Meet me halfway at least im

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meet me halfway at least im

Someone from Flora posted a whisper, which reads "I just want someone who can meet me halfway at least. I'm tired of wasting my time.". Meet Me Halfway has ratings and 21 reviews. I read Ms. Jimenez other book Letters and figured this is long and I'm sure . And Helena, Vivian's mum, she is annoying, well at least she doesnt really forbid Vivian to stay away from Lys. Stream Meet Me Halfway, At Least by Deaf Havana and 50 million more songs on . from iTunes (I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I needed those extra 5 seconds!).

A phone beeped again. This time it was Brittany's. Santana growled this time when Brittany pulled away and then her phone rang. She reached into her pocket and saw briefly that the screen read Quinn calling before she hit the talk button and without even putting it to her ear; she screamed. Santana's smile widened as she rode Brittany's fingers. Out in the station Quinn and Rachel sat on a nearby bench staring at Quinn's phone. The sounds that were coming out of it had them both curling their lips.

Quinn agreed because she was just as whipped as ever. And plus because being taken by Rachel was just as good as taking Rachel.

She wrapped her arm around Rachel's shoulder and Rachel cuddled into her chest. Quinn raised her hands up and Santana shook her head. Rachel was packing the last of her clothes into the trunk of Quinn's car. Puck had in fact convinced them all to go on another camping trip with him and if she was being honest with herself she really did want to spend another week with all of her favorite people before everything was going to change between them.

Everything was changing and she wanted another one of her famous small moments that she could keep with her when she moved to New York. She also knew that Santana was excited about the trip to but she flat out refused to go anywhere near another bus; or in any vehicle that Puck was going to be in.

She also decided that it was going to be the girls in two cars and the boys in the third and that they'd all follow Quinn. Rachel smiled at the memory of Santana's demands as she put one last thing in the car before Quinn could see. Even though they were staying at the same cabin they stayed in last summer; she wanted one romantic night under the stars alone with the girl of her dreams so she hid the tent in the very back of the trunk because she wanted to surprise her with it.

It was meant to be a peck until Rachel deepened the kiss. Tina and Sugar got out of the car and Sugar winked at Quinn. Then Sugar started to laugh. She knew that Sugar was teasing half of the time but the other half she wasn't so sure. Sugar merely laughed, rolled her eyes and walked away from them. A few minutes later Kurt, Blaine and the guys all showed at the same time. Puck and Sam helped Mercedes and Sugar load their stuff into the trunk of Santana's car. While Mike helped Tina load hers into Quinn's trunk.

Rachel and Quinn helped Blaine and Kurt with theirs. Kurt, Blaine, and Tina climbed into the backseat of Quinn's vintage convertible. Quinn smiled at Rachel. She put her road mix playlist on and everyone knew not to say anything about it. And no one wanted to because Rachel made an awesome road mix.

Sugar, Mercedes and Brittany piled into Santana's car and they were right behind Quinn. Everything went so smoothly and Quinn thought maybe this road trip would be just fine. She had no idea how wrong she was until five hours later. Quinn pulled into the driveway of the cabin with a huge grin on her face and she parked. She looked over at her beautiful and beaming girlfriend who looked incredible.

Santana's car pulled in right behind them and he smirked. It wasn't until twenty minutes later that Blaine looked around. It was Quinn that spoke. Where are you guys? Everyone waited bated breath. They were all worried, even Santana. Though she would never admit that. A few seconds later Rachel's phone beeped. Relax babe, they guys and I saw a sign for the world's biggest ball of earwax and we decided to check it out. It was only a bit out of the way. We'll be there in an hour or so.

She breathed a sigh of relief and read the text to everyone. And Quinn had to agree. Two hours after Puck had texted Rachel; Tina was starting to get worried so she texted Mike. He responded soon after and said they had run into a bit of a problem and to not worry. He didn't go into details but at the time the girls weren't too worried and they went down to the water to have some fun. But Tina couldn't help but worry… Mike wasn't telling them everything so even though she went along with the others, she couldn't stop thinking about what the guys were doing.

Two hours after that; after the girls had made and eaten lunch Tina was pacing the cabin frantically. They had all texted each of the guys and no one had responded so that had Tina worrying even more. Finally, it was Mercedes who got a response. Don't worry babe, the car was towed and I'll explain later but don't worry we'll be there in an hour or so. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Well except for Tina.

She huffed and continued to pace. Which she was still doing an hour later when they guys finally piled into the house. Rachel let out a relived sigh and Quinn smiled at her super sweet girlfriend.

Santana looked over their rumpled clothes and exasperated expressions and she held back a laugh. Especially at the black eye that Finn was sorting. Meanwhile Tina glared at the five boys in front of her. You better have one hell of an explanation Michael Robert Chang," she yelled and Mike winced but stepped closer. Artie covered his head with his hands as she flailed in Mike's arms.

Mike held her tight. She resisted at first because she was angry but she was also so grateful that he was in one piece that she let the anger go with a frustrated sigh. He smiled down at her and cupped her cheek. Santana scoffed loudly at their sheer stupidity. Puck threw himself in a nearby chair, still exhausted from the ordeal they had been in.

Everyone else settled into seats to hear the boys recount their day and Rachel couldn't help but be excited at what they had been up to for five hours she just hoped she didn't hear anything too disturbing.

Mike sat down in a chair and pulled Tina onto his lap, he could feel that she was still upset with him but he also could tell how relieved she was. Why I agreed to the whole guys and girls carpooling idea I'll never know. All I knew was right at that moment I would have much rather been cuddling next to Tina on the beach then being wedged in the backseat of a car between Sam and Artie. I looked over at Sam and could tell by his annoyed expression that he was feeling the same way.

World's Largest Ball of Earwax- 5 Miles. I rolled my eyes and growled low and then before I knew it we were on the road to the earwax. Santana smiled and nodded while Mike hung his head. They were both very curious as to how a five mile detour took five hours.

The Rules:

He closed his mouth and just helped Mike get Artie back into the car. Once we were on the road again, I was grumbling from the passenger's seat. I mean we essentially took this detour for nothing and now we're only going to get made fun of by Santana. I was going to do a search for where the World's Largest Ball of Earwax was located but as expected I didn't have a signal.

And that was when I saw it. He didn't say anything back because he knew that Santana was just defending Brittany. It was silent for a few moments with Puck and Santana merely staring at each other. Rachel waited as long as Rachel Berry could wait before she spoke. She smiled when she felt Quinn's hand drawing little hearts on her leg. She cuddled back into those arms and Sam started to talk. When she saw that all eyes were on her- well mostly all the eyes… Mercedes' were on Sam, Tina's were on Mike and oddly enough Sugar's were on Artie- but all the guys and Santana were glaring at her.

He smiled stupidly and continued. As Puck got in the car and Finn drove off; curiosity got the better of me and I looked inside the bags and saw that there was a six pack of beer in one and three bottles in the other. I didn't pull the bottles out to see what they were because I was too nervous.

Meet Me Halfway

Her pout went away when she felt Quinn's lips on her neck. She leaned into Quinn's touch. But Puck turned around and looked at me. Put this around your feet," he passed me his backpack and I took it without question.

So I looked at Finn and patted his shoulder. When all eyes landed on him, he started to tell the story. It felt way too surreal to actually be happening. Sam's mouth was wide open and he stared at Finn; Mike's eyes were closed and his head was back against the seat, he was muttering something under his breath and Puck's head was in his hands. Meanwhile Finn would not shut the fuck up, and I think we were all wishing he would.

His eyes then moved to the backseat and he looked at all of us. He looked back to Finn. His smile disappeared instantly and Finn handed the cop his information. I think everyone was panicking in their own way and once Sam got Puck off of Finn I could see blood on Puck's hand and knew Finn was bleeding from somewhere. But everyone ignored him and Artie continued.

He didn't have to take us down to the station he was just having fun with us. None of it was open so he couldn't arrest us for that. No most cops would've given us a ticket, confiscated the goods and moved on. He was having fun.

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Well almost all because they fucking forgot me! I could tell that Finn and Sam were too and Puck looked pretty scared as well. But I really started to freak out when another cop car pulled up and parked behind the first one. The cop frisked Sam and Finn and put them into the car that had just gotten there and then he frisked Puck and me and put us into his car.

He got in and his eyes landed on Puck. He let me and Puck back out and back over to the car. The cop led me to the side Artie was on and looked at me. The cop looked between the three of us. As soon as the cop walked away Puck went to the other side of the car. I opened Artie's door and he was yelling. Some friends you are. I mean you forgot me… in a car… on the side of the highway. Would you forget me then? I mean serio-" "What are you doing? Then he hurriedly went around the car and helped me get Artie out just in time for the cop to come back and open the trunk.

Puck and I carried Artie into the cop car while the cop carried his chair and put it into his own trunk. It was awesome," Finn said. Like for instance I now know that he once stole his mom's panties and wore them to school in first grade. So once he left we waited. There was really no point in arguing. I mean how lucky for me that I got the cop that was the one that remember that we forgot him. I can't even believe you guys-" "Shut up!

Shut up, shut up, shut up! My eyes landed on the amused cop. I just tried my best to tune him out and I knew at that moment that those cops were just having fun with us.

Maybe he was bored and wanted to mess with you guys… maybe he's just a fucking moron. I can't be sure about that but I can be sure that there was no alcohol in that car," the cop gave me another smug grin and said.

meet me halfway at least im

But once Santana grasped his arm and told him she wanted to see where he hid it and start getting their drink on he forgot all about his guilt. Quinn leaned over Rachel and whispered. Rachel couldn't believe how quickly the week had gone by they only had two days left and she knew exactly how she wanted to spend them.

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meet me halfway at least im

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