Mystique and destiny relationship

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mystique and destiny relationship

The first inkling of a Mystique/Nightcrawler relationship came in UXM #, the (Destiny), and the two of them had a child, Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler). It was Destiny, who was pre-cognitive, that encouraged Mystique to adopt a Despite their close relationship, Rogue essentially betrayed her. Destiny (Irene Adler) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Mystique and Destiny formed the second Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, a group of ideologically motivated terrorists. pair loathed each other at the time, they did develop a brief relationship while both were members of X- Factor.

Who saw that one coming? Alas, poor Bobby was just another victim of Mystique's deception as she was not truly working on the side of good, as he believed, but was undercover for Mister Sinister the entire time.

After the two share some intense personal moments together that would look pretty sexy if you didn't already know that Mystique was using Bobby and who didn't? When you get involved with Mystique, you risk getting maimed or even murdered, as many of her lovers discover. Being married to Pool obviously means sexy time for both participants, but how did they even end up together anyway?

It was during Wade's years of involvement with the Weapon X program.

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As with many of her previous lovers, Mystique had simply been using him as her access card to get into Weapon X and steal files.

It's not the weirdest marriage of Deadpoolthough. He has married Domino, Outlaw, and plenty of other characters that he hasn't even been romantically linked to, and he's come close to marrying Ms.

mystique and destiny relationship

His weirdest wife, of course, was a sock puppet of Copycat. Azazelthe demon who worked with Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost, was not only Nightcrawler's dad, but the lover of Mystique, who happens to be Nightcrawler's mom. Azazel, whom she had an affair with while married to Baron Christian Wagner, is one of the earliest lovers in Mystique's life.

She slept with him after he turned on the charm, but it was also during a time in her life when she sought a child.

Destiny and Mystique: Love without Bounds

Azazel only wanted to have sex with her and as many other women as possible in order to create ties to Earth and retain his ability to return to the planet as he desired.

Mystique attempted to get rid of Kurt Wagner when he was born, tossing him into a river, but Azazel rescued him only to ask an old flame to raise him as one of her own. Not only did Eric appreciate her in her natural, blue-skinned glory in a way that her love interest Beast simply failed to do, but it also helped make their involvement in the first X-Men trilogy make more sense.

She enlisted Raven's services in pursuit of two goals: The two women would soon become lifelong friends and lovers. They both discovered that their set goals were difficult to achieve.

mystique and destiny relationship

Their abilities would easily allow them to achieve personal success but to shape the future was stated to be "next to impossible" as it would require " social engineering. Together, the two later raised adopted daughter Rogue in their home in fictional Caldecott County, Mississippi.

They remained together until Destiny's death. Ina Dr. Nathan Milbury apparently Mister Sinister in disguise was involved with Project: In the series X-Men: LegacyXavier is searching to find out more about this project and its influence on his and Juggernaut's life. She attempted to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly with a crossbow, but was thwarted by the X-Men and taken into custody.

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Rom the Spaceknight defeated the escape attempt but Destiny was rescued by Rogue and Mystique. She apprehended Magneto alongside Freedom Force in that group's first mission for the United States government.

Mystique scatters Destiny's ashes at sea. Instead, he accidentally killed Xavier himself, creating an alternate timeline.

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The Books of Truth[ edit ] Years after her death it was revealed that when Destiny's mutant power first manifested she filled several diaries called "The Books of Truth" with prophecies of the future that, when in the wrong hands, posed the greatest threat to humanity ever known.

Guarded by Destiny's companion Mystique for years, some of the volumes later came into the possession of Professor Charles Xavier. However, a team of X-Men, fearing that absolute knowledge of the future would lead their mentor to a temptation the world could not afford, exiled themselves from their home and teammates in order to hunt down the remaining Books of Truth, in the hope that they can locate the prophecies before Xavier or someone worse does.

However, after the event known as House of Mthe diaries were sought out again by Mister Sinister, who believes that one of the books contain information on the eventual fate of mutant-kind in the wake of Decimation. For that mission, he used the Acolytes to obtain Destiny's Diaries.

Exodus and his Acolytes attacked the Xavier Institute only to find forgeries of the books. However, all the books were burned to ashes by Gambit before the Marauders or the X-Men could read them.

Destiny (Irene Adler)

After showing Blindfold she means no harm and saving her life from falling rubble caused by Warpath, she gives Blindfold information about Selene. However, after breaking contact, she realizes she may have made a grave mistake. Afterwards Destiny explains to Blindfold that she is not her mother, as the other previously considered, but a distant relative.