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Their friendship is based on a mutual trust and respect to which the As to the question of whether the relationship between Walt and Vic will. Sean suspected her of having an affair with her boss, Sheriff Walt Longmire. While in Philadelphia and prior to her marriage, Vic had an affair with her married . Here is where you can discuss the ongoing relationship between Walt & Vic. . I trust that they will move the Walt/Vic relationship along in a manner that will fit.

After an incident involving a Cheyenne child with Scarlet Fever, Cady lost all her clients. She almost left town but was detained in Wyoming by a handsome fellow who Walt once fired named Zach Barry Sloane.

It was a surprising plot twist. Katee Sackhoff played Vic Vic was pregnant at the end of season 5, but not very far along. Early in season 6 she is shot and loses the baby. The grieving process over that loss was explored in season 6. It gave Katee Sackhoff a chance to show more emotional depth that she previously has in this part. I discovered when I wrote this post about the age difference between Walt and Vic that many fans of the books felt they should be together in the TV series as they were in the books.

Vic told Walt in many ways that she loved him, without ever coming out and saying the words. I could have done without that bow to the patriarchy as Walt and Vic reached their happy ending.

Despite my complaints about how Walt and Vic ended up, most of the season rolled along with the same amount of danger and tension that characterized all 6 seasons of Longmire. Especially good were the scenes where Henry was staked to the ground in the sun for days before Walt rescued him.

Primal heroic story, that. Vic filled her water glass as she stood with the refrigerator door open, she almost over filled the glass as she looked towards Cady and Jack cooing at each other in the living room. Vic walked back to join them, her wedding was in the morning and she had been upstaged by her beautiful baby boy, and that was ok with her.

She leaned in and gave him a soft kiss on his outstretched hand, and sat down across from her mother and Cady who were on the couch with Jack.

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Vic sat and smiled, but her stomach was full of butterflies. Mrs Walt Longmire" the words came out of Vic's mouth just as she wanted to pull them back in. I could never replace your mom…" "no,…. Technically, thats whats happening, you're marrying my dad, you'll be Mrs Longmire, but I know you don't want to replace my mom.

I know my Dad will always have a place in his heart for my mom, but youand this little guy, are his future,…. Travis turned to see Walt, "oh…hey…no, no, no, you can't see each other! He laughed and grabbed his arm, "yeah, i better go…Cady and your Mom are waiting to help you get ready, I'll send them in" A few moments passed and the door opened again, Cady popped her head in, "you ready?

Vic had done her hair and makeup earlier, her blonde locks fell in soft waves and kissed her shoulders. Lena touched her daughters cheek, "you look beautiful Victoria…. The dress was a halter dress, that hugged her figure on top and fell softly and flowed beyond her hips.

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Cady secured the clasp on the back of her neck and secured the zipper just below her sun kissed bare back. The fabric was silky and shimmered in the mid morning sun that shone through the windows. The dress was simple and classic, not frilly, Vic wasn't frilly, there were just enough crystals and small beaded flowers on the neckline to draw attention to her strong shoulders and long graceful neck.

Vic stepped into her shoes and looked up to see herself for the first time as a bride in the full length mirror. She stood motionless for a moment, and then a huge smile crept onto her face, and she started to giggle.

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Cady took the necklace from the box and laid it on Vic's chest, she fastened the clasp and looked in the mirror with Vic. My bis Nonna took the linen handkerchief that she bought from a woman in her small village it Italy, and added the handmade lace to the edge to give to my mother on her wedding day.

My mother added the embroidered flowers to the corners, in my favourite colour of violet on my wedding day. Victoria, I give this to you, and I am going to add something that I know you have loved since you were a little girl. You were named after your father, you were raised with a bunch of loud and rocous boys, you played road hockey and rode motorcycles, got dirty and climbed trees, but you will always be my beautiful daughter.

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Vic took the antique linen from her mothers hands, and touched it gently, "i'm honoured to carry this today, for all the strong Moretti women…. Cady used the two beaded combs to secure it to her hair, and it fell perfectly to frame her face and compliment her dress. Vic, you are a vision, my Dad may need some help standing up straight at the alter" "he an I both Cady…. I know this day will be perfect, but my stomach is doing backflips! I'll leave you two alone for a few minutes, and I'll check to see if everything is ready, it should be close" "thank you Cady….

The love and trust they shared was something she hoped she would find one day, but for now, she was happy for Vic and her father, and this day would be a beautiful culmination of their lives so far, and their life going forward with her new baby brother Jack. Lena and Vic sat silently for a few moments, Vic then took a deep breath and stood up in from of her mom. She reached out her hands and Lena took Vics hands in hers and stood up in front of her daughter.

Vic leaned in and kissed her gently on both cheeks, "we may have had our differences over the years, but I love you Mom, I'm happy to have you here today, and I'm happy that you have accepted my choice to marry Walt" "Victoria…. I know you are happy, I see it in both you and Walt. I will always love you my beautiful daughter.

She closed the door behind her and Victor stood silently taking in the beauty that was her daughter. Walt is waiting for you, he is one lucky man" Walt stood at outside in the warm sun, Henry stood tall beside him. Guests were taking their seats, it was a small gathering of family and close friends.

Walt and Henry were dressed casually in tan pants and soft white linen shirts, both wearing their favourite boots, which had been shined up slightly for the importance of the day.