Boo radley and scout relationship counseling

To Kill a Mockingbird - Analysis - Dramatica

boo radley and scout relationship counseling

The main characters in To Kill a Mockingbird are Atticus Finch, Scout and can be relied upon to offer them sensible words of advice when Atticus is not present. our relationship, but Jem and Dill drove me closer to her with their behaviour. Scout and Boo Radley's Relationship. To Kill A Mockingbird Controlled Assessment. by. Lucy Smith. on 24 August Comments (0). Please log in to add. The relationship between Scout and Boo develops as she matures. At the beginning of the story, Boo is simply a frightening mythical being who does not really.

Scout and Boo Radley's Relationship by Lucy Smith on Prezi

Cares for Scout and Jem How do we know this? Miss Maudie always has time for the children and is willing to listen to what they say and engage in conversation with them. She listens to their opinions, invites them into her garden and bakes cakes for them to eat. Analysis Scout is outlining here how generous she feels Miss Maudie is being towards her and Jem. Although she comments that they do not like to talk to Miss Maudie too much in order to keep their relationship a friendly one, this changes as the novel develops and Scout and Jem mature.

When Scout feels that Jem and Dill are playing games she does not wish to become involved with she grows even closer to Miss Maudie. At times, Miss Maudie seems like a surrogate mother to Scout as they talk together about serious issues such as the trial. Witty How do we know this? Miss Maudie is never afraid to speak her mind and can be witty when she is making sure that she is making her opinion clear to others.

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Mrs Merriweather has been subtly criticising Atticus for being misguided in defending Tom Robinson. One further area of prejudice is She observes behavior that quite often bewilders her, but as she goes through a series of maturing experiences, she begins to comprehend that not all people act or believe as she has been raised to, and tolerance and respect for these differences are important.

Interpretation Main Character Issue As astute as Scout is in collecting sensory perceptions, she lacks the maturity to fully interpret what she sees or hears.

boo radley and scout relationship counseling

Aunt Alexandra had spoken. I was reminded vividly of the last time she had put her foot down. I never knew why. I might as well have wanted to see the other side of the moon.

boo radley and scout relationship counseling

For example, as a little girl, she looked at the written word long before she understood what the symbols meant: Senses Scout is a highly sensitive child.

Her ears and eyes are wide open but because of her age, Scout cannot render true meaning from all she observes. As she acquires more learning experiences, she becomes more adept at understanding what is really going on below her surface observations. For example, Atticus must correctly interpret for Scout the confusing incidents of her first day of school, yet much later on she is able to read Mr. Tom was a dead man the minute Mayella Ewell opened her mouth and screamed. This creates problems for her when she is confronted with what she feels is an unfair situation, ranging from Calpurnia scolding her to the racist attitudes of the townspeople.

boo radley and scout relationship counseling

Chaos Main Character Response When Scout is faced with an unfair situation, she deals with it head on. When she is faced with random change that she cannot make sense out of, she becomes withdrawn.

She reassures Atticus that not putting Boo on trial is the right and just decision: Atticus sat looking at the floor for a long time.

Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird: Character, Analysis & Quotes

Finally he raised his head. Ewell fell on his knife. Can you possibly understand? Obtaining Main Character Benchmark Each time Scout goes through a new learning experience, she achieves more of an understanding of her world and the different people who populate it. As an example, although she initially believed Mrs. Dubose to be a vindictive and mean woman, Scout learns how courageous the old lady was when she learns from her father of her bitter fight to overcome morphine addiction: Dubose won… Lee,p.

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Scout struggles to understand the complex issues of social prejudice: Main Character Backstory Scout was born into a household where treating people fairly is paramount. It is because of this she is able to recognize when an injustice is done, to her or to someone else: Keeping Boo hidden away creates a mystique fueled by ignorance and fear to surround Boo, serving to undermine his efforts to function in the outside world, and especially to make friends with the neighborhood children.

Conceptualizing Influence Character Concern In order to make friends with the children without frightening them, Boo comes up with the idea of leaving them gifts in a tree. He is a recluse, and the implication is that is it is not by his own choice.

He makes several attempts to alleviate his lonely state by trying to befriend the children. He eventually is able to make a positive impact on the children; they come to understand he is not a monster, and the circumstances surrounding his life were and are beyond his control. Situation A reasonable evaluation of Maycomb finds Boo Radley as only one of its many eccentrics. Influence Character Thematic Conflict Circumstances vs.

boo radley and scout relationship counseling

As an example, after discovering Boo has been putting gifts in a tree for Scout and Jem, Nathan Radley fills the knot-hole with cement to stop him from continuing.

Projection Influence Character Symptom The probability that Scout will never meet Boo is a problem for her, as she will never learn to accept him until she does: But I still looked for him each time I went by. Maybe someday we would see him…It was only a fantasy. We would never see him. He probably did go out when the moon was down and gaze at Miss Stephanie Crawford.

He would never gaze at us. These circumstances result in Scout, in her own home, to literally confront her personal problem-the man she has prejudiced herself against. As no-one can see or hear him, his efforts at making friends are blocked. Becoming Influence Character Benchmark As Boo overcomes his shyness toward the children he is able to envision ways to make friends with them.

Influence Character Throughline Synopsis As a young boy Boo Radley fell in with the wrong crowd causing his father to shut him away in their home.