Setsuna and marina relationship trust

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setsuna and marina relationship trust

Setsuna F. Seiei whose real name is Soran Ibrahim (ソラン・イブラヒム, Soran Iburahimu) (سوران . The manga adaptation of the film gives a different author's interpretation of the ending in which Setsuna marries Marina though it is not canon . Daybreak's Bell · Ash Like Snow · Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi · Trust You. (مارینا اسماعیل Marina Ismail) is a fictional character of Mobile Suit Gundam Marina Marina asked Setsuna if her action was out of line, but he answered no. .. Besides their political relationship, Shirin and Marina seem to be very close friends. Marina's counselor, Shirin, did not trust his intentions from the beginning. Remembering the last time she had let him sleep in after her Marina shook her seeing his confused look she repeated his words "You know I'm married now, . Setsuna immediately went to Marina's side, his customary scarf used to . Indeed , the sight of the large pools of blue, so trusting and innocent.

How do you know all of this? Even up until now, I did not have any relationships with men, even on my own servants for I fear it may contradict my own role and destroy my reputation as monarch of Azdastan. Some were whoring for her money, some had irreconcilable differences and some were very perverse.

Setsuna then understood her past situation. He then stands up and takes her hand. I want to know more about it!

He was completely shocked on what she did in which he could no nothing: She then stops the kiss and smiled. How was that for starters? What the hell was that for? Then, her butler called. Seiei, your lunch is served in the dining room.

Once their plates filled with food is ready, Marina grabbed Setsuna's hand but he didn't return the grip. He then returned her grip. Once she sat down, he pushed her chair until her lap can no longer be seen. He wanted to sit beside her, but she prevented him to do so as she pointed out a seat across hers.

That way, while you are eating, you can gaze your sight on the one you love. Setsuna sat down and began eating. As they ate their meal, which is a fillet of cream dory served with buttered vegetables and minty rice. He then looked at his food and ate like he used to, carefully and do tons of chewing. After several chewing on the steamed fish fillet with the string beans, which is part of the buttered veggies mix, and the minty rice as his first bite, he could not help but staring at Marina chewing her share of her lunch.

He shook and looked down to his food. Seeing this, the princess guessed he was still new to this, in which he is. So she just gave him a smile even if he isn't looking.

After eating their lunch, the monarch of Azadistan decided she and Setsuna can go out. One of the maids in her home was concerned. She need not to worry as the Gundam Meister is around him.

In that case, the raven-haired pilot readied his survival knife in one of his pockets, just in case trouble might seek for them. And he doesn't want that. Around Town Marina is dressed in her ordinary civilian, as did Setsuna when he entered Azadistan. She knows of some great dating places around Azadistan for she has seen it through the words of her people; she never knew of such newer places in her own kingdom, so she would check it out by herself. But she has to remember that, by leaving her royal palace, she is also open to danger by those who dislike her.

If you know what I mean that is. The first stop in their date is in a park, where there is a playground, a tennis court, a basketball court, and some benches. There are also night light posts around the area as well as a concrete pathway; typical concrete elements of a park.

setsuna and marina relationship trust

The princess grabbed the raven-haired young man's hand and dragged him as she sprinted to a tree with birds. Setsuna was shocked to see her dragging him.

In his perspective, he thinks she is forcing him. But in hers, she wants him to have happiness in his heart. As she sees a white bird on a tree, she calls out for her to land on her left backhand.

The bird complied as she landed on her hand. She does a bird whistle and more birds not only landed on her hand, but some on her shoulders and her head.

Setsuna is worried that something bad may bring the birds to her. But she assures these birds are harmless.

setsuna and marina relationship trust

After the birds leave the princess, she offered Setsuna a try. Try it yourself," Marina offered. The 21 year old Gundam Meister then offered his hand to a white bird on a nearby bush.

It's a male white bird and the bird gladly landed on his backhand. Then, more white birds appeared as they land on his head and shoulders. However, not all of the birds liked him as some excreted bird dung on his face.

Marina giggled on his face, resisting laughing at him for having bird excrements on some parts of his face, like above his right eye and on his nose. Azdastan's monarch brought her purse, brought out a pack of pocket tissue from it. There, she got a sheet small enough to wipe his face. She wiped him clean of the bird dung on him, found a trash bin for paper The princess enforced a law about organizing one's trash and threw the dung-stuffed tissue sheet there.

I don't own the brand and wiped all over his face. Now he is clean all over. But Setsuna just frowned. Marina can tell he wants a short nap. It was probably because of the long plane trip he had. So the princess sat down on a clean concrete bench and offered her to sit down beside her, which he refused to reject. He then laid his head on her lap and slept. Marina, seeing his sleeping expression, dives her head to his forehead and kissed it with her soft lips.

When she released her kiss, she could not help but smile on his sleeping expression, even his own soft snore. Two hours later Setsuna woke up, yawned, and struggling to open his eyes. When he fully opened it, he sees Marina with a smile.

He was in wide shock, but he couldn't help but to lay his head on her soft lap. She giggled towards his blush. Setsuna got surprised that she giggled towards his reddish blush plastered on his face.

The man went off her and just sat up beside her. Then, he did something he couldn't do what other men do, especially in front of her: She then grabbed his hand and stood up, making him stand up. She ran and dragged him somewhere else, but with sheer happiness.

As Setsuna contemplates on her charm, he felt something tingly in his heart.

setsuna and marina relationship trust

He couldn't understand it, but maybe, for him, it is a sense of happiness. He smiled and followed her. But he soon let go of her grip on his hand and ran forward, but faster than the princess' speed. The princess then gives chase. As they ran, Setsuna thought 'I don't know what this tingly feeling I have inside me, but somehow, this feeling makes me… happy, if not for a long time…' He then focused on her chasing him.

It was time to put his speed test he took under Celestial Being to the better test. He ran faster, but he had to make sure the princess is catching up to him. He doesn't want her to get into trouble or anything like that, not in his watch. After several running around the park, the raven-haired Celestial Being member got tired and the princess finally caught up to him and embraced him from behind.

She officially tagged him, but she then realizes he got tired of running so fast, so she can't let her tag him. She then plants a kiss on his forehead; the 00 Raiser pilot blush as a reaction. Minutes later, he tagged her. And so, with that, they decided to leave the park and go somewhere else. I really have no idea what the places in Azadistan are, as the entire series was focused more entirely on war and stuff like that.

So screw me for making up some of its places! By the way, Aban means water in Persian. After the princess paid the taxi fare, Setsuna dropped off first then helped Marina drop off too by holding her hand to help her out due to the long skirt of her dress.

After the princess finally dropped off, the taxi leaves, leaving the couple to enjoy the bay for themselves. There were also other people around the bay, from other couples having a date which can serve as an inspiration for the princess to teach the Celestial member on how to do itsingle people or couples jogging around optionally with their pet dogsor just for sightseeing.

For now, Setsuna was here for the sights as well as getting romance lectures from Marina herself. The weather is very hot though. So Setsuna decides to treat her for some gelato.

As they approached the store door, he lets the lady go inside first. The other customers inside as well as the employees knew Princess Marina Ismail is here. As they were about to be next, the ebony-haired princess whispers to the raven-haired Gundam Meister "Step seven, ask for her own tastes.

Well, pick the flavor you want to try. Then, once you tasted it, let me know if this has become your personal favorite gelato flavor. Then, they heard the one of the store's employee standing behind the ice cream stand yelling "NEXT! Since this is Setsuna's first time trying gelato, he couldn't help but look at all the exquisite gelato flavors the gelato ice cream house has to offer.

No wonder lots of people come here. They all look good, but do they all taste good for me? You can't like everything, you know? You have your own preferences after all,' He then thought to himself. Seeing him looking at all the flavors, the employee in charge of giving the ice cream scoops then talked to the princess about him as he asked her for her order, which is her usual Mixed Berry Basket gelato in a waffle cone.

It had the following gelato flavors as the best-sellers: Double-Berry Cheesecake — Blueberry and strawberry swirls and fruit bits in blueberry-strawberry mixed flavored gelato mixed along with cutlets of New York cheesecake.

A perfect combination of two favorite desserts: Halved Bananas — Inspired from the most famous worldwide sundae, the Banana Split.

Mango A-Go-Go — A summer favorite for all to enjoy. This is loaded with bits and swirls of freshly ripened mangoes. A simple, yet a very refreshing treat. Apple Pie — Cinnamon flavored ice cream mixed with bits and pieces of America's most favorite dessert pie. Oh by the way, even though it's pricey, we got a waffle cone that can fit two flavors.

Not to mention the cone is pricey and there are other good flavors too. This is a tough one…' He then looked at a gelato flavor that appealed to him by its looks. It had loads of different kinds of cookies, from Oreos to Chips Ahoy's classic chocolate chip cookies. He then points at it by poking the glass. So you want the Cookie Overload, huh?

Setsuna F. Seiei

And I chose the Halved Bananas flavor. It seems gelato isn't the only thing being sold in this eatery. They sat and then faced each other. He then eats his scoops, which are side by side, one flavor at a time.

Marina then whispers to Setsuna by the ear as she stood up "Step seven: Now let me have a little taste of each so I can state my opinion about them. Once she tasted them, she made her opinion about them. She said the last part because oatmeal raisin cookies were also mixed in Cookie Overload.

He gives it a bite and chewed some of the berries. Setsuna widened his eyes and then he opens then once the berries were swallowed.

setsuna and marina relationship trust

I don't like raspberries though. And that is my opinion," he stated. She nods back as a sign of respecting his opinion.

As they were in the middle of eating their gelato, Setsuna noticed some cream on her left cheek. He gets a table napkin from the napkin holder and wipes off the dirt on her cheek. She then sees a pineapple bit and a cookie bit as well as cream above his lip.

The princess returns the favor by doing what he did to her, wiping the dirt off his mouth. She giggled and he laughed along with her, something he never did in his life.

He then had a thought of it as he shut his eyes with a smile in his face: Good thing having a concern for the environment is one thing both the Gundam Meister and the monarch of Azadistan had in common. They both smiled at each other as they exited the Gelato shop.

Once they got outside, they decided to do some strolling by the bay. They see different kinds of birds, like the sea hawks hunting for their fish prey and seagulls passing by. There, it was windy so the clouds above it were moving and the waves on the waters were flowing smoothly. Marina told Setsuna about a tsunami attacking Aban Bay.

Some people perished at that time so the only thing the princess did was to pay tribute and give respect to the families of the lives lost. Setsuna pitied her on it as he lost a friend during a natural disaster, which was an earthquake weeks before Aban Bay's tsunami disaster.

After letting go of the memories of past tragedies caused by natural disasters, Setsuna and Marina waliked by the bayside, where a wall protects the sidewalk from the watery bay. This was risky but the Gundam Meister climbed up the small wall and walked on it. The princess grew some concern for him that he may fall. He reassured her that there is no need to worry about him and that he is experienced with risks since he is a Gundam Meister himself.

Standing on the guard wall, Setsuna watched the sunset as Marina, standing on the sidewalk, also watched it too. There, they conversed side by side. He told the driver to get to the Palace. After some minutes, and exactly at the right time, the sun had set as they head back to the palace. It was a good thing Marina's servants cooked some dinner for two. As they proceed to the dinner table, Setsuna still remembers what Marina taught him. First, he pulls the chair out where she will be sitting, offers her the seat and pushes it in while sitting.

Then, he sits down on his seat. By the time they sat eye-to-eye, a maid served them their dinner. Each had a plate of Persian shish kebabs served with Persian rice pilaf.

The Gundam Meister was in total shock that he had absolutely no idea what his plate has. Sensing his curiosity, one of the helpers explained that, since Azadistan is within the Persian territory, this country serves mostly Iranian cuisine. Setsuna nodded on it and wants to try the Kebab and Persian rice. This was his first time trying out new food.

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Their dinner began and they each chew on what's in their plate. After Setsuna's first chew on such a cuisine, he decided to voice his opinion about it whether it is in the others' liking or not.

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I had no idea Iranian cuisine can be this… this… exquisite! Setsuna even added that the kebabs were well done, which he really liked. He finds the rice a bit spicy yet delicious all in all. The princess was very happy about his first time eating Iranian cuisine. He and Marina, who is also in her home clothing which is a white silky satin nightgown, were watching a blu-ray movie with Marina's home theater system huge LCD TV and surround speakers in her master bedroom.

In the middle of it, Setsuna goes to his luggage full of his own snack supply, which will last throughout his stay at Azadistan. I don't own the Frito-Lay company!

He goes back to the couch facing the TV and decided to share his potato chips with her. Then his face got closer to hers. Promise me that you keep this between us. You're the first to know this…" "Oh… Now I know…" She pauses a little and continues "You love potato chips, hm? They then continue on watching a very romantic movie, where the main male lead's character's development turned from a brash loner because of his abusive past until a young woman opened his heart, changing him to a nice guy, burying his demons he confronted through that woman's light to rest for good.

Setsuna loved the plot of it that he remembered posting a review of it on his Facebook account as one of his notes in which he gave it a good rating. Setsuna got enthusiastically emotional that the lead hero died but somehow resurrected by watching the heart monitor went flatline, indicating the main male lead's untimely death… Suddenly, through his innermost struggle to fight against his guilt, angst, and self-doubts, and replacing all of those with the light of hope, love and support from people he cares for and who cares for him in return, his heart beats again!

The hero was revived miraculously! In Setsuna's opinion, this movie was an epic struggle for the hero. Suddenly, they watched the epilogue scene showing them on bed in the nude. This was the hero's first time and so was the woman's. It gave some arousal for both Setsuna and Marina as they view it. While the credits played, Setsuna dragged himself near Marina, grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss, which Marina returned right away. He then carried her bridal style to their bedroom, which is just adjacent to the theater; when they left, the theater part of the room's functions were turned off automatically.

By the time they reached Marina's bed Setsuna placed Marina on the bed. He gazed on her body for one minute and proceeds to kiss her lips neck and shoulders. He suddenly stopped after 5 minutes of making out.

I have to thank you for making me letting this weird feeling I have inside, in which you said is love. They made out until they needed the air to breathe. Setsuna was looking at her body in awe.

Seeing that expression on his face, Marina smiles then strips her nightgown off, leaving her in her simple lingerie, a simple black push-up bra and silky panties. Setsuna got heated, so he took off his blue tee and shorts, leaving him in black boxers that looked like cycling shorts. Mileina once asked if Setsuna and Marina were lovers, which they replied: It means that Mileina's woman intuition was actually right about Setsuna and Marina based on how they treat each otherit's just that the both of them were so focused on their own goals that they didn't consider about having love in their lives.

A kid even asked Marina if she was going to be a bride, which replies No, because she had too different priorities.

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Marina is the only one who Setsuna told about his past and possibly vice versa. He was open to her, even if they only spent a few times together, unlike Feldt and the Others, who had to work hard for him to open up to them, and that's still not the reason why he opened up to them. He wrote the letter to Marina, even though he lied to Feldt about not sending a letter to anyone, cause he didn't care about anyone well except marina 5.

In this part of the manga, we see Marina looking dearly at the flower, with setsuna also being at the panel, and it looks like he's actually staring at her. The next time he met her, he wanted to hear the children sing.

I just found this very romantic, I mean why would he want to hear a group of children sing? He didn't come back for Feldt, he came back for Marina. In one of the endings of the anime, we see Marina's reflection in the water. Why did i state this? It's because that ending had the 4 boys with their love interest excluding tiera allelujah with Soma, Lockon with Anewand why would Marina appear at there?

At episode 3, on the way to saving allelujah, they show us a scene in why Setsuna is piloting his gundam, while saying MARINA'S name in affectionate and caring tone.