Meet the beatles first album vinyl

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meet the beatles first album vinyl

Value of vinyl record Meet The Beatles on label Capitol with catalogue number ST MEET THE BEATLES FIRST ALBUM ST RIAA 12 NM APPLE. The Beatles - Meet The Beatles (The U.S. Album) - Music. On February 7, , The Beatles arrived at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport, This album is packaged in a miniature vinyl sleeve that faithfully recreates the. The Beatles' Second Album [Original recording,monaural, rainbow label] Get a $ statement credit after first purchase made with new.

In fact, the mixes for "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand" were also in Capitol's possession, but they held them back until the next album. The Beatles were hot, and the album shot to 1, like its predecessor had. Due to a licensing tangle, however, Capitol was able to issue all of the Hard Day's Night songs. Some of these they issued as singles only, while others are featured on this album and Beatles ' The contract allegedly prevented Capitol from calling the album "Hard Day's Night. In fact, United Artists never received stereo mixes of the songs, so Capitol was able to present in stereo selections that UA issued only in mono and fake stereo.

The songs are not in order, however; in fact, the AHDN songs on side two of this album are in reverse order to the British l. One song from the British album would appear on Beatles '65 later in the year. The German song had not been released in the UK at the time. This success prompted others to get into the act, including Capitol. Beatles Story features a spread of photos as well as interviews with the Beatles and others.

This album was promoted as telling the story of the Beatles--their rise to fame, so to speak. The album sold well VERY well for an interview album. And it was a two record set, to boot! By this time, the Beatles had been such a boon to Capitol that the company opened another factory--its third--this one in Jacksonville, IL.

That factory is still open today, pressing CD's. Even the order is essentially the same as in England. As always, on the stereo album the two single tracks were in rechanneled stereo. The rest of the album is in true stereo on the stereo release. Capitol removed two songs from the album, "Misery" and "There's a Place"--apparently to issue later.

The usual explanation is that Beatles Story wasn't counted. The remaining songs from Beatles For Sale are on this album, but there's some new material as well. The Beatles recorded two songs for the American market, both of which appear here.

Capitol also got the jump on the Help! But apparently it replaced "Wait" at the last moment. At the time, " Lizzy" was prepared just for Capitol. Another hot Beatles release, of course! The photo layout from this album also wound up in Australia on one of their "greatest hits" releases.

The Beatles U.S. LPs Capitol Stereo Released #1

Capitol selected the seven Beatles songs from the UK Help! What was the result? Another big hit, of course. The bit of "James Bond Theme" which appears before the title track became a popular introduction to the song.

It appears on the US releases of as well. The photos on the front cover were rearranged so that Paul appears to be pointing to the Capitol logo. Anyway, the pix had already been accidentally reversed, so whether here or in the UK, the semaphore is gibberish. Or is it a secret message? The other two songs were released as a single. By now, US albums were beginning to resemble their British counterparts, at least to some extent, although the United States did receive its own special mixes of quite a few songs.

This album hit 1 in the US without any singles being issued from it. Common now in the UK, maybe, but not here! Add two old Help! What do you get? The front cover to the "new" album was the same shot that was used in England to promote the "Paperback Writer" single: The picture was part of a group of three that was meant to shatter the Beatles' image. Instead, this picture became an instant collectors' item!

Radio stations began to remark about the album immediately, and Capitol issued a withdrawal notice before the actual release date. Some copies less than 60, got out with the original cover intact. Many more were reissued the same week with a new photo the Beatles around a steamer trunk pasted over the original one. Later copies feature only the "trunk" cover. The pause in Capitol's plans didn't stop this album from hitting 1.

So they ARE in true stereo on this album. Most releases on vinyl feature the three Revolver songs in rechanneled stereo. Capitol didn't want to wait the week it would take to get the stereo mixes. But all tape copies, the "record club" issues from the late 60's and 70's, and some later copies of the album, do feature the Revolver songs in stereo-- although the mixes differ from the UK mix, as usual. Otherwise, it very much resembles the British release.

Or maybe they just decided not to include "Paperback Writer" and "Rain" on this album. Of note, however, is the fact that by now in the US stereo copies were selling at the same rate as mono copies. Germany had already abandoned mono. Now, the United States was on their way toward doing so. This album lacks the "dog cut" and "inner groove" at the end. Otherwise, even its gatefold cover and insert roughly resemble the UK issue. In the Summer of '67, this album hit 1 without any singles being issued to promote it.

They had tried twice to sell Beatles EP's; both tries were dismal failures. Rather than being burned again, they sent a representative to England to collect songs for this album, including a fresh mix of "Strawberry Fields Forever. They didn't request stereo copies of the single songs except SFF and Hello Goodbyeand they didn't get any.

MEET THE BEATLES : Vinyl CD Price Guide Collectors Value

This was the last Beatles album in the US that was available in both mono and stereo. The mono copies are more difficult to find than the stereo records, by possibly a 5 to 1 margin.

meet the beatles first album vinyl

The album sure looks nice in 12" size The story according to Beatles Book 66 is that Capitol had treated the whole album to compression and limiting, but that George Harrison discovered this and attempted to undo their treatment. On "Cry Baby Cry," you can detect a "bad spot" at "by the children" where something went wrong in the process.

The album featured a stark white cover with raised letters: The UK issue opened from the top; the US issue took a more standard approach by opening from the side. There was also a tissue paper to keep the photos from being damaged. The UK issue featured black sleeves which were not included here.

This record was the first Beatles album release on their new label, Apple, and the record labels indicated that the album was manufactured by Capitol but issued by Apple.

Finally, the albums were numbered, with each factory numbering differently. There were reportedly 12 copies of 1 I know of twoand they numbered over 3, of them.

Collecting variations in numbering style can be an interesting sideline. Another variation, usually not noticed, deals with the "banding" of the album. Pepper was released in England, the tracks were not separated bandedbut they ran all together. Rumors of an incestuous infidelity between Eleanor of Aquitaine and her uncle, whose luxurious court thrilled her with its charms, darkened her reputation. Soon, Louis would force Eleanor to continue with him.

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Identify "Meet the Beatles" Capitol vinyl

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meet the beatles first album vinyl

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meet the beatles first album vinyl

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