Boity and casspers relationship counseling

I'm broke, I can't bless women, says Cassper Nyovest

boity and casspers relationship counseling

Nov 19, Cassper Nyovest and Boity on Baecation bellanaija . has found herself in writing and counselling fueled by a wide range of experiences. Following his December split from Boity, Cassper took to Snapchat to share a bit about why his relationships don't always work out – and it's all. Although neither came out and said it, Cassper Nyovest has a line in many men that pretty much confirmed that his relationship with Boity Thulo is one in a.

Cassper and Boity live it up on their baecation

Who is your favourite local and international model and why? Joelle Kayembe duh LOL! That lady is like the perfect combination of what makes for a Goddess. What more can I say? And locally it would definitely be the beautiful, flawless, strong, inspiring African lady -LeratoMoloi. The shows you present are very informative and are youth orientated. Do you choose the shows you want to present regarding that fact?

And what did you learn from the experience? Media Career Guide is an educational show aimed at giving viewers key insight on media careers.

AKA Twitter Interview ABout Boity, Nasty C, Cassper Nyovest And More! - Hip Hop Hub

My role includes interviewing industry experts on how they got into the media industry, going behind the scenes and providing insightful advice on how to make it in the world of film, television, radio and music industry.

Presenting on MCG, I met all kinds of people — from the greats to those who were doing an amazing job at making their dreams come true.

It has been an incredible experience. Which one is your favourite between modelling, presenting and acting? That will forever be my first love. Which career would you have pursued if you were not in the entertainment industry?

Criminal Psychology, a serial killer profiler to be exact. The idea fascinates the sanity out of me. It means endless opportunities. Having to work the hardest. Constantly having to prove you are worthy of a lot of things.

But all in all — in genuinely just means being one of the most beautiful creations on this earth. Do you think young people are actively involved in youth development? From what I have seen in that regard, I meet more and more responsible young people who are determined and focused. If so, tell us about it? I know, party pooper hahahah. What is your biggest achievement so far? My biggest achievement thus far is actually having worked my way to being where I am today.

Having held on to a dream and worked still working to achieve it and believing in my ability to turn the dream into a reality — that has to be my biggest achievement thus far. I can never answer these questions. I am not a long term planner but I know where I would like to be in those years to come — A brilliant, international actress with a happy, satisfied heart and enough love to get me through every day.

What do you do for fun? I think that is going to change with time and with the growth of my career… LOL… But at the moment, my dream car is just having a car to begin with.

boity and casspers relationship counseling

What kind of music are you listening to at the moment? Kind of like… feeding the soul.

boity and casspers relationship counseling

I listen to Donny Hathaway religiously. He is the love of my life.

Boity and Cassper mum on split rumours

Oh yes — how dare I forget the incredible Adele! All over the place! What book are you reading at the moment? Have almost all his books. Who and what inspires you? My mother — The strongest, most beautiful woman I know. And the idea of having my dreams come true inspires me to keep on keeping on.

What advice do you have for other aspiring young models? Well, this is the advice I give to everyone for whatever it is they wish to achieve: Surround yourself with people who believe in your dream and are willing to do whatever it takes to assist in making that dream for you.

Assist God and the universe and take the necessary steps to making it happen. Speak your hopes and dreams into the world. And lastly — recognize, understand, appreciate your worth. Frequently asked questions about Boity Boity Thulo father?

Boity Thulo married —Boitumelo Thulo is currently not married as she stated that she is very single and in no mood for a relationship. Boity Thulo net worth? Would you ever consider leaving SA if you got a deal offer from the US. Tweezy sent that song to me for me to use it. Kwesta needed a feature. I put two and two together. When did you start rapping I started rapping when I was 14years old. You refer to lean a lot in your music. Do you actually indulge? I used to … Not really anymore Do you remeber your 1st paid Gig??

I got paid R I remember you saying that a woman without ambition is a turnoff but what if you truly love her? Yes Do you think Nasty C is a threat? NO You have won many awards which one means a lot more than the rest? Take care of them kids … Do you get nervous before performance or? I never get nervous.

Cassper Nyovest reminisces about his relationship with Boity Thulo

Anxious to get on stage Will you ever go on snapchat? How did you feel seeing Cassper Nyovest achieving all your dreams The same way you feel about being a dickhead. What did happen to 50 that would make niggas ask what happened to Riky?

Can you speak Afrikaans fluently? Not comfortably or fluently ….

boity and casspers relationship counseling

Congratulate was about K K. DOT over Cole any day of the week.