very interested and sent me there. And then I went in front of those born in clan of Sun God, Dressing myself like a student saint, And understood the complete heart of those royal people, And carrying those very pure ones on my shoulders, I went to the presence of the son of Sun God, And immediately I arranged them to sign a treaty, Making the fire as the witness, For solving the painful problems of both.

That god of Raghu clan killed the son of Indra, Who forcefully took the wife of Sugreeva for himself, And gave the kingdom to the son of Sun God, And the king of the monkeys to search for the lady of Rama, Sent the lords of monkey clan to all the four sides, And for each direction he sent hundred thousand members, And at that time the Lord of the Raghu clan, called me, With a melting heart and gave his ring in my hand.

Did you not see my pleasures and the way that I live daily, And my pitiable state of affairs, You go and talk to the lotus eyed one, So that he will have mercy to me in his mind, It is definite that the great Rakshasa, Would make me his food after two months, And so you go and make a visit before that, possible, And I would keep my life till then, You please tell him to quickly kill the ten faced one, Remove my sorrow and save me.

They would within a second, send the ten necked one along with, His sons, ministers and friends to the place of the son of Sun God YamaAnd you along with your prettiness would be freed, And would go to Ayodhya with respect along with your husband.

And pretty one, for that give me permission to go back speedily, So that I can go back without any troubles, dear, And for creating belief in me to the worried mind, Of the lovelorn chief of the clan of Raghu, Give me a seal and also a memento, And a sentence so that I can tell it to him. Once in Chithra Koota mountains when that, Saintly person got joy out of great penance, I was available to him to relax his body, And during that time when he saw me and we were waiting, He kept his head full of hair on my lap, Immediately went to sleep.

Except you I do not have any other protection, Salutations oh form of joy, Salutations. The son of wind god received words, Of blessing from the mother of the world and walked back. Except the very big Simsupa tree under which, The daughter of king of Mithila sits, he uprooted all trees, Which included trees with flowers, leaves and fruits, Shrubs and while they were falling with great soundWhich consisted of various sounds which were fearful.

Also the birds there flew away making great noise, And flew with great fear in all directions. And all these sounds travelled all over the place including sky, And the town of Rakshasas was turned upside down, By the emissary of Rama who was greatly valorous, And those Rakshasis at that time with great fear, Awoke and saw the monkey hero there.

Oh good natured one, Did he not stand near you, Oh pretty one, and tell you about some special news, And in our mind we have great fear seeing him, Why has he come in the form of a monkey, And why has he come in the darkness of night, Please tell us the reason, Did you not know, Tell us who he is. Seeing him, my mind also is filled with fear.

Let hundred thousand soldiers go armed, With sharp arrows, thunderbolts, iron pestles. When they sent at him very sharp arrows. And a bevy of various types of weapons, That king of monkeys immediately, Grew up more in height and without effort, Using a mace with pointed thorns, Beat and killed all of them.

Digital Ramayana, Sundara Kand, part 1: Hanuman meets Sita

Hearing the death of several thousand soldiers, Sent by him, without any fear that king of Rakshasas, Chose five persons from the very powerful ones, And ordered them to go, with great wrath. Hearing that the sons of seven ministers And army, have gone to the world of death The ten faced one had increased sorrow and fear in his mind, And he lost his respect and had sorrow and shame.

At that time that noble monkey was on the arch, And saw Aksha Kumara in front of him, And by groups of arrows Aksha wounded and pierced, The body of the chief animal on the branches at that time, And the very angry Hanuman stood between earth and sky, And threw a mace with thorns on his head, And that strong Aksha who was pretty, Went speedily to the city of death.

Suppose I see that he does not have fear of death, I would tie him out using Brahmasthra, By the boons given by Lord Brahma, Rakshasas have conquered the entire universe And I have won a war with the deva king Indra, And it is a wonder that a monkey came and opposed us.

When we think about it, it is a great shame, Even if I am not able to kill, I without great delay, By dharmic or non dharmic or by cheating, With great effort I would bring him before you, Now a danger has come before us due to a lady, Which would destroy wealth with certainty, And as long as I live, you please live happily here, And believe in me and do not be sad. After pointing matters that are good to his father, Indrajit started to go becoming ready, He took chariot, armour, sharp arrows and other weapons, He went speedily before the emissary of Rama, And he who is equal to Garuda, jumped up on the sky, Along with a huge shout, that valorous Maruthi, And both of them developed respect for each other, Seeing the speed and strength of each other.

That valorous one, similar to a lion, who had won over Indra, Sent five arrows aimed at the head of the son of wind God, And then he speedily sent eight arrows aimed at his chest, And then he sent another six arrows aimed at his feet, And he also sent a very sharp arrow aimed at his tail, And then that chief of the monkey clan,hurt by those arrows, Shouted like a lion and churned the world, And took a pillar and killed the driver of the chariot.

ramayan hanuman meet sita world

He also speedily powdered his chariot with horses, And that Megha Nada Indrajit jumped away from it, And he got another bigger chariot and riding in it immediately, And started rain of very sharp arrows, and getting angry, That son of Ravana by rain of arrows could damage, Only four, four hairs Of Hanuman and seeing, That because of that there is no problem to the lord of monkeys, He sent at him the divine BrahmastraAnd son of wind god with great intelligence respected it, But alas fell down fainted on earth and the son of the ten faced one Tied the son of wind God and placed him before his father, But to the son of wind god there was, No problem in his mind due to boons given earlier by devas.

The people who always chant the name of, The lotus petal eyed Rama would become pure minded, And pure due to their devotion to Lord Vishnu killer of MadhuAnd within a second get free from the, Attachment created by wisdom as well as action, Though such an attachment is created over a long time, And reach the feet of Lord Vishnu permanently, And there is no doubt about this And would ever, the emissary of Rama who has, Kept himself at the two feet of the star of Raghu clan be tied up.

Those who spend their life without attachment to, Birth and death will not have any sorrow from other attachments, After showing falsely that his hands and legs are paining And due to many people with merriment, Tying him with pieces of rope, The strong tie of Brahmastra made by, The enemy of devas became immediately untied.

He did not have any problems in his mind, And he did not show that he is not tied, And when the Rakshasas carried him shouting, He lay seriously without any movement.

Father, in consultation with your dear ministers, Properly enquire him and pass the judgment, Understand that this monkey is not an ordinary one, For he is the god of death to all his enemies. And to him who saluted him on his lotus like feet, He gave the power to rule and destroyed his sorrow, And he in turn, for searching for the daughter of earth, At one time send hundred thousand monkeys lords For each direction and among them, I am the one who has come to see you.

The reason for destroying trees of the garden Again and again is because of the normal habit of the monkey clan, And the reason for killing the Rakshasa heroes, Is because I was afraid that they will kill me, In this world definitely there is no being, Which does not have the fear of death.

And oh ten faced one to protect my body in war, I killed hoards of your servants, Even if one is of hundred crores of age, Please remember, every being loves his own body. By the rope of Brahma sent by your son, I got tied up for a quarter of a second, But the power of the boons given by Brahma and other devas, My body will not undergo any suffering, I will never have any injuries or death, And acting as if I am tied up, I came here, Even for that there is a reason, please hear, I wanted to tell you what is good for you.

Intelligent people should remove that bad knowledge. Which is more for people who are ignorant, And if they do. Sir, please think in your mind the way of the world, And do not get drowned in to the sea of passion, Oh one with ten faces, leave out it this Rakshasa nature, And embrace the ways of salvation, As that would definitely destroy the fear of birth and death, And that which is not this, leads to domestic sorrow, And you are suitable to receive the knowledge of the BrahmanAs you are wonderful and is born in a clan of good people [5].

Throw out passion, anger, hatred, miserliness and desire, Through the knowledge of the philosophy, Oh son of Visravas, the son of Pulasthya who was the son of Brahma, Do not get attached to the Rakshasa nature, And by studying Rakshasas, devas, men, birds animals and snakes, Please leave out the feeling that body is the soul, And by getting attached to that property of nature, you would be tied to it, And please understand that body is not the soul.

One who is filled with nectar, one who is not born, one who is pure, One who does not have a second, the Imperishable one, One filled with joy, one who is alone, the divine one, One who is simple, one without comparison,one who cannot be measured, One who is not clear, one who is not confused, One without properties, one who does not have stains, One who is not interested, one who is pure, One who is in divine acts, one who is endless, one who is primeval, The lord, One who is forever, one who is shapeless, One who is the soul, the divine Brahmam, One who cannot be understood by Brahma, Vishnu and ShivaOne who is studied by Vedantha, one who cannot be studied by the wise, One who pervades all over, understand him as pervader of illusion, Oh Lord, One who is all pervading divinityone who teaches truth, one who is perennial, Understand that the all bodies of universe are temporary, And that birth, aging and death are full of sorrow.

For getting salvation, I would teach you, A technique which I have learnt, please understand it clearly, By having devotion to Hari always in your mind, Your soul would definitely get purified, Your mind which would be devoid of sins would become clean, And certainly in you the wisdom about God will arise in your mind. If little of this knowledge is in the mind of a man, He will get all that he wants and so immediately, Pray the lotus feet of Vishnu which removes the fear of domestic life, Which is loved by devotees and which shines like billions of suns.

By praying the two lotus like feet of Vishnu, Please leave out this sorrow and start praying. Surrender and fall at his lotus like feet, Though you have done several sins earlier, Since no one has as much mercy as him, For he is the one who gives away enmity and so with happiness, Think of the lord of the Raghu clan There would not be another birth for you, Oh friend, Please remember these words are from sage Sanaka, And whatever I have told is the truth and accepted by lord Brahma.

ramayan hanuman meet sita world

I would kill al of them and also Janaki, And also you, who is an extremely bad one. For that we should make a sign on him, And send him back,and that would be proper for kings. They brought silk cloths from all houses, After great search and then tied it, Even that was finished and still tail was remaining, And they went here and there and again brought, Cloth dipped and dripping in oil and ghee And also tied the divine silk cloths, And realizing that his tail was big and that no cloth was left, And also oil was completely over, And some people told that, This is waste, he is a pure one and divine, And who all are going to be destroyed by this?

With strength and with great speed he became like a mountain, And the ties were broken and he raised high to the top, And with a speed of wind reached the tallest tower, And he jumped and killed those people who were carrying him, And stood there as if he was standing there rubbing the moon, And then he climbed the top of a gem studded mansion, And then climbed again and again on groups of homes, Also on homes built with gold and gems and that son of wind god, Set fire and set fire to all these and fire went on increasing.

With his natural indecisive character, he, Started burning the gem studded palaces, And also the elephants, horses chariots, rows of soldiers, Gardens which can be entered in to for enjoyment, And those fire flames and the heart of the son of wind god, Became very bright and went to the place of Vishnu Sky?

The Lanka which was filled with wealth, By the pure gems that came from the earth, And when the son of wind god burnt it, Wonder of wonders was filled with ash, Except the house of the brother of the ten faced one, The houses of enemy of devas became baked in the fire, And the dear servant of the lord of the Raghu clan, Saved only the house of Vibheeshana.

Becoming weak due to the arrow of god of love, With force he caught hold of, Very great women with great virtue, And that passionate one raped them, And the religious spirit in their mind, Has caught our country badly.

When the Rakshasis were talking so many things, They were burnt as they were standing itself, And to get protection they ran by various ways, The trees were burnt broke and fell down, And that emissary of the chief of Raghu clan, In a second made the seven hundred yojanas of, The country of the Rakshasas, In to a wholesome meal of various dishes, And gave it to the very satisfied relegious spirit.

Easily that son of wind god dipped his tail, In the ocean and put out the fire, And tht son of wind did not get any burns, Because the fire god was his close friend, And due to the merciful prayer of Sita, Who was devoted to her husband.

The grace of the son of wind god is wonderful, To him even fire became very cool, The great people meditating on the name Of Rama, Which is the fire to the forest of Rakshasas, Though they are attached to son, wealth and wife, Cross the fire which gives three type of pains, And how can the emissary who fulfills his wishes, Get sorrow by the natural fire?