Hachiman and yukino relationship advice

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hachiman and yukino relationship advice

When Yukinoshita Haruno (雪ノ下 陽乃) might be in big trouble because her and his families decide that she will marry to this guy. I strongly. However, Yukino actually recognizes Hachiman from the accident that After Hachiman finds out, their relationship becomes quite strained. . She often gives him exactly the advice he needs when he finds himself in a. Meguri's relationship with Shizuka isn't very clear. But as the Its also hinted that Yukino has occasional counseling sessions just like Hachiman. According to.

And if you look at how she tries so much to go hangout although helping students to make chocolate would make her return home late.

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This makes me assume that the problem or the one who is causing this problem is in her house, her family, or a certain person in her family. Then the next question is Haruno is involved directly in this problem or not.

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Is this her own problem or she is just worried about other people? In order to find out the answer, I need to search in the story. Anything that can make Haruno worry is herself, her mother and her sister. But I can exclude Yukino from the list, because if her sister is the cause of this problem, Haruno should not be so persistent to hang out so she will forget the problem and return home so late.

Another problem with her is the correct answer.

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So in order to find out her problem, LN v11 is my starting point since the scene when she tries to invite people, is in this v But after I reviewed it, there are no any clues. So I needed to jump to LN v In this anime Yahari Zoku ep10, she tells Yuigahama that their parents will have family dinner after New Year greeting.

And Hayama tells both of them that they himself and Haruno needs to accompany them too. When Haruno meets Hachiman, she calls her sister over to accompany her for some reason. Hachiman's birthday gift to Yui is mistaken as a necklace After he pondered on this knowledge, he told her that she was a nice girl after she waited for him on a field trip as she blushed at his words.

However, he confronted Yui by surprising her with his awareness of the event before he bluntly and coldly rejected Yui's friendly care towards him, which he believed along with the accident, was the root of her nice and sweet attitude she expresses to him and tells her to stop. Though she tried to deny this, she was sent into tears by his words. As a result, the two distance themselves from each other though Yukino pressures Hachiman into helping her in apologizing to the latter.

Due to this, Yukino and Hachiman go shopping for a birthday present to thank Yui for her friendship. After catching up to the dog, Yui spots them unaware of their purpose and thinking they are now dating.

hachiman and yukino relationship advice

She accepts their offer to go the clubroom and brace herself for what she thinks is their revelation of being a couple only to learn they had really went shopping for a present for her birthday. This both shocks her and leaves her touched that they did so as a means of remedying their broken status. As a result, Yui and Hachiman rebuild their relationship with no secrets while it's clear that Yui's feelings for him have further developed.

After she came back to thank them for watching her dog, Yui quickly denied the chance to meet their parents before she invites Komachi and Hachiman to the upcoming Fireworks Festival. However, Komachi slyly declines the invitation, instead pressuring Hachiman to go alone with Yui, to their shock.

On the day of the festival, Hachiman suppresses his human instincts of being alone with Yui with his own warped logic. This presents a problem as both blush when they accidentally bump into each other on the train ride.

Yui and Hachiman goes to the club After the firework display, both Yui and Hachiman recognized the black car Haruno was riding in as the one from the accident and realize Yukino was present. Hachiman then walks Yui home, where they begin to discuss Hachiman's accident and Yukino's involvement in it. Yui pointed out how hard it was for her to speak up about the incident as well stating there were some things that one couldn't say but he disagreed.

hachiman and yukino relationship advice

Hachiman points out that the trio might have not come together if it wasn't for the accident, but Yui stressed that even if there was no accident, Hachiman might have ended up in the club due to his personality and Yui also might approach the club due to some other problem and end up joining it.

At the end of their small date, Yui seemed like she was going to confess her feelings to Hachiman, but an incoming call from her mother interrupts her.

hachiman and yukino relationship advice

Although she seemed determined to ignore the call and continue, Hachiman urged Yui to take the call, after ending the call, Yui just says goodbye to him. This was due to because she felt it wasn't the right time since Hachiman didn't seem to feel the same way at the time.

It is hinted that from this almost confession that Hachiman is actually fully aware of Yui's feelings for him but chooses not to acknowledge them or consider them real due to his past failures. Despite his usual annoyance with her, Hachiman shows he does enjoy his time with her but he might not see her in the romantic way.

On the other hand, Yui acknowledges the similarities of Hachiman and Yukino from their interactions, she seems to see the romantic tension between the two and is somewhat jealous or conflicted about this due to her own feelings for Hachiman. Yui ask for treat from Hachiman outside During the cultural festival, after sharing honey toasts with him, and Hachiman wanting to pay her with money because he refuses "charity", Yui offers him to invite her to "Pasera" as a way of paying her back, but indirectly asks him to take her out on a date.

hachiman and yukino relationship advice

Hachiman realizes this and gets nervous telling her that he wants to think it through. Yui agrees to wait for him with a smile on her face. Yui is hitting Hachiman while they're having a chit-chat with each other. At the cultural festival, Yui shows that she doesn't seem to mind others criticizing her for being with Hachiman and freely hangs out with him more than before. She even gave the cold shoulder to Tobe, who bad mouthed him in the Service Club in times of his request.

Oregairu - teacher bridge scene

During the field trip, she spent more time with Hachiman than other members of her group. In Episode 5 of season 2, after Hachiman successfully kept the Service Club intact with Iroha being the Student Council president, she affectionately strokes his hair, while hinting that instead of being just simply being fond of him or liking him, she may truly be in love with him.

Later in the series, Yui requested to walk to the clubroom together with Hachiman everyday after class making it one of their routines. Yui jealous of Hachiman's close association with Yukino During the pre-valentine collaboration event, when Kaori asked Hachiman for his help and questioned if she ever gave him valentine chocolate, Yui's jealous reaction can be seen at this question.

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Yui also gave him chocolate and was annoyed as he seemed to prepare for the worse but Yukino revealed she helped out. When Yukino and Hachiman talk, Yui can be seen in the background with a jealous expression because of their closeness. However, while on an outing with the two, Yui indirectly proclaims to both Hachiman and Yukino that she will be the one who wins him over. Edit Yui hugging Yukino In their first meeting, Yui was greatly amazed by Yukino's straightforward attitude and brutal honesty even if it did hurt her a bit.

Yukino was put off about being praised even though harshly spoke to Yui. Yui stated she usually had an inability to deal with issues by herself, often aspired to be like others until Yukino changed her way of thinking.