Will and grace hospital scene from meet

"The Hospital Show"

will and grace hospital scene from meet

Nov 5, The Will & Grace revival finally gives Megan Mullally a chance to show off her talents In fact, the few scenes Karen does spend mourning her best friend and Karen goes from brief denial in the hospital to full-on rage at her. Jan 18, Flash forward another 18 or so years and Ben and Laila are meet at college, just like their parents. Will and Grace bumped into each other. Sep 20, Jack and Karen are the untamed ids to Will and Grace's egos, the . While they' re in the hospital waiting room, she and Jack take hits of helium to mixed results. . of Will & Grace are not exactly well-regarded, but there's one scene that It's easy to forget that Jack and Karen didn't meet until the second.

Grace goes to give Milo a piece of her mind, and is shocked when he admits to being a playboy and says that he lied to Karen to make her feel better, but she's too old for him. Grace tries to give Karen the news gently. Jack talks Will into joining a gay soccer teamunder the assumption that it will be like a "gay bar on astroturf", but when the team turns out to be serious about the game, Will decides to quit because he's terrible at soccer.

Jack is upset when Elliot decides to quit his own soccer team because he's so bad at the game, so Will decides to stick with it to be a role model for Elliot.

Elliot quits his team anyway, and Will actually has to get off the bench and play when one of his teammates is injured during a game. In a total fluke, while trying to run away from the ball, Will slips and, while falling, kicks the ball backwards into the goal, scoring the winning point for his team. Julie is a massage therapist, and when she gives Grace a free massage, Grace is concerned when she massages a little further south than usual.

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Grace gets Karen to hire Julie to see if that's a normal part of Julie's massage, and when she finds out that it isn't, she asks Julie about it. Julie assures Grace that it's perfectly normal for girlfriends to be physically friendly with each other, and that's all it was, friendly. Grace is reassured, but thrown off-guard when Julie surprises her again during a hug. I met him once a long time ago, and if memory serves, he thinks he's God's gift to gay men.

And if that's true, then God shops at the Newark airport.

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So, where are we taking See, Grace and I have a plan. She's going to call me with some big emergency, and that way I have an out. It's so nice Grace does these things for you. Someday, I hope to have a hag of my very own. How do I look? I'm turned off and repulsed. Ready to get Neiled? You may want to stretch. I know it's been a long time since you've been We'll get there, brown eyes. You're closer than you think. Stan's had a heart attack!

Oh, my gosh, that's terrible. I'll be there as soon as I can. So I think we're going to have to do this another night.

will and grace hospital scene from meet

Stan really is in the I. I'm on my way. And, uh, that gown goes on the other way. This--this friend of mine This is always the worst part about hospitals-- the waiting. Don't like looking at them. Don't like hearing about them. You know, I can't even say the name Ringo because he was a Beatle, and that sounds like needle. Karen's been in with the doctors for the last hour. The next thing I know, he collapses on the floor. You should be in jail.

Gay ferrets to the waiting area. What time did you guys get here? Why is no one talking? Would you calm down? Don't tell me to calm down! Stan Walker is like a father to me. We don't have much news yet. Stan's in the intensive care. Well, what about Karen? I mean, does anybody know how she's doing? I'm sure she's fine. If anybody can deal with this, it's Karen.

It's been 2 hours since I asked for them! Now, you give me Stan's pills at once! I want those pills! Give me my husband's pills! Why don't you guys go on and go home. I can take it from here, ok? Thanks for driving down. Well, we all know who Karen's going to lean on for emotional support.

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The same person she's always leaned on. No offense, chica, but take your cabeza out of your tuchus. If Miss Karen falls apart, you all know who she's gonna come to to pick up the pieces. I don't think she'll be coming to anyone who wears a Members Only jacket. I'm telling you, it's going to be me. You're the last person she'd go to.

Well, next to Will. Ha ha ha ha ha! I am her lawyer. And let's not forget, she came to me when she was having trouble with her marriage. She came to me when she needed to do her will. She even came to me about a drinking problem. The point is, she came to me then, and she will come to me now. Care to make it interesting?

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I have some news about your husband. Give it to me straight, Doc. Am I looking at a future filled with loneliness and memories of better days? Or is Stan gonna die? Walker, the test results came back, and it seems your husband didn't have a heart attack at all-- KAREN: But rather, acute angina.

You've got a lot of nerve, coming on to me while my husband is dying.

will and grace hospital scene from meet

Which is good news for us, but I'm not entirely sure how your friends are gonna react. What are you talking about, Dr. You know, they're out there taking bets to see which one you're going to break down to first. Those pigs are making bets on when I'm gonna turn on the waterworks?

Would you like me to tell your friends the news? Let's wait on that for a little bit. I've got a better idea. Ok, so, just so it's clear. The breakdown must include tears of emotional pain only. Wait a minute, you guys. Are we being gross? No, we're not being gross. Besides, it's either this or 15 hours of reading Highlights magazine. I mean, really, how many times can you find a toaster in a tree?

Come on, are you in or are you out? I mean, we know you're out, but are you in? Can I borrow a ? I'm in for I'm in shock, is what I'm in. You could bet less. How about a little compassion? How about a little selflessness?

I was sure it was gonna be me. I was having fun at the hospital, and now my whole evening is ruined. And now the fun is back. What is that on the table? Is that a needle?

will and grace hospital scene from meet

Is that somebody's needle, just out there in the open? It's a chopstick, you loon. It came with my lunch. I just-- I just wanted you to know that--that if you need to talk or share I'm here for you.

We've been working together for, what, 11 years? Karen, what-- what is it? What do you need? He needs blood for a bypass. I've got-- I've got a very rare blood type. I'm sure it'll be fine. What type do they need? What type do you have? That's the type they need. Stan needs a bypass.

Grace is donating blood. I don't know how she's gonna do it. I forgot, she's terrified of needles. Oh, the poor girl.

So is the bet still on? We don't really know anything yet. They're running some tests. But the doctors feel I need to talk to