Alpha male and beta female relationship logic

alpha male and beta female relationship logic

Most of the people who are talking about “Beta Males” and being “alpha” don't Women, just like men, want a real connection, with real intimacy and real love. guys will get the “good girls” they keep looking for if they follow the Alpha logic. Jun 14, The Alpha Code: The alpha male does not cheat on a beta female but is free to implement the positive tension model in the pickup phase and in relationship. However, alpha males usually regard beta females as either silly or crazy and not worthy of respect, producing a dysfunctional relationship and divorce.

The two options would result in him either being more alpha or appearing more alpha. However, this would be negative for the female side of the equation, as their dualistic sexual strategy depends on having both genetically fit alpha genetics and provisionally fit beta genetics for maximum optimization.

If he appears more alpha, this may lead to a woman engaging in her short-term sexual strategy with him on false pretense. In essence, it becomes more difficult for her to differentiate between real alphas and pretender alphas.

If a large group of men started becoming more alpha, this may compromise her long-term sexual strategy and ability to find a provider male.

Yes or No debate: Should Alpha women marry Beta men?

Women need and want both Beta males and Alpha males within the sexual market place, in fact its a requirement for their sexual strategy. Thus, beta game becomes encouraged to some extent, through cognitive bias. Thus, the failure of his beta game is not attributed to himself, or the approach, but to the woman. Alpha game can and often is driven by logos, it has a goal, it follows a straight line of reasoning, but it is not communicated as such.

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In alpha game, Ethos and Pathos are used to their full extent and full value. Pathos is employed to tailor the approach to female psychological triggers, such as dread game, negs, demonstrating self-confidence, poise and an abundance mindset.

alpha male and beta female relationship logic

The Alpha reverses the position, where he is now the buyer and the women are trying to sell to him. If one contrasts Alpha game and Beta game, the former communicates covertly, the former does so overtly. The major difference between Alpha game and Beta game, comes in what they trigger, and how they trigger it.

Summary and Conclusions From the perspective of evolutionary psychology and biology, the dualistic sexual strategy of women makes sense, from a risk vs reward perspective. A woman who got saddled with offspring that has inferior genetics, has wasted a resource that is very energy intensive, namely a pregnancy.

Then it follows that men should seek to find an optimal composition of Alpha and Beta to maximize mating opportunities.

Do girls like alpha males or beta males?

Thus, it follows that these traits most likely exist on a scale, rather than as binary choices. Therefore, a man can train himself to be more alpha or less beta, or adopt more beta and less alpha traits.

In fact, this is one of the cardinal principles of the manosphere, that men can become alpha through self-improvement. These tendencies appear to form a sort of reflexivity, wherein already alpha men tend to become more alpha, and already beta men tend to become more beta. This takes a form wherein their default response is in line with their existing place on the scale.

Yes or No debate: Should Alpha women marry Beta men? -

Beta males respond to challenge with doubling down on beta, and the alpha responds by becoming more alpha. Thus the differences between the two are magnified. So, assuming that alpha and beta are on a scale, rather than as a dichotomy, it follows that once we identify alpha and beta traits, it would be possible to graph these as well along similar lines. This is the millionth time in the manosphere where someone seeks to define alpha.

So, to arrive at a suitable jumping off point for the dataset, I figured I would consult the Three Rs, Rollo, Roissy and Roosh, for their observations. However, from the table, one can see certain descriptors of the behaviors in question and that they overlap. This made me wonder if there was a model that perhaps could be used to catalogue these traits.

alpha male and beta female relationship logic

The Big 5 personality inventory outlines 5 major traits, openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. Within this model, those who score low on extroversion tend to be loners, quiet, passive and reserved, whereas those who score high are joiners, talkative, active and affectionate.

Within the constraints of the Alpha-Beta scale, one this appears to correlate less with the traits outlined in the table. A frequent lack in assertiveness with women, among Beta males is one that sticks out. Openness to experience, is another category of traits that may not overly strongly correlate either way as both types of man may be open to different kinds of experience. Where the first major difference appears to manifest is in the category of Agreeableness, which contains among others modesty, sympathy, empathy, trust, and altruism, in which beta males appear to score much higher than Alpha males.

Appeasement, entering the frame of another, supplicating, asking permission, and self-depreciation all fall within this category as tools that promote in group cohesion and maintains social pleasantness.

alpha male and beta female relationship logic

A second category that presents major differences is that of neuroticism, which contains among others emotional reactivity and emotional affect. People who score high in neuroticism often experience feelings of anger, anxiety and depression. They also appear more self-conscious and vulnerable. This appears to fit with the beta traits listed as avoiding risk, various fears, and deference.

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It also appears to corelate negatively with the alpha traits aloofness, narcissism, confidence. The final category, conscientiousness, is described as containing the traits of self-efficacy, orderliness, dutifulness, achievement striving, self-discipline and cautiousness. His wife-to-be has already started talking about leaving her job and becoming a stay-at-home wife to our pal. As friends do, we went straight to our judging place when we heard this.

And 'What sort of a modern man is happy to enter into this kind of unbalanced arrangement?

alpha male and beta female relationship logic

If you were a hard-working Alpha male, would you choose your natural equal — the brainy, stressed-out woman with her own high-octane career to worry about — or would you opt for the gorgeous carefree woman who has spent the day making a beautiful cocoon for you to return to after a trying day at work, even if you were ultimately paying her to do so? When she put it like that, I was almost tempted to propose to this woman myself. But can you imagine the opposite happening — a man deciding to give up work to be a stay-at-home husband to his Alpha wife?

The pairing off of Alpha males with Beta females is a long-established dynamic, but it hasn't traditionally been as successful the other way around.

There are famous examples, of course, Margaret and Denis Thatcher being the most cited. Dr Rhodes says Beta men are more supportive and less threatened than their Alpha counterparts when in relationships with Alpha women. I did Dr Rhodes' personality test, just for fun, and scored as 'exceedingly dominant', also known as Alpha. Her test advised me to 'soften' my character by developing my Beta side and suggested that I should be with a 'high Beta' type partner, albeit one with a 'mid-dose of Alpha' in order to avoid constant power struggles.

alpha male and beta female relationship logic

The trouble is, Alpha women tend to be attracted to Alpha men. Personally, despite hoary old sayings like 'opposites attract', I believe that the more equal and alike you are in your relationship, the more likely you are to be happy in your relationship. If one person is more dependent or reliant on the other, it can skew the relationship by setting up an unfair balance of power.

This is often necessary when raising children but equally hiring a decent childminder and cleaner statistically women do more housework than men can address these problems. This is certainly not meant to come across as some sort of imperialist argument for pairing off like with like. I'm not even sure I agree with the rating system of Alpha, Beta, and so on.