Lelouch and suzaku relationship test

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lelouch and suzaku relationship test

Suzaku and Lelouch get out of class 25 minutes early and they know exactly what to do with the time. Warning- MaleXMale relationships time but," The professor paused and looked at Lelouch as he handed him his test. [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Why Lelouch and Suzaku is of why; when it comes to the relationship between Lelouch and Suzaku. by 'x' I mean relationship in general, just in case. My take: Lelouch x Suzaku pulled ahead with the end of R2, simultaneously Suzaku was.

Lelouch looked up at him teasingly through his bangs. He took his mouth off of Suzaku's very erect erection and hovered slightly over top of it. He breathed a husky breath over the tip, causing the Knight's knees to buckle slightly. Lelouch made his way back to sucking the Knight off, but Suzaku stopped him. Lelouch pouted, but gave a little screech as he was flipped over to lay on his stomach. He placed his knees on the ground and propping himself on the palm of his hands.

Lelouch and Suzaku had sex several times before, but Suzaku was always lying on his back; looking into his lovers eyes. This was new for them both. Suzaku found his jacket, reaching into the inside pocket. He pulled out a mini-on-the-go bottle of lube.

lelouch and suzaku relationship test

Lelouch let out a hearty laugh, but he caught his breath; almost chocking when he felt a finger intrude. Lelouch moaned at the feeling, just like normal. Soon Suzaku placed two more in a row, causing Lelouch to gasp. Sooner than expected, he began to twist teasingly around the ring of muscles causing Lelouch to moan in a mix of pain and pleasure. In a few motions he keeping his fingers moving lubed his manhood generously, removed his fingers; sliding in his cock immediately.

Lelouch moaned loudly, not even feeling the pain. Suzaku was willing to kill anybody standing in his way, which was shown during the first battle of the Tokyo Settlement for his bloodlust revenge against Zero. While clashing with the Knights of St. Michael, Shin believes Suzaku's true nature to be similar to his own, that he hates the world and wants to destroy it with the darkness within him. During Kaguya's conversation with the Six Houses of Kyoto, Suzaku showed no remorse for the fallen members, as their execution couldn't be helped.

Regardless, Suzaku hasn't lost faith in Lelouch, as he wonders why he killed Euphie since there could have been another way but despises Lelouch for casting a Geass on him to live even though it was Suzaku's goal to die.

After Lelouch reminds Suzaku of his father's past and their confrontation at the Kururugi Shrine, Suzaku realizes that Lelouch is the kind of person who would take all of the lies to make everyone's dreams into reality, indicating that Suzaku's view of Britannia had started to change.

After destroying the Tokyo Settlement with the F. After a one-sided conversation with Jeremiah Gottwald, he laughs maniacally, desensitized by the countless deaths he inadvertently caused.

lelouch and suzaku relationship test

He then abandons his self-righteous nature and resolves to achieve his goals regardless of the means. This saddens Bismark, the Knight of One, who claimed that Suzaku's compassionate core was the source of his strength.

This ultimately leads him to make a deal with Schneizel in order to become Knight of One by slaying the emperor, leading to the confrontation in C's world. Since both had lost the ones they loved and had sullied their hands with the blood of thousands, Suzaku finally allies with Lelouch, but his experience in the thought realm with Lelouch and C. He understands that the cycle of hatred would have to be broken for a peaceful future, and though it can only be done by Zero, no one would accept Lelouch as Zero because of the Geass, and devises the Zero Requiem with him.

Lelouch describes him of powerful willpower, as he transforms Lelouch's Geass command 'Live' positively into an energy boost. He becomes shocked with Lelouch when Nunnally is still alive and declares them both enemies. Afterwards, he shows a vicious dedication to its completion, and takes the responsibility of being 'Lelouch's Sword' to conquer both his enemies and weakness. He fakes his death in his battle with Kallen, reappears under the guise of Zero and stabs Lelouch.

Lelouch smiles at him as his death draws near, and thinking of the Geass as a gift that allows one to do something the other can't, touches Zero's mask in an affectionate gesture and offers him the Geass of changing the world.

He tells him that Suzaku Kururugi is no more, and that there exists only Zero, who should strive for peace and justice, to bring about a brighter future. Suzaku accepts the Geass, though crying as he had killed his best friend. With this we can deduce that despite his frequent changes in character when facing grief, guilt and self-loathing throughout the series, he was a dedicated and loyal man who wanted peace.

Character Outline Edit Suzaku at the age of Yep that did it. He was definitely not getting hard anymore.

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He would put up with this torturous painting for however long it lasted and then he could help this man clean off with a nice hot steamy long shower. Lelouch thought about Schneizel again to calm down the stirring that was taking place in his nether regions. Schneizel was definitely a boner killing machine. You were a great help" Suzaku said pleasantly as they pulled in through the gates of the Britannia mansion.

I mean it Suzaku" Euphie beamed back at him. I actually think Lelouch and Nunnally are visiting today as well. We should all hangout! It usually did if it involved hanging out with Lelouch. They ran into Nunnally in the hallway. She was just too damn precious. You've got to see it! Oh goodness it's beautiful!

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I'll be there in a little bit" Euphie called after them cheerfully. When they got there, Suzaku's mouth dropped open because well Nunnally was right. Lelouch looked absolutely stunning painted as a waterfall and lush forest.

What made Suzaku feel slightly…well something…was the fact that Lelouch's waterfall painted body cascaded into another toned male below him painted as a forest lake and surrounding foliage. They made quite the picture with the placement of their bodies being so very intimate. Really how did Clovis get away with such scandalous art? Something twisted inside of Suzaku and he wasn't quite sure what to label it as.

He continued to watch in silence as Clovis put on some finishing touches and then backed up with a satisfied grin. You two can use the guest bathroom through that door to clean off. The man's light green eyes fluttered shut and he swallowed. Suzaku's heart started to hammer in his chest as he watched Lelouch detach from the other male elegantly and walk off. The toned man quick at his heels.

Suzaku wasn't sure what was happening to his body or why he felt weird, but he followed after his best friend…to talk to him. Say hi and what not. He walked into the guest bathroom that was more like a small locker room silently.

He paused when he heard the voices on the other side of the partition wall that blocked the door from the full view of the bathroom. Was it too hard to stay in that position? There was a resounding little groan and Suzaku felt a tightness start taking over his chest. There was a silent moment that followed. Suzaku could make out soft noises that almost sounded like kissing.

His hips rocked forward slightly. His fingers wove into black painted hair. He should really leave…but…instead he peeked around the corner and his eyes landed on his best friend on his knees. His lips stretched and now there was a tightness starting to take place in his pants as he watched Lelouch bob and stroke with one hand. The other fondled the other man's dangly bits. He had one last thought about leaving, but then Lelouch stood up and walked towards the shower slipping off his tight little underwear.

His slim hips swaying. Suzaku couldn't believe how mesmerizing Lelouch's little tushy was at that moment…and then it was blocked from his view by some annoying tall blonde who was wrapping his arms around Lelouch.

No one should be touching his Lelouch like that. The man started a slow grinding against Lelouch pale lithe body as the water heated up. He bit down on the side of Lelouch's neck that wasn't painted.

Lelouch let out a little moan and leaned his head to the side as his hips moved to reciprocate the rubbing. Suzaku couldn't quite see what was going on, but then they rotated slightly and Suzaku could see exactly how the other man was touching his best friend. The other man's fingers trailed across Lelouch's stomach. One wrapped itself around Lelouch's manhood and was stroking lightly. His hands landed themselves on that mesmerizing tushy squeezing lightly.

Relationship between Suzaku and Lelouch Predictions

One hand released a plump cheek and instead cupped Lelouch's face and pulled him into a kiss. Lelouch moaned into the kiss and pushed his fingers through the painted golden locks. Suzaku's breathing picked up and he watched them stumble under the spray of hot water.

Greens, blues, browns trailed down the two beautiful bodies as the water peppered their skin. Suzaku chose to ignore the other male and watched as the paint trailed over every bump and dip of the pale lean body. He couldn't stop his own hand moving southward at the sight. He stifled the little noise that threatened to escape his mouth. This was wrong…but Lelouch looked… so erotic. Suzaku had never seen him like this before.

He hated how it was another man running his hands all over Lelouch's body cleaning him off. They just kept touching and grinding against each other in the attempt to get the paint remnants off.

Their hands weren't the other things busy either. Their mouths were locked together breathing each other in. Suzaku could see tongues when they broke a miniscule amount away for air.

Orpheus pulled back breathing heavily and turned Lelouch around. Lelouch leaned against him heavily arching his back beautifully and wrapping one hand around the back of Orpheus's wet golden locks. Orpheus bit down on the crook of his neck thanking the fact that they were roughly the same height, so he didn't have to bend that far.