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Meet, Date, Age, Slower Than, Equal or Faster, Time, Rank, Needs to Drop. Winter . GBSA - Thanksgiving Swim GBSA - Last Chance State. BALTIMORE CITY SWIM CLUB - MEET SCHEDULE. Meet Name GBSA Thanksgiving Swim Fest GBSA Last Chance State Championship. I hope to change this by promoting services that might make their lives a bit . each incumbent will assist in ensuring that the University meets its enrolment . The group recorded their new record, the follow up to 's No Shade, last August. .. a member of the Guelph Black Student Association (GBSA), the university.

But in the last six months, as the band members have relocated from Peterborough to Montreal, things have come to a halt. In fact, recent shows have drawn almost exclusively from the new record. When it comes to some of their oldest material, tired is an understatement. Only now, years later, are The Lonely Parade beginning to see the joke again. No Shade saw band members writing lyrics individually, lending each song a more cohesive, personal direction. At a recent practice in their Guelph rehearsal space, where the trio recorded their new album, the jokes flew fast.

Labour released their first fulllength album, Aruban Sandwich, a tight 24 minutes of thick, riffy math rock. Loughrin made a point of learning to produce and engineer the record himself — then did so not once, but twice, coaxing the band back into the studio after the first set of mixes wound up lacklustre.

Few bands are as serious and as goofy as Baby Labour. Loughrin detailed the band dynamic: It kind of makes the weirdly timed releases and long overdue promo materials seem like part of the plan. Troy LaFontaine right keeps it steady — Dan Loughrin left tries to throw him off. G r y p h o n s 6 8Mu s t a n g s 7 2 — Round one of playoffs The lid was on the basket for the Gryphons in the fourth quarter, getting outscored Costly turnovers hurt the Gryphons down the stretch as the purple and white knockout Guelph.

The Gryphons were unable to extend the series in St. Catharines, and end their season at the OUA West semis.

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The Gryphons fall short of making the playoffs this year and look forward to their campaign. The Gryphons defended home ice advantage in their win against Windsor on Feb. The Gryphons were against the Lancers during the regular season, getting outscored nine goals to four.

Nearly five minutes into the game, the Lancers were able to get a shot past the Gryphons. Rookie forward, Todd Winder, quickly responded not 10 minutes later, balancing out the score on the powerplay and ending the first period The Gryphons carried over their offense into the second period and scored two unanswered goals, including another by Winder, leaving the score As a result, the Gryphons claimed their victory over the Lancers in the first game of the OUA playoffs.

Later in the week, the Gryphons were defeated in Windsor, but bounced back again at home by winning the three-game series two games to one. The Gryphons dominated the shot column, outshooting the Lancers Studies have shown that having an orgasm can help to decrease stress and can also help people fall asleep.

This is likely because of the surge of oxytocin that comes with orgasming. September 26, at 1: The Book of Mormon is truly the keystone to our religion. We are indeed still under condemnation because we have not read and understood its message. I feel the desire to repent and come unto Him. I feel badly at times, I do not wish to bring about contention. I was once a Saul, who sought to defend, even unto blows, my church—my institution, my tradition, our heritage.

But until we see that all is not well in our little Zion, I think it is hard for us to truly change, myself especially. Thanks for your view point and words of support. Robert September 27, at 4: I have been trying to find the truth of the LDS empire. I have been a member for little over 20 years not a very active member in some peoples eyes would say jack Mormon.

There is a reason for it I went to Iraq in and was injured there. After the army had no use for me I later discharged. When me and my family returned to Mesa were I met a Bishop and his first words to me was as follows are you the man that went to Iraq? Then he said to me so your just a baby killer and theirs no place for you here I have to protect my brothers and sisters from evil filth from dirty warmongers like you.

The church betrays its members telling to give your all to the church for what losing time with your family. If we are such a great family people why they people like yourself giving ur all to the church and fill your weekends and week days for such a shotty cause. I respect what you have done no question there. But I feel trapped my wife family is so brainwashed about the church it sickens me I love my wife and children I will do what I can on this earth,for them and that means staying inactive and avoid church members so be it cuz if I say something to the effect that the lds church is bogus even to her family they will find her the best divorce attorney so they can destroy me.

For example the other day my mother in law ask when I was going to get my temple recommend I told probably not for awhile but in my mind I was saying never. My wife even has doubts about the church but I tell her maybe she should look more deeply.

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Thanks again sir for what you do and may god bless you. They have families which rival and top ours for sure. In many ways, seeing and talking to my friends here parallels roughly the experience of Zion Utah with our headquarters but they are not nearly so organized and group-compliant.

Tradition and necessity, however, have codified everything they do and most of it is impressive indeed.

The fruits of Chabad are evident by simply looking into the faces of the happy women and children which pour out of tenements like our recent greatest generation raised us in small houses bedrooms with 8 kids in post war subdivisions. The Hasidim sometimes have 12, 13, 14, 15 kids in a 3 bedroom apt. My apartment has 16 units with 10 strollers at the stair bottom with 4 of them sporting a double seat.

On Friday we prepare for Sabbath. The siren rings over the community 10 minutes beforehand and everyone knows their place.

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Wait for papa to wash his hands and break the bread! Children smiling up at papa. Children and mother holding hands. Papa gives a blessing and sometimes sings to his wife. Wife and children follow with their hymn to God. Each Friday is the same. If only we could do that. Why have we followed the mainstream christian tradition anyway? Can we invite other families to join us without hearing someone quote the Church Handbook of Instruction regarding study groups?

Who besides the pope said Easter is the right way to commemorate the Passover? What about Feast of Tabernacles? What about Yom Kippur? What about Rosh Hashanah? When did God release us for the festivals He set up? I wish we had your traditions! In my last interview with Church Patriarch Eldred G Smith we reminisced about the old ways of thinking in our Ephraim-centered culture. However, as great as my gifted Jewish friends are, they are not likely to help save, by inclusion, all the remnant of mankind unless a big change comes their way.

We will change or God will sweep us out of His way. Good luck on this blog…I will be reading. September 27, at 8: Thanks for taking the time to share such interesting thoughts. I think your thoughts on the Telestial Kingdom are very good. I think resurrection means more than we think. Some say that thou art John the Baptist: Why would they say such a thing if they did not believe such a thing was possible, at least according to their beliefs.

I also want to just comment on your other wonderfully vivid comments on The Holy City. I once had a chance to go to Jerusalem and attend the Wailing Wall during a time of celebration. Only men were in attendance. I was in awe as I watched hundreds of men, socialize lovingly fraternize is a better wordall looking diverse enough, i.

Some were looking more Orthodox in dress, while others were a little more casual. BUT the spirit of that event marked me! I have NEVER felt so much light, unity, and love amongst men at any type of similar gathering in my own church, although I certainly love my Mormon brothers and sisters.

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But, I am saying that I felt a depth and capacity in their demeanor and in their expressions that overwhelmed me. And perhaps no one will be more surprised than the LDS church. But thus saith the Lord God: O fools, they shall have a Bible; and it shall proceed forth from the Jews, mine ancient covenant people.

And what thank they the Jews for the Bible which they receive from them?

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Yea, what do the Gentiles mean? Do they remember the travails, and the labors, and the pains of the Jews, and their diligence unto me, in bringing forth salvation unto the Gentiles?

Or do we also look down upon them and see them as lost? I simply have not been able to set aside his message. It resonates with me. It is doctrinally sound.