Sportacus and stephanie relationship test

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sportacus and stephanie relationship test

Oct 21, Julianna Rose Maurelio, Stephanie from LazyTown, Dead of Take the Unbeatable GlossyNews Bible Quiz Stephanie from Lazy Town. .. and sporticus and Stephanie have more of a father/daughter relationship. If you're. I've been reading old thread about Lazytown because my dd's are obsessed atm. Talking of relationships that make you feel uneasy (or not) - Stephanie and. Apr 3, Chapter 3. Sportacus Reveals His Feelings. It's been a few days since Sportacus kissed Stephanie. Stephanie can't stop thinking about.

Stephanie jumped a little than walked over to her door and opened it to find her uncle standing on the other side. Stephanie followed her uncle downstairs to find her mother Susanna sitting on the couch in the living room. Stephanie ran back upstairs and got dressed for the day. Stephanie sighed than ran outside where Sportacus. Sportacus smiled a little than followed Stephanie to her house and inside.

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Susanna looked at Sportacus than at Stephanie. Susanna got to her feet and shook Sportacus's hand. Sportacus started to beep and sighed. Sportacus goes to leave but Stephanie stopped him and hugged him. Stephanie nodded her head and blushed. Sportacus ran off to save Ziggy. Susanna took Stephanie's hand and lead her out of earshot of her uncle.

Stephanie ran out of the house. Sportacus saw Stephanie running. Stephanie sat down on the bench outside the wall of the sportsfield. Sportacus backflipped over and sat down next to Stephanie. Sportacus smiled than backflipped to Mayor Meanswells's house. Sportacus knocked on the door. Milford opened the door. Susanna walked into the hallway. Feels Good had called ahead to tell them about Stephanie's arrival. The nurses carefully grabbed Stephanie and wheeled her to the exam room.

They told Sportacus to wait in the waiting room. He didn't know what to do with himself while waiting. He couldn't sit still. Sportacus paced the floor, did pushups using the arms of a chair like the ground you know like when he lifts his whole body with just his armsand did some more pacing.

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The nurse sitting at the desk was amused to see Sportacus doing all that. She giggled softly and Sportacus looked up from his pacing. He blushed and tried to sit down. The doctor came into the waiting room and went over to Sportacus. I just wished it was under better circumstances. What she has is a deep tissue bruise. It should only take a few days of rest and putting ice on it, to heal. In fact you can take her home tonight. I'll have a nurse bring her out in a few minutes.

sportacus and stephanie relationship test

Sportacus was relieved at this good news and shook the doctor's hand firmly, a little too firmly. The doctor grimaced and went to get the nurse and some X-rays for his fingers. Soon a nurse wheeled Stephanie out in a wheelchair and Sportacus thanked the nurse. Stephanie was about to pass out. The past three days had been very hard on her. Seeing her that tired, Sportacus lifted her out of the wheelchair and carried her back to his airship.

Once inside his airship, he laid her down on the bed again and headed back to LazyTown. She and Beth had been friends since kindergarten and now they were finishing their freshman year in high school. Beth saw that distracted look on Stephanie's face and snapped her fingers. Oh yeah, I'm sorry Beth. I just lost track of time this morning.

Stephanie shrugged her shoulders and bit her apple again. You've gone every year since we were eight. But you're fourteen now. Do you really have to go? Besides you've been going to summer camp since we were eight.

It's not like you were home either. I was hoping that we could do stuff together this summer. Why don't you come with me?

sportacus and stephanie relationship test

I could introduce you to my other friends. We would have so much fun. Sounds like it could be fun. The bus arrived at school and the two headed for their final exam together. Stephanie stared at the questions on the page.

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They didn't seem to make much sense to her. The teacher saw the confused look on her face and came over to her. He left and Stephanie tried to focus. She realized she only had an hour and a half to finish.