Kanshi ramji and mayawati relationship tips

The Incomparable Lady - Km Mayawati (What Saheb Kanshi Ram Said) - Velivada

kanshi ramji and mayawati relationship tips

Kanshi Ram (15 March – 9 October ), also known as Bahujan Nayak or Saheb, was Party (BSP) in He ceded leadership of the BSP to his protégé Mayawati who has served four terms as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Km Mayawati is having many qualities that make her the Incomparable Lady. Shahu Maharaj and made an all India affair by Baba Saheb Ambedkar. At that point in time, Kanshi Ram was trying to run the Movement. Who will guide her? Few rare pictures of Behan Mayawati and Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji. National News – New Delhi: The four time chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati and founder of Bahujan Samaj Party, Kanshi Ram shared a.

I gave her support and more and more opportunities in the organization. Inshe was told to prepare the parliamentary seat of Bijnor for the bye-election. She went from village to village and prepared the seat well to increase the vote bank from votes to 65, within a period of one year. Another bye-election in the nearby seat of Haridwar came next. She prepared it so well that she came second to the ruling Congress Party.

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By securing 1,36, votes she improved the vote bank of BSP 14 times, from 9, in the general election to 1,36, in the bye-election. I was happy with her performance in these bye-elections. But her seniors became furious. They put pressure on me for giving the opportunity to Km Mayawati.

So much so that most of them left the movement. I do not know where they are today, whereas Mayawati kept improving along with the movement. ByBSP improved to share power in U. By carrying such a heavy load, I became sick and was admitted in hospital in the month of May Narasimha Rao and Mr. Singh to lend support to our alliance to make Mr. Mulayam Singh the C.

They had bad experience with him. Therefore, they were reluctant to support him. On my assurance and request, they agreed to support him.

Within a few months, Mr. Mulayam Singh had broken their parties. Therefore, they were putting pressure on me to change Mr.

On one side I was under pressure to make changes in U. On 24 th Septemberat MadrasDr. Babasaheb declared the political goal of his struggle. Dr Ambedkar said, "Understand our ultimate goal. Our ultimate goal is to become the rulers of this country.

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Write this goal on the walls of your houses so that you will never forget. Our struggle is not for the few jobs and concessions but we have a larger goal to achieve.

That goal is to become the rulers of the land. On 18 th March, in a public meeting at Ram Leela ground, Agrahe said that the highly qualified people belonging to SCs have betrayed us.

They are occupying the key posts in government and doing nothing for their poor, oppressed brothers and sisters. It was a great loss for the movement when Dr. Babasaheb unexpectedly died on 6 th December, Ambedkar was formed on 3 rd October, But from the party began to split up under various leaders.

kanshi ramji and mayawati relationship tips

The biggest set-back to the party was that, it became a party of Maharashtra and the Mahars later converted to Buddhism after and the other sub-castes remained the supporters of Congress and others. The clash of personalities and personal political ambitions took the caravan in a reverse direction rather taking ahead.

He started working with Republican Party of India. After near about eight years of working with Republican Party of India, he became disillusioned with its functioning.

Ambedkar and Kanshi Ram — so alike, yet so different

His dream of Ambedkarite movement was completely shattered when Dadasaheb Gaikwad joined the hands with Mohan Dhariya from Congress for a petty one Lok-Sabha reserved seat and few lakh rupees. This event was the beginning of his dissociation from Republican Party.

Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji decided that he will develop a society which will work to spread the thoughts of Dr Ambedkar and other social reformers and will never sell themselves for a small gain.

He traveled all over the India along with his few activists to know why Caravan of Dr Ambedkar was brought back rather than taking ahead.

Mayawati changes her bunglow's name to Kanshiram Yaadgar Vishram Sthal

During these days he never bothered about his health, food, transport and worked tirelessly to awaken the educated employees. Organization of employees of Backward Class and Religious Minorities, after doing a necessary preparatory work within a period of five years decided to float an organisation in As a result of it, and as per the vision of Dr.

Kanshi Ramji decided to take the Caravan of Dr Ambedkar ahead and he considers it as his responsibility to fulfill the same.

kanshi ramji and mayawati relationship tips

Then he started working among educated employees and awakens them to work for the upliftment of the downtrodden. Barring exceptions, therefore, BSP rallies normally start at 11 am and end before sunset. When it comes to a woman's safety and security, Mayawati makes no compromises. There are very clear cut instructions to all party-men that any indulgence will not be tolerated.

So while Mayawati's views on women might seem a bit conservative, unlike the Samajwadi Party, the BSP's supreme boss does not oppose the women reservation bill although her party wants the bill to be introduced with some modifications. In the forth coming Lok Sabha elections she has given tickets to quite a few women candidates; although it is a different matter that most of these women candidates are just dummies of their husbands who are ministers or MPs with the BSP.

There have been occasions when chief minister's office is has been opened at mid-night and fax sent to the district magistrates for immediate implantation of a Government order.

So key party functionaries expect calls from her or her office any anytime. Sources say Mayawati herself sleeps for only 2 to three hours every night. Quite like the newsroom of a television channel several television sets have been set up in her residence.

Round the clock officers from the Chief Minister's Office keep a constant 'vigil' on news items that is being aired by the news channels. Constant reports are sent to Mayawati about any new item which concerns her, her party or her state. Dressing down This is Mayawati's favorite pastime.

Party sources say in any close-door meeting when Mayawati speaks others only listen. If you are at fault you get a severe dressing down; it does not matter if you are a minister, a respectable Member of Parliament or an MLA. Sources say she has already taken resignation letters from several of her ministers and kept them with her.

kanshi ramji and mayawati relationship tips

Once a young Brahmin minister was asked to deliver some donation chanda for the party. But the minister got late by two days. Behanji gave him a dressing down and asked him to write his resignation letter immediately.