Fontana nissan car meet 2012 olympics

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fontana nissan car meet 2012 olympics

11 Niche-Filling Vehicles That Don't Exist But Should Front view of the Nissan TeRRA Concept, Paris motor show .. Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man and champion Olympic sprinter, has teamed up with Nissan to develope a special Bolt .. FONTANA DAM, North Carolina (May 16, ) – There was a surprise. com/ jpg /cm/14/47/ jpg. We didn't have the pace of the Nissan, but I think we had the fastest cars after that , so it .. We'll talk and show them the ins and outs of the race team.” 84 OPTIMA Batteries entry piloted by Olympic swimming gold medalist Tyler .. doing fundraisers for his local swim team at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif.

The tires get absolutely eaten up in a matter of a few laps, so having fuel AND tires at the end of the race will be important. What will it take to move up? How optimistic are you? The cars have never been better, and Tyler and I are clicking along. I like our chances. Crazy things have happened in racing, so we will see.

James got hit hard during his stint last year, which bent the shock, and we had oil dripping on the tires. We feel like we have a better package this year to charge harder. Will you have family and friends on hand? I would love to see Sonoma on the calendar as well. Clay won the pole on Friday with a time of 2: The car that eventually won qualified second and got the jump on the initial start, but Clay powered back into the lead before the first lap was completed and then led every lap of his stint.

He stretched that lead to over three seconds at times before turning the car over to Cooke under a full-course caution with 56 minutes remaining in the race. Cooke started his stint as the class leader after a strong pit stop, but the car that eventually won got the upper hand on a restart on lap 32 with 48 minutes to go. He stayed in second place through his entire stint, and the strong finish moved the pair up to fourth in the point standings.

Clay was second, while the N. Balogh qualified seventh and then had a spectacular save after an off-course excursion at the start. He was in 13th place when he pitted for Liefooghe to take over, but Liefooghe was back in seventh by lap 33 when the second yellow came out after speedy pit work, some attrition, and good restarts. He moved into sixth on lap 42 with 16 minutes remaining by passing Andrew Carbonell, and fifth on lap 49 with just 2: Only two more events remain in the season: For more information, see imsa.

We were certainly hoping for a win at Road America, but the weather interfered. Two cars in the top five; it was a pretty solid weekend. It got really loose, and the track was ripping up with bits of the track surface digging into the tires. There was a lot of stuff going on, but it was a really fun battle with Owen [Trinkler].

He just had more straight line [speed] than me. I was trying my best through the corners, but he would just get down the straightaway a little better. It helped us in the points and helped us going into Laguna.

It was definitely a battle from start to finish. It was definitely a battle to come up through the pack. Ari was running really well. Unfortunately, there was something that happened at the end of the back straight, and we lost a bunch of positions there, but he ran a really good stint. The guys did great on the pit stop, and we gained a few positions there and then we moved up to P5, so it was a good day. Last year Balogh and Liefooghe finished second in this race on a surface that had been recently repaved.

Fans can walk among the cars on the grid at 1: Saturday before the track is cleared and the green flag drops at 2: Live video streaming and live timing and scoring can be viewed on imsa.

What do you like best about VIR? You can see all the architecture from the old farm as well. It has everything from high speed to low speed, curb hopping, technical parts, flowing parts. The layout is just so much fun to drive. In this competitive series, the cars go about 1 second quicker per lap every year. Ultimately, I love the zen of this track, and my favorite memory is probably not a racing one.

It was definitely a track that started out with a good memory and has made many more. An unexpected storm brought complete chaos and we were able to take advantage of it and finish on the podium. It was definitely one for the history books. The braking zone at the end of the back straight is another highlight of the track. Will you interact with it in any way?

At the end of the day, they help us do what we do by giving us their support. Have you ever participated in this type of activity? Have you ever done any other activity other than race at VIR?

The go-kart track is a very fun time with all the elevation changes and tight corners. It makes for some great racing. I definitely recommend it! What will it take to get on the podium again this year with your BMW?

What is your favorite Southern dish? Clay, of Blacksburg, Va. Clay turned his No. Cooke was poised to continue at the front, but the race never restarted, and the pit cycle was never completed by a small portion of the field. The weather worsened and the red flag was displayed before the officials eventually called the race completion early. Unfortunately, in what seemed to be a dominant performance, several cars on track maintained track position having not completed their required pit stop and were declared winners of the shortened event.

It obviously ran really well. We knew the weather was going to be variable, and I was fine with that. We ran well in the wet and ran well in the dry, and the variable weather put us in odd situations where we were clearly in a position to be on that podium, if not the top step. The weather put us in a situation where nobody knows who should be up there. It was a disappointment for us. We clearly had the speed.

I was a little cautious because of wanting to keep the car on track and not cause damage because that would have been the only thing to cause problems today. I lost that lead for a lap, but I regained it when the other car went a little wide.

I hit marks all race long. We had a car to do that at speed. It would be great to have seen it execute all the way through the duration of the race with whatever the weather brought us and without a red flag and oddball stuff. Friday afternoon James had two laps and I had two laps, and we got the car pretty dialed in for wet-turning-dry conditions.

James got two laps and I got two laps and he qualified on the pole. We had a car that could win. Weather was the real story this weekend. Thursday was pretty much canceled. Then this morning we had the chance to feel out the car in the dry. Everybody was really stacked up within a half second of each other in a really competitive field. Even though some cars pitted for driver changes and some did not, nobody broke any rules, so it will likely just stick how it is and be a bit of luck of the draw of how cars pitted and when the race ended.

A win here would be big, and this has certainly been a great track for us in the past. They have been fast and ran at the front of the field in the late stages of races several times this season. There are two practice sessions at 10 a. Race day begins with a third practice session at The open-grid fan walk is at 3: Those times are Central.

Live video streaming and live timing and scoring will be available on imsa. This is traditionally a good track for you. You have to identify your issues quickly to make progress on car setup because it will be about 2. I think we really nailed our setup at Lime Rock, and I think the short laps helped, as we were able to work through multiple items.

We will have to be on our game this weekend to accomplish at the same level. I love that turn! You have to decide if you can go flat, with a lift only, or with a touch of the brakes; through the duration of a stint, and with a range of weather and tire degradation, all of those answers are possible. A fast, high-risk but high-reward turn like the Kink where you just might want to stay flat calls you into either greatness or a massively painful error.

Road America has the best track food of any venue we visit! The mint soft-serve ice cream, RGB potatoes, and of course a double-brat are strong contenders, but this is also a favorite of our transport driver Dave Taylor, and I am going to say that he will outdo them all with Wisconsin inspired and supplied pierogies and cabbage rolls.

Cooke slowly climbed up the leaderboard as he passed the GS field that was spread out due to second pit stops, and eventually crossed the finish line in 11th place.

Both cars managed critical fuel strategy of preserving fuel while maintaining race pace. Galante and Jones continue their ST class points lead with only one race remaining. Devin Jones, Mooresville, N. It just came down right to the end and trying to save as much fuel as I could to keep pace with the cars around me. Nick did a great job in the opening stint, keeping our position. Once that happened, it was just a matter of saving as much as we could. I started the stint about four minutes down on fuel, so it was nerve-racking right down to the end.

This is a big deal for us. It all came down to the strategy. Trent Brown did an awesome job on the strategy call. We would have been lost without him. We would have run out of fuel halfway through the race if we just left it to ourselves.

So, he did great, keeping us calm and pacing ourselves. We have a nice lead here, and we should be able to pull it off. We had a very frustrating day yesterday in practice. We threw a lot at the car and we were not able to get it to work.

I think that we got what we could get out of the car. Devin and Nick just killed it with another pole and another win. We set the car up to be good at the end of the race. The other GS BMW team pitted at the same time as some of the cars that finished in the top ten, and he had to come in about five laps before the end for more fuel.

The teams are doing a great job. Going into Road Atlanta, hopefully we can end with a win and go off with a high note. Nick Galante is one of the drivers of the No. Being able to give back in a sport that sometimes demands quite a bit feels good: Galante has a long history with Laguna Seca and his co-driver, Devin Jones, often visited the track with his father while growing up in California. Jones feels at home on the track and has high expectations as the season winds down.

Also in the title hunt is the No. They have been near the top of the title standings all season long, despite some setbacks with their new-for car. They are currently in fourth place overall with just two races remaining. Even with the season drawing to a close the team is not looking past this weekend. Maximum points must be captured if the team wants to stay as title challengers.

The BimmerWorld team hits the track for practice sessions at the turn 2. The two-hour race is Saturday afternoon at 3: Live race broadcasts can be seen on IMSA.

TV, or the rebroadcast can be seen one week later on September 16 at 7: This is the penultimate race of the season. The ST car really reached the point we have been working towards for years, and Nick and Devin have used a well-developed tool to bring in podium performances all season.

Tyler and I have visited the podium in our GS entry in a large and highly competitive field multiple times and are near the top of the championship as a result. Every weekend is an opportunity to win with both cars.

Talk about which turn require the most finesse and how you manage braking at the 2. Which do you prefer and why? We have solid equipment and a solid driver lineup, and either format works well for us.

James and I have had some strong races going. Race Engineer Wayne has made some great calls this year, and I think if we have the right strategy with some good battles, we should be in good shape. With only two races left, we all have to be on our game to finish this season at the highest level possible. It also suits my driving style pretty well with lots of technical corners where you have to roll in speed.

Do you have a preference for racing clockwise or counter-clockwise and why? I wanted to drive on the track since I was a kid. What corner, or group of corners, do you like best at Laguna Seca and why? The entry is actually downhill and has a unique compression at apex.

We had the odds stacked against us and were able to pull off a fifth-place finish. It was my first time running up front in the series, and it was great to have the support of the home crowd cheering me on.

Does that kind of stuff get in your head? If so, how do you manage it and stay focused on racing? I like to look at it as that extra feeling in the moments you look for.

As usual, racing luck, penalties, cautions, and always-surprising VIR weather played a big part in the strategy and outcome to round eight of the race series. He had a masterful race start and immediately jumped up to third place on the first lap. Starting the race under the threat of rain, the skies opened up shortly after the fourth lap of the two-hour, lap race, as rain came down over much of the turn circuit.

By the fifth lap, it was raining heavily and many competitors pitted for rain tires; however, a number of drivers elected to stay out a bit longer to see if the rain would subside. BimmerWorld was one of the teams that elected to leave both BMWs on track and let the drivers manage the slippery track conditions on dry-weather Continental tires. Galante was able to maintain the ST class lead and Clay jockeyed near the front of the field as cars slid off around him.

By lap 11, the sun was peaking back through the dark clouds and Clay was running a commanding third-place in GS while Galante continued the ST class lead. On lap 21, 45 minutes into the two-hour race, Clay felt a vibration and had problems while braking and pitted with three rolling wheels, with the forth being dragged as a result of sheared wheel studs.

Although they knew their chance for victory had eluded them, points towards the championship were still an important factor, so the BimmerWorld crew went to work making the needed repairs to get the BMW M4 GT4 back on track.

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On lap 39, 18 laps after they pitted, Tyler Cooke, of Ft. Meanwhile, Galante stayed on track until lap 30 when he pitted for tires, electing to switch to rains as the skies started to open up again, as well as fuel and a driver change to Devin Jones of Mooresville, N.

Jones started his stint in fourth place, one lap down from the ST class leader. On lap 38 with over 38 minutes remaining, Jones passed the No.

Although he lost valuable time with the additional pit stop, being out on fresh tires allowed Jones to click off some good times once back on track.

Fontana NISSAN Car Meet 2012 - HD 1080p

His fastest lap came on lap 52 with a time of 2: Jones crossed the finish line in fourth place. However, the first place ST class competitors received a post-race technical infraction, allowing the entire class of ST cars to move up one position.

Additionally, the third-place finishers were assessed a drive-time infraction, and so the No. It was working for the first few laps, but then it started to taper off, and the track dried. Then the rain tires started coming apart and started getting really hot, and then one of them went flat.

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We had a left front flat, so we had to come in and put dries on. We lost a bunch of time there, but we were able to knock off some good laps. We were running everyone down and just kind of ran out of time, honestly. We were probably the fastest time at the end there, but everybody rallied really well. I just have to thank Trent, James, and all the guys that worked on the car this weekend. We thought we had the car to win, but at least we were able to salvage some points and maintain the points lead going into the last two races.

So, we were actually battling two different classes and a championship at the same time within our own class, which was quite interesting.

Jason Rabe drove really well, and we had a great battle back and forth. Collin Mullin had a great start and passed me at the start. We had contact at the exit of turn three, unfortunately. It was unintentional on both sides and it was just good, hard racing. We actually broke our window and had some glass in the car that was affecting our throttle pedal. Devin did a great job keeping the car on track and closing in the end to keep us on the podium. The bonus of the extra steps up on the podium after the technical inspection rulings post-race helped with the points.

A great first turn, then the weather started coming and we navigated through that, fell back, and it just got slick as ice out there. Five miles per hour and you were just pirouetting off track. The track was drying up. Everything was starting to go our way. We played our strategy. We kept the slick Continentals on the car and all of a sudden, I got a little bit of a vibration. We got back out, but it cost us dearly.

Fingers crossed for a win at Laguna Seca. The guys worked for thirty-eight minutes on pit row and got it back. It was tough because we had a car that could have run up front. We noticed that there was something wrong with the car throughout the race. I ran slow laps and wanted to bring the car home. James drove a great stint. The BMW was pretty solid throughout the rain.

James stayed on dry tires the whole time, and he was probably the second fastest car on track besides the McLaren, but overall his stint was amazing. The Biscuitville Grand Prix, a 2-hour race at the 3. Using the multi-faceted road course for testing and racing as well as down-time recreation at the karting track and various shooting ranges has become a common activity for his local BimmerWorld team. VIR is also a circuit where the team performs well.

Last year BimmerWorld Racing had one of their best races of the year at VIR when Clay qualified on the pole, and he and Cooke finished second on the podium while the second team entry finished fifth.

Galante and Jones have dominated in the ST class this season with three victories and six podiums in seven races.

Meanwhile, in the ultra-competitive GS class, Clay and Cooke have captured three podiums in seven races but are still seeking that elusive victory and are hoping for a home track advantage this weekend. The team feels getting the car setups sorted out early will be a relatively easy task given their knowledge of the track.

fontana nissan car meet 2012 olympics

Adding another enhancement for them is the fact that many family, friends, and sponsors are expected to come out to the Biscuitville Grand Prix race to cheer on their favorite team. The added boost of team spirit and pride to bring home victories for both BMWs in both classes and write a storybook ending for their home track race weekend are prominent on their minds as they eagerly reach for maximum points towards their championship effort.

Practice begins on Friday, August 17 at 9: Pre-race and Fan Walk activities are from 1: Live video coverage and live timing and scoring of the race will be offered on imsa. Share some of your thoughts about your home track here at VIR. There is simply no piece of pavement in the world as challenging and rewarding as the Uphill Esses, and there are over three miles of sections that are similarly awesome to drive and race.

With just two races to finish the season after we leave here, getting maximum points in both our GS and ST cars is our goal. BimmerWorld usually does some fun stuff at VIR each year for family and friends. We typically have a cookout with friends and family of the team and drivers. Do you think you can overcome that by your familiarity with the circuit as your home track and testing facility? They are two great parts of the circuit to watch. The racing has been close and the competition tough.

As the season is drawing to a close how important will these last three races be? These remaining three races are the final step in the championship and are crucial to our goal. Do you have confidence you can stay on your success path at VIR and through the end of the year for your championship hunt? Being based out of Virginia will be a big boost in fan-favorite support this weekend.

The racing this season has been great too. How important will these last three races be?

The Tri-City News, July 27, by Black Press - Issuu

I feel confident in all three tracks; our BMW should be suited well but we just have to keep our heads down and continue to put our best foot forward.

However, the weather there is always unpredictable, and as a team, have to be ready for any kind of conditions. This whole BimmerWorld team has all my confidence. This track has everything a driver wants: The uphill esses are still my favorite part of the track, but I love the flow of the whole circuit!

I am going to miss competing in ST, and the cars in the class will be missed as well when they go away next year.

fontana nissan car meet 2012 olympics

This class has been a staple of the series for years, and come next year, manual gearboxes will be a thing of the past in IMSA, which is crazy to think about! Not only did they win, but their victory allowed them to extend their points lead in the Street Tuner ST class championship with just three races remaining in the race season.

Galante won the pole in the ST class with the No.