Flirt with my girlfriend

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flirt with my girlfriend

I'm semi-clueless as to flirting. I can do cheeky jokes, grins, teasing physically and things, or flattery (such as telling her she's beautiful) I'm actually intimidated . One thing some young guys often don't understand is that most women expect the guy to be in charge in terms of initiating romantic things. You have to learn. Actually I am going to do a lot more than just teaching you to flirt with your ex girlfriend. The truth is that it is my ambition that after reading this article you will.

If she simply ignores the flirting, let her know you appreciate that she does not flirt back. Step 2 Distinguish between flirting and other behaviors.

flirt with my girlfriend

Many guys and girls cannot tell the difference in whether someone is flirting or simply being friendly. If a guy is just being nice to your girlfriend, don't get upset. However, if he is flirting, then you may have a reason to feel uncomfortable with it. Step 3 Show affection to your girlfriend. If the guy flirting with your girlfriend does not realize that you are her boyfriend, he may assume she is available. If he realizes that she is with someone, he may control his actions more.

flirt with my girlfriend

Put your arm around her, kiss her and talk to her. If you are in a bar, ask her to dance. Talk closely to her, but do not smother her or make it too obvious that this is the only reason for your behavior. Step 4 Avoid getting angry. Try to stay cool when confronted with a guy making moves on your girl. The idea here is to appear humorous. Women like a man who is funny and since the two of you have recently broken up you could both use some time to lighten up and this is the perfect way to do that.

Oh, and if you really wanted my opinion on what to do to make that text message even funnier. If I was in your shoes and was planning on sending the ballerina text message above I would send a picture of a funny guy in a ballerina outfit to follow the text about becoming a professional ballerina. It just adds more humor to the situation and makes your ex realizes you are just lightening the mood. Texting Technique 2- Re-Framing Ok, lets pretend that you are texting your ex one day and the conversation is going at a pretty good clip and then the two of you start talking about your favorite show, Game of Thrones.

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During your talk about Game of Thrones the two of you have a friendly disagreement. Well, what you can do is use this little disagreement to your advantage. Take a look at the text below, Do you see what happened here? When your ex disagreed with you, you turned it to your advantage by using some wit but also alluding to a future where the two of you can potentially reunite. Why is this so clever? Simple, because while you are alluding to that future together with your ex it can also be looked at as if you are joking.

So, what does she do? She decides to ask you. You get this text from your ex. At this point you have two options. You can be serious and tell her what it is or you can use some funny flirting to your advantage. I like this text for a few reasons. Firstly your ex is super serious when she asks you about the homework and you totally take that seriousness and use it to your advantage.

I also like the fact that it kind of puts you in a position of power in that your ex is going to have to come up with a witty response to say back. In other words, the opportunity for her to flirt back is there. If you recall, the phone call section is category number two of flirtation. Only after you have built enough attraction in category number one can you move on to this category.

How to Deal With a Guy Flirting With Your Girlfriend

So, just to set the stage for you a bit here. The phone call section I am about to talk about consists of things like talking on the phone, FaceTime and Skype. Of course, generally speaking most of the time a phone call is going to consist of a… well, a phone call. So, that is where I am going to spend most of my time. The idea on phone calls is that you are allowed to ratchet up the flirtation just a little bit.

I like to think of it like a knob with three settings. Low Medium High Care to take a guess at what setting we are at right now with category two? The medium setting of course.

In other words, we are going to really build attraction on the phone as much as possible without actually going as far as having phone sex or something crazy like that.