Lars and sadie relationship

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lars and sadie relationship

So yeah, I'm not one to "ship" people together without their being substantial evidence to support that claim and at least mild intent by the writers (in fact. Sadie is a clerk at the Big Donut and the co-worker of Lars. Though the two constantly go through a love/hate relationship, (Steven once called them "married ". Anonymous said: thoughts on the whole "lars and sadie are a to a Greg parallel as her character and relationship with Lars developed.

lars and sadie relationship

She spiked Lars' donut with a substance she was completely unfamiliar with. For all she knew, it could've seriously messed up Lars. Had it not been for cartoon logic, Lars' likely would've died from that experience.

And the worst part about it is that she showed zero regrets.

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The exact words she says when Lars attempts to converse with her is: Yes, tricking Sadie was terrible, but the way Sadie went about it was even worse. Island Adventure In this instance, I believe Lars was innocent.

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Yes, he was being a little idiot the entire time, but he really did nothing to warrant being trapped on an island. Sadie never actually gives a solid reason for why she trapped Lars.

lars and sadie relationship

All she says is that he "needed this". This leaves it really up to interpretation. Some believe that Sadie genuinely trapped him so they could have a chance at being in a romantic relationship. Others believe that it was to relieve him from his stress in Beach City. Regardless of what the reason was, there's no justification for it.

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And, yes, I am aware that Sadie saved Lars' life. However, it's important to remember that Sadie was not only the reason that Lars was on the island in the first place, but she's also the reason he fell into the pit.

In this scenario, while others may think differently, I believe that Lars is the victim and that Sadie is at fault. Jasper and Lapis vs.

lars and sadie relationship

Lars and Sadie I see Lars and Sadie as parallels to Lapis and Jasper when it comes to how the majority of the fandom views them. Both parties are in a toxic relationship.

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Lapis trapped Jasper in a torture fusion for several months, even causing Jasper to acquire what many equate to be Stockholm syndrome. And, while I've defended her from what I believe to be overly harsh criticisms, I've acknowledged that she was definitely wrong in this scenario.

Yet, the target audience, or rather just people who don't go into deep analysis of the show, will not realize that Lapis was incorrect because the crewniverse didn't make it obvious in the slightest. This is how I feel it is for Lars and Sadie. According to the podcast, Sadie thought no one really wanted to be friends with her, particularly who she thinks is actually cool.

She has Lars by her side, but she continued to be discontent with herself. As shown in " So Many Birthdays " and " Island Adventure " she is capable of protecting herself and loved ones if needed, if not rather violent at times, even if she does not mean to be. She is also shown to have a vindictive side, as Sadie has put extremely hot spices in Lars' food as payback for lying to her.

lars and sadie relationship

Sadie tends to pry into the lives of others, particularly that of Lars, intending to do what she deems best for them. Her trapping him in " Island Adventure " is a rather extreme example of this overly involved attitude. In " The Good Lars ", she notes that this trait is similar to her mother's behavior.

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Sadie/Lars relationship?

At times Lars can be a jerk to Sadie and be lazy, snobbish and rude towards her. Although, in "Island Adventure", he showed extreme affection towards Sadie, even going so far as to kiss her. Sadie is later surprised to see Lars without knowing Steven is in his body show up at her house.

She picks up on the fact that Lars is acting different, wanting to watch a romantic movie, him being kind to her, and she wonders why Lars does not want to be seen in public with her. As Lars, Steven confesses Lars' love to Sadie which prompts Sadie to kick Lars out of her house because she thinks that he would do that to upset her.

When Lars returns to his body and is working at the Big Donut, Sadie comes into work and accepts Lars' offer to hang out, leaving Steven to know that the two love each other. In " The Good Lars ", she tries to help Lars be more close to the Cool Kids only for being disappointed that he doesn't come and admits that she can't change Lars, it culminates in " I Am My Mom " when Sadie after being captured by a Topaz she asks Lars for help only to look how hides in fear much to her disappointment.

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Lars is seen to get jealous over Sadie, as in " Horror Club " when he attempts to one-up Ronaldo Fryman after he is seen "flirting" with Sadie - hinting towards him starting to return Sadie's crush. Steven Universe Sadie thinks of Steven as a close friend, almost acting like a sister. Even considering the age difference between Steven and Sadie, she encourages his ideas and tries to help him in any way possible as seen in " Watermelon Steven " where she supports Steven's watermelon business.

Even though she does not exactly understand his life situation, specifically related to magic and the Gems, she does her best to support him and she even knows about his mother's sacrifice, as seen in " Lion 3: Straight to Video " where she rushes to help Steven see a video of Rose.

lars and sadie relationship

Barbara Miller Barbara Miller is Sadie's mother. It is revealed that she cares deeply for her daughter, as shown in "Lion 3: Straight to Video" Barbara still packs lunches for Sadie every day.