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Please mail letter by March 14, detailing background/ experience to: The every light replaced, Vaughan would donate $1 to BBBS and he challenged Garton to match it. . SILVERADO DOUBLE CAB TRUE NORTH EDITION . ranchuck as Dragon, and Josh Cushnie as Lord Farquad. See what Dara (daraaabernat) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's Dara is pinning about Monica bellucci, Salmon, Christmas decor, Picnics, Silverado sage/Shiplap for kitchen cupboards. . Golden Happy New Year ~. .. It's surprising how easy it is to elevate your tailgate with just a couple of tips and a few p. Lifted Chevy - Black Widow Edition from Southern Comfort Fuel Wheels and Rims Gmc Trucks. Gmc TrucksLifted Chevy TrucksJeep TruckPickup Trucks Diesel.

I parked directly in front of the business I wanted to go into but I needed change for the meter. In fact, on the door, they actually had a sign saying they are happy to give change for parking. After making my purchase, I went directly to city hall to challenge this ticket, bringing with me a written statement from the store indicating that I was asking for meter change.

I was informed in an e-mail the next day that I had to pay the fine and that if I wanted to pursue this matter further, I could attend one of the monthly adjudication hearings. If I was successful at adjudication, the ticket would be cancelled. For a start, the authorities came down again, like Big Daddy, saying, "We will do this for you.

He also includes a veiled threat to put in the water system anyway. So then we would no doubt have to pay for it. Thanks a lot Eric. Many of our voters have lived their lives struggling to pay their living expenses. Getting approbation from your neighbours at such a high cost to your taxpayer family stinks.

And, they had the gall to brag about it as a significant accomplishment of their term of office? My hope is that our newly elected Vernon politicos will think Vernon family first and not knuckle under as their predecessors have.

Vernon has sufficient votes as of the last census to prevail at Greater Vernon, providing Vernon elected officials exercise them in the interest of Vernon ratepayers. Are these votes not meant to be used for the benefit of Vernon taxpayers? My fingers are crossed that those newly elected will care less about what the neighbours think and more about what is best for Vernon.

Our past council has shown a willingness to kowtow to our neighbours instead of standing up for Vernon. That has proven to be very costly. Buying conviviality with your neighbours at any price gets us in Vernon saddled with a master parks plan that is less than masterful.

Incoming mayor and council, kindly take note and act accordingly. Being neighbourly is a nice thing to do but when push comes to shove, as it has and will continue to do so, kindly remember where your constituents' best interests lie. Jim Bodkin make sense, and if we used more water from our lakes, we would not have the usual run off problems of muddy surface water from the creek. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers.

Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent to B. BoxLadysmith, B. For information, phone or go to www. The Regional District Board consists of 12 voting members representing the two electoral areas and participating municipalities.

The Westbank First Nation is represented with a non-voting member. Regional Board and governance and services committee meetings The Regional Board has approved its schedule of meetings forincluding 12 meetings of the Governance and Services Committee. The Financial Plan will be considered for final approval at a public meeting starting at 9: The only other time I saw that done because of news content was the last time I did it back in the early 90s when I was running the Barrhaven Independent.

It was a similar circumstance news wise with stories that deserved prominence. Also, similar was it was independently owned. You simply would never see a corporation give up a revenue opportunity like a back page in place of poor old content. First, the situation with the 30 or so tenants being evicted, or an attempt at it anyways, from Main St. The tenants are looking for places to move as quickly as possible and things are happening to make their situation more difficult on a day-to-day basis to ensure as hasty a move as possible.

But the whole thing could have achieved the same result just by following a simple process of proper notice and order. Rex and his wife stay busy from sun up to sundown moving things around and throwing out dead plants.

He has had the boiler looked at. The technician said it is not repairable. He spent a day in the front portion of the greenhouse cutting out the areas of pipe which split when water froze and welded in new pipe.

That was incredibly generous. Many people I spoke to also want to know how they can help this man rebuild his life. We may be organizing an event of some kind, but if you know of people with a greenhouse, some product to help him rebuild his business would be good.

He really wants nothing except for Niagara Peninsula Energy to step up and realize cutting off his power was not right and to compensate. If you have any ideas or want to get involved in helping out Rex, give my cell a call at any time. In the final analysis, the proposed Tim Hortons is simply too large for the site By accepting a strip of land along Ontario Street for the purpose of the gateway, the developer is permitted to have its frontage for the site along Alyssa Ave the John St.

This eliminates many Letters to the Editor setbacks, but not all issues related to the drivethru. The irony of this strategy is that the Town is NOT allowing the construction of the gateway itself be placed on the small strip of donated land.

Understand that a wall in nearly the same spot was initially proposed and required for the exact same reasons. One must ask why would the Town be willing do this? Will the drive-thru proposal make it back to Council for a vote?

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John Marinelli Reader praises local business for being helpful and honest Dear Editor, Grimsby is lucky to have great local service providers. Hello Mike, I had an experience this week that I wanted to share with you. I recently moved from the Grimsby area to St. Catharines where I used a trusted mechanic for years. Recently, I was in the Welland area on a sales call I sell dental equipment.

Couple, homeless man charged in alleged scam

As I cautiously drove it became louder and more intense or so it seemed. Catharines on the highway — so I pulled into a shop to see if they would investigate and advise whether I could make it home or not. The service manager immediately took my vehicle for a drive to listen to the noise I described. When he returned he pulled it right into the shop and put it up on the hoist.

Five minutes later he returned to say I needed new struts. He told me that Ford recommends changing them at ,kms and I am at ,kms. He was kind enough not to charge me for the inspection. I drove away and immediately called my mechanic in Grimsby Noel Pendlebury at Clausens. He said to come right over and he would take a look.