Dixon and silver relationship 90210 characters

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dixon and silver relationship 90210 characters

Yes, the final episode of '' brought some much-needed closure for our favorite Beverly Hills residents — though one character wasn't. They completely ruined Liam's character through his relationship with Annie. . Naomi deserved to be with max and Dixon and silver together. Ethan Ward is a main character in Season 1 of CW teen soap . he is not in a relationship, in his last scene he kisses Silver knowing she is dating Dixon.

So what does Ade do? Steals them and plays them off as her own and, of course, they instantly become popular. Ivy marries a dying Raj Season 3, "To the Future! When his diagnosis gets worse, Ivy says she's in it for the long haul, so Raj proposes and they get married in an extravagant Indian ceremony on the beach. They later break up and Raj ultimately dies. Annie becomes a prostitute Season 4, "Greek Tragedy" When Annie is struggling to pay her sorority dues, a friendly sister invites her to come out and dine with rich friends.

Turns out the friends are paying for their company. While disgusted at first, Annie realizes that she can now pay her dues and have money to spare. Her next escort date becomes a "boyfriend," and even though Annie discovers that he's cheating on her, she continues the "relationship" to pay for Dixon's rehab. Scoop on 39 season enders Navid goes undercover in his uncle's car theft ring Season 4, "Benefit of the Doubt" Navid finds out that his uncle Amal is actually operating a car theft ring at Shirazi Studios and threatens Silver when Navid says that he's going to rat him out.

Because of lack of evidence, Navid goes undercover for the cops, but he is beaten up in the process and gets hospitalized. Silver later gets Navid's dad to return from hiding due to filming underage pornography and turn himself and Amal in. Silver dates the adoptive father of Adrianna's biological daughter Season 4, "Trust, Truth and Traffic" What are the chances that Silver's new boyfriend has a daughter who also happens to be Maisy, the girl Adrianna gave up for adoption?

After Navid realizes this, he tells Ade, who pretends to be Silver and picks her up from school so she can spend time with her. Greg Niall Matterthe guy Silver Jessica Stroup is dating, recognizes Adrianna when she and Silver bring her home and is furious that she got involved and breaks up with Silver.

Dixon ends up in a wheelchair Season 4, "Forever Hold Your Peace" In an effort to reconcile with Adrianna before she leaves for her tour, Dixon hitches a ride back to town but is sideswiped by a massive truck. Dixon is in the hospital at the start of the following season and soon recovers enough to leave in a wheelchair.

dixon and silver relationship 90210 characters

During a therapy session, he connects with a girl named Meghan Jessica Parker Kennedywho's mourning the loss of her father. Dixon realizes that her dad was the truck driver who hit him. The two end up dating briefly, and Dixon is able to walk again. Has your favorite show been renewed? Check our scorecard While Annie gets Liam free, Vanessa fights off Ashley, but before the police arrives, Annie jumps in to stop Ashley from shooting Vanessa and gets shot herself.

Silver uses a gestational carrier to have a baby with her gay best friend Season 5, Episode " realness" After learning that she has the cancer gene, Silver decides to have a baby before it's too late. Her gay best friend Teddy Trevor Donovanwhom she previously dated, agrees to be the father, but under the condition she uses a surrogate. Teddy's boyfriend's sister Michaela Lyndon Smithwho also had a one-night stand with Navid Silver's ex. Unfortunately, Michaela suffers a miscarriage.

The two break up, but after witnessing how happy Annie is about Dixon's recovery, Riley decides to undergo experimental surgery. When Annie wakes up from her coma see: He's already had the surgery, but is recovering just fine in the hospital. She receives a text from Ethan, who now lives in Montana. Silver and Naomi decide to play tennis so Naomi can meet a guy named Teddy.

The three finally meet when Naomi "accidentally" hits Teddy with her tennis ball. Teddy tries to flirt with both Silver and Naomi, to which Silver responds uninterestedly, intriguing Feddy. Silver then takes a walk across the beach with Dixon and they share a kiss.

However, Silver unknowingly drops her cellphone which is later found by Teddy. Teddy returns the cellphone to Silver but not before reading the text messages from Ethan. Teddy later shares the message from Ethan with Dixon.

The text states that Ethan doesn't regret the kiss that he shared with Silver. This causes Dixon to break up with Silver because he's hurt, having found out that she kissed Ethan and texted him behind his back. Silver begins to feel the growing pressure of her studies, private life, and taking care of her mother. Teddy later tries to talk to her and comfort her about her mom since he had the same experience himself.

The two grow closer and become good friends. Just as Silver and her mother are finally catching up with each other, Jackie suffers a cardiac arrest and ends up being confined to the hospital.

Silver tries talking to her sister, Kelly, to try and persuade her to forgive their dying mother but to no avail. In the next episode, however, Silver finally convinces Kelly to talk to their mother and the three finally reconcile.

Sadly, Jackie dies just afterwards, and Silver becomes depressed after her mom's funeral. Teddy sends her flowers as a condolence gift because he didn't attend the funeral. Silver later approaches Teddy on the rooftop and sees him playing Tennis alone, she asks him if he's okay and he responds by saying that he has been a coward.

He apologizes for not being there for her, to which Silver responds by hugging him and reassuring him that this is not true. The two share a kiss but snap out of it, agreeing to treat it as nothing but a careless move.

After the kiss, Teddy seems to take his interest in Silver to a new level; He tries to get her to go with him to the Winter Wonderland Dance but is turned down. In a second attempt to win her over, Teddy makes a video of himself saying that he quits his playboy days and only wants to date Silver; the video is broadcast to the whole school.

Teddy again asks Silver to go out with him, but is turned down.

dixon and silver relationship 90210 characters

However, Teddy eventually gets her to dance with him as friends, but suddenly surprises her with a kiss. Silver is shocked by this sudden advance and goes back to Naomi. Naomi gives Silver advice and tells her to take a chance with Teddy as he seems to be really into her. Silver listens to her friend and decides to give it a try, but later sees Teddy with another girl, not knowing it's his sister, Silver thinks Teddy has returned to his playboy ways.

Dixon later approaches Silver and she asks him about the girl, since Dixon was with Teddy earlier that night. Dixon deliberately lies, leaving Silver to believe that Teddy still behaves like a playboy. Silver feels vulnerable and allows Dixon to kiss her, but this is witnessed by Teddy. After a short vacation, Dixon approaches Silver and asks if she will get back together with him.

However, Silver rejects him gently and tells him that she just doesn't feel that way about him anymore but that she wants him to stay in her life as friends.

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Dixon agrees and they hangout together, as they have lunch Teddy's sister approaches them and tells Silver that she made the wrong decision by not giving Teddy a chance. By approaching Silver, Teddy's sister subsequently reveals that Dixon knew all along who she was. This causes a strain in Silver and Dixon's friendship. Finally, After much persuasion and misunderstandings, Teddy and Silver finally get together as a couple. Unfortunately, Teddy's father goes to see Silver and bribes her to break up with him because he feels Teddy's tennis career is suffering due to their relationship.

Silver refuses to take the bribe, but starts thinking about what his father said. After thinking it through thoroughly, Silver decides that it is in Teddy's best interests for them to break up. In the season finale, Silver tells him she is sorry and that she loves him, resulting in their reconciliation. In season 3, Teddy and Silver break up due to his drinking habits, this hits Silver particularly hard because of her late mother's history of alcoholism.

Cannon's interest in Silver. Silver even goes undercover as a porn star in order to help Navid investigate. As she gets to know Navid, she realizes what a great guy he is and slowly starts to develop more romantic feelings for him, this is particularly encouraged by his recent relationship problems with Adrianna. Silver and Navid almost kiss and they begin to accept that there is something more between them.

In 'The Best L'eid Plans', it becomes apparent that Silver's feelings for Navid have grown stronger, when they spend the night in her room talking about his father.

When Navid and his current girlfriend, Adrianna, have an argument, Silver seems relieved to hear it and hesitates but agrees when Adrianna asks her for help to fix Adrianna's and Navid's relationship by helping her plan something special. As Silver takes Navid away from the party, he confesses that he has feelings for her, but the moment is interrupted by Adrianna and Silver is left disappointed. In the episode Holiday Madness, when Navid confronts her in school, before he has a chance to explain what he feels and how he has no feelings for Adrianna anymore, she stops him from saying too much and tells him that it is because they have been spending too much time together and so they should keep their distance.

Everything seems to be going well until Silver attends the sleepover at Adrianna's new house but only Silver and Navid are able to attend. The tension becomes apparent when Silver, Navid and Adrianna are to spend one night together. As Adrianna sleeps, Silver and Navid are unable to and so they run into each other in the hallway.

There, Navid brings up the feelings he has for Silver again and he asks her if what he feels is all in his head. Silver says 'yes' but does not look him the eyes, making it obvious that she does not believe that. As Navid steps closer to her and asks her if she doesn't feel anything for him, the moment is interrupted by Adrianna, again. Later on at Adrianna's Christmas party, Silver finds Navid alone and as he apologizes for ruining their friendship for feelings that he "thinks" he has for her, Silver finally admits that she does have feelings for him and he kisses her.

Mr Cannon then holds Silver and Naomi hostage, but they eventually tie him to the chair. Cannon and nearly kills him with his knife that he threatened to kill her with. But Naomi breaks down with Silver. They call the police and Mr. Later on, Adrianna finds out about Silver and Navid. When Adrianna pretends to think it was one of Navid's ex-girlfriends, she tells Silver she is going to send a nude picture of her to the entire school. Silver stops her and comes clean that she is the one Navid was cheating with and that they are in a relationship.

Adrianna then tells her she knows, and she texts a nude picture of Silver to the entire school. Silver and Adrianna go back and forth playing mean pranks before they appear to reconcile, but Adrianna switches Silver's medication for bipolar disorder. She then begins to behave strangely: After receiving some distressing news about NYU, Silver has an emotional breakdown, causing Navid and Dixon to stage an intervention to make her go to a mental hospital. While Silver is in the hospital, Adrianna takes the opportunity to get close to Navid by getting him drunk and telling him that they kissed.

When Navid continues to reject her, Adrianna tells Silver that Navid kissed her, effectively breaking them up. Fortunately, Silver finally discovers the truth during Ivy's bachelorette party when her medication falls out of Adrianna's purse. Adrianna is rejected by the group and Navid and Silver reconcile. Season 4[ edit ] In the season four opener, Silver is still mad with Adrianna and takes it out on Navid and his sister, Leila.

Whilst at Naomi's party, Adrianna shows up with Leila and tries to apologize to Silver, but she told her that she would never forgive her. Silver revealed she was almost going to kill herself, due to Adrianna messing with her medication. Later, Silver finds Teddy at the party and gives him advice on how to tell his family that he is gay. In "Rush Hour", when Navid's sister was missing, Silver told Navid to stay calm, that eventually she will come back.

She used to do this when she lived with her alcoholic mother, Jackie. At the end Leila is found and the kidnapped story was fake by her and a tattoo guy she met. In Let the Games Begin, Silver wanted to gain experience for her film career and decided to shoot a commercial for Liam's bar, which resulted in a big hit when a lot of people showed to attend the bar opening.

In Party Politics, Silver has the opportunity to create campaign videos for political candidate Marissa Harris-Young, who is running for public office against Teddy's uncle Charles. Navid confides in Silver about his uncle blackmailing him and refuses to let her help him out. Later on that night, she tells him she needs some space and stays with Naomi.

Silver asks Annie to babysit Lelia so she can have time alone with Navid. Silver has the opportunity to create campaign videos for political candidate Marissa Harris-Young, who is running for public office against Teddy's uncle Charles.

When Naomi makes a fundraising event for Raj, Silver helps by being the host and Navid shows up again telling her that he is done with his uncle and Silver supports him until Navid leaves without telling her.

She starts feeling that she cannot trust him again. While working on the Marissa campaign she talks to a woman who appears in one of Marissa video where she help people and the woman tells her that she is an actress and was paid to say that. A few weeks later, Naomi invites everyone to Vegas but Silver has some troubles due to her job with Marissa. She later sees Navid kissing another woman. Silver films Teddy's wedding with her camera, and the next day when they were leaving Marissa calls Silver asking her about some videos she needs but Silver sends her Teddy's wedding by mistake along with the work videos.

Silver later finds out that the video has been leaked and Teddy immediately blames Shane. Silver realizes she accidentally sent the video to Marrissa and that Marrissa is the one who leaked the video to gain votes.

dixon and silver relationship 90210 characters

In "Smoked Turkey" Silver is with Naomi and Annie, they are buying a drink because of the hot weather. Silver says she has no interest in getting back together with Navid. Silver meets a man name Greg Davis when he asks her for a flier for a food drive at college.

Greg is a teacher at CU. At Naomi's house, Silver is in the kitchen with Annie, she hears the ringtone Annie had previously set for Patrick. Silver asks Annie "Is that Patrick's ringtone? Annie tells Silver to stop worrying about her because she and Patrick are no longer together. Silver then leaves to go to the food drive.

At Student union, Greg approaches Silver again, they talk to each other about the food drive. Silver asks Greg if he would like to go with her friend Annie on date at Naomi's house. Greg accepts Silver's kind invitation.

At Naomi's house, Silver introduces Annie and Greg, hoping to set them up, when Annie becomes reluctant. Silver apologizes and hopes she is not overstepping but she want Annie to have a nice man in her life because she deserves it.

Annie says thanks but Greg is clearly here for Silver. Ivy assumes Greg is Silver's date. When the police evacuate the house due to the brush fire accidentally started by Naomi. Silver kisses Greg when he says he will be going home and that he will call her for a next date. When Silver arrives Liam's Bar, she hear guys say something to pick on Teddy about gay. She comes to Teddy and tells him that she is very sorry about this.

Teddy tells her that he will get a job in London which surprises Silver. When Navid got the window stuck, he asks Silver to close the window because she lived there before. When Silver arrives there, she attempts close the window but it still stuck and Navid tries to help. It closes abruptly which causes Siver to fall onto the bed with Navid. At the fashion showSilver is there with Shane, showing her support to Naomi, and she spots a friend named Ronnie.

When Navid sees Silver with Ronnie, he thinks Silver is dating him but later finds out Ronnie is gay. Silver sees Navid talk with Ronnie then she then proceeds to yell at Navid for not moving on.