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Dec 21, Which TV and movie couples did you fall in love with in and which did you hate? Often, they start off grating and end up becoming de-facto ads for couples counseling. We've rounded . Worst: Lola & Narcisse, Reign. Feb 6, I like couple Lola and Narcisse. The best couple from this show. .. Bash's new title should be Royal Mental Health and Healing Counselor. I have seen a lot of posts about how Narcisse is using and trading Lola as if she is . On to the next relationship that needs serious marriage counseling the.

Greer reports back to Francis and Mary who set up the fake letter knowing Nicholas was spying. Mary happens upon Nicholas who congratulates her on her victory.

He says he will more than pay when Elizabeth brings him back to court to punish him. He says their lives are at court. A woman comes angry to confront Narcisse and says he stole property from her father.

Lola glares and asks Narcisse if he did this. Bash has another burn on his chest. This makes the shape of a cross so he knows the church must have her. She says she has to be cautious when choosing the man who will rule beside her. He asks to see her lady parts as proof. Don Carlos says just lift up your skirt. She comes out and tells Robert what Don said. Robert goes to confront his wife. He asks if she started the rumor and she plays dumb.

She says that rumor has been around for ages then asks why she would do it.

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Robert says because she knows and she plays dumb some more. Robert says he loves Elizabeth and always will. She says she has other lovers and he chokes her. He stops short of killing him. Lola rants to Narcisse about using their honeymoon as cover to loot the locals out of their land. He says he needed their land and says Catherine is coming for them. He says the lands will protect their family.

He says those lands plus the lands John already has will get her son a seat on the privy council that he will sit at until John comes of age. He says this means Catherine will have to back off of them. Lola says he has to pay that woman fairly for the land and he agrees. She says he could have just told him. Bash goes to see the priest and wants to know what groups burn women.

The priest admits to an iron cross used on witches. He tells him what convent does it when Bash threatens him.

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Francis says you have to make the best decision you can in a moment. Francis rides off ahead then Charles sees him list and fall from the saddle. Mary finds Francis in bed looking weak. Francis says the physicians are useless. Charles says they should get Delphine. Charles says there must be another way and walks out. Francis asks Mary to lie beside him.

She says he seemed better and Francis told her the physicians told him people often rally just before they die. He says they need to enjoy his final hours. She says they should call Catherine but he says he wants peace alone with her. Lola and Narcisse are back from their honeymoon and Catherine talks to him. He says she seems cheerful and she says she knows about the rat. She says he planted it to scare Lola into marrying him. He denies it but she says they are very alike.

He says falling in love made him a better man and brought out the worst in her. What are you hiding? Perhaps I'm hiding a bleeding heart. What are you doing out here? And Queen Queen Catherine: Oh, that is so like him. A last gift so I never forget him or his whores. Give up this idea that nobody can know you, and still love you.

Well I may be cooped up in a castle, never forget. My reach is far. I ease my fears because they are mine! I was forced to do that once for a king.

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I have endured many trials. But nothing as painful as having to look upon the corpse of my decaying first born son. I only see one option. But it might be a little unseemly for a young King to authorize So early in his reign.

Our union is damaged beyond repair. Charles will put his weight behind this! Well then perhaps I shall withhold my news from the huntsman. And perhaps I shall have your throat slit in your sleep. Or have the villagers do it for me when they come for us to root out the beast we have protected.

I knew the moment Bash and Kenna got hitched so fast, that their difference in lifestyle would rear its ugly head one day. And that day has come. Of course now their marriage is breaking down. And as much as it hurts my heart to see, it was not unexpected, at least not to me. This was something I sorta knew was in the making, because it was never really brought up by either Kenna or Bash.

They were too blissfully in love that they never talked about the practicalities fully.

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It would have been a powerful eye opening event for her character. And perhaps she would appreciate what Bash does with the common folk, she did with Pascal remember him? And Bash has to be more attentive to his wife and stop with the whole jealous act. I mean the realm did just fine without him for centuries. He needs to learn how to delegate responsibilities to his men. Stop micromanaging everything and learn how to dish out the workload.

Can we just get to the Kennash healing part of it? It was going mildly well. Bash was starting to come to his senses. Kenna was starting to come around to him and push Antoine away. Of course you just had to do that Antoine… of course…. It just makes me sad all around. But okay, here goes….