Joe frazier and muhammad ali relationship status

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joe frazier and muhammad ali relationship status

“She wants to know if you ever beat Muhammad Ali,” Marilyn said. mean- spirited pride in the role he believes he played in causing Ali's condition. “He's got Joe Frazier-itis,” Frazier said of Ali one day recently, flexing his. Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fought for the first time on 8 March , shortly after Ali's return from a three-year ban for his refusal to fight in. He really had this thing with Joe Frazier. He hated the fact that he loved Joe Frazier; Joe Frazier hated the fact that he loved Muhammad Ali.

That goes for politicians, movie stars, or anyone. He had everything — charisma, charm, looks and great athletic ability — and you hated him because the guy was handsome. When I lost to Muhammad in the former Zaire, I was full of hate. Then one day I started preaching that I had lost to Muhammad Ali, and I'd fought the great Joe Frazier, and it was those names that made people stop and pay some attention to me. It was in that moment, for the first time, I really appreciated that I had been in the ring with him.

Was he a great boxer?

The reasons why boxers both loved - and hated - Muhammad Ali

Muhammad was not a great boxer. I say that because his greatness went beyond boxing, beyond just being a boxer. Ali seen training in October ahead of his fight with George Foreman Credit: He changed the whole world.

joe frazier and muhammad ali relationship status

Give that title to Joe Louis or someone like him who really was a boxer. Sure, he was a great boxer, but there have been a lot of better boxers. His greatness was beyond the sport of boxing. Boxing was such a small part of what he could do.

joe frazier and muhammad ali relationship status

We wanted that more than to be champion of the world. To beat Muhammad Ali. The truth is - nobody could beat Muhammad Ali. Even when you had the belt.

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He made great society changes. And all of a sudden they realised that this man had changed what people had looked at as beautiful.

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He defined beauty, handsome and brains. That changed the whole world. Not only in America. His greatness was abroad as well.

joe frazier and muhammad ali relationship status

After we became the best of friends. Ali began as a product of his times. After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a devastated country sought heroes. It first found them in the Beatles, with their legendary U. Two weeks after that, a young Cassius Clay upset the scowling Sonny Liston for the heavyweight title. His victory surprised nearly everyone, but in retrospect Clay was younger, faster, taller and quicker than Liston.

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The country was changing rapidly. Initially, the boisterous Clay, soon to be Muhammad Ali, was reviled by many just like the Beatles. Ali's genius was that he realized quickly that the country needed heroes — and he fit the bill.

joe frazier and muhammad ali relationship status

He modeled his act on the flamboyant wrestler Gorgeous George, who knew that wrestling depends on heroes and villains, a concept that traces back to the ancient Greek tragedies, in which every protagonist required an antagonist. Ali eventually became the hero, which meant that throughout his career he had to create villains. Outside the ring, a vindictive U.

Only when a sympathetic Ali left the ring for good, with slurred speech and diminished faculties, were villains no longer required. But during his boxing years, Ali treated one man worse than anyone else: On Tuesday Ali said: I will always remember Joe with respect and admiration.

My sympathy goes out to his family and loved ones. Another memorable opponent, George Foreman, who won both of his bouts against Frazier and in became the first man to beat him, told the BBC: He never stood more than 5ft 10 in but he had every big man in boxing afraid of the little guys, he was such a terror.

Joe Frazier

Muhammad AliGeorge Foreman, we were big guys but when we got into a ring with Joe Frazier we had to have respect — and move. I talk to his family all the time, we were pretty close, and no one even mentioned that Joe was that sick.

Bernard Hopkins, the current light heavyweight champion and a native of Philadelphia, where Frazier made his home, said: Joe Frazier is an icon and he will always be remembered that way.