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where vietnam and the hood meet

This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic. How Jane Fonda's trip to North Vietnam earned her the nickname just as she had been at Fort Lewis, Wash., Fort Hood, Tex., and Fort Bragg, In Hanoi, Fonda also met with seven American POWs and later said they. Mel Feather, a former U.S. Army staff sergeant who served in the Vietnam War with Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division.

Instead he said that, while the Rhade would not fight for South Vietnam, they would defend their villages and thereby resist Viet Cong control.

where vietnam and the hood meet

The CIA decided to initiate a pilot project to implement Tuttle's ideas. Ambassador Nolting sent the following message to Washington: This may be true. Diem does not organize well, does not delegate sufficient responsibility to his subordinates, and does not appear to know how to cultivate large-scale political support. In my judgment, he is right and sound in his objectives and completely forthright with us.

I think it would be a mistake to seek an alternative to Diem at this time or in the foreseeable future. Our present policy of all-out support to the present government here is, I think, our only feasible alternative. Stilwellsubmitted a report to the Secretary of the Army and Army Chief of Staff stating that the efforts of the Army to develop counterinsurgency strategy had been a "failure to evolve simple and dynamic doctrine.

The report called for the whole Army to take on counterinsurgency as its mission rather than relegating it to Special Forces [44] 18 October General Maxwell Taylor arrived in Saigon as head of a mission sent by President Kennedy to examine the feasibility of U. Presidential Adviser Walter Rostow and General Lansdale, a counterinsurgency expert and friend of President Diem, were among the members of his delegation.

where vietnam and the hood meet

Taylor proposed a new partnership between South Vietnam and the U. These soldiers would permit joint planning of military operations, improved intelligence, increased covert activities, more American advisers, trainers, and special forces, and the introduction of American helicopter and light aircraft squadrons.

where vietnam and the hood meet

Most significantly, they would also "conduct such combat operations as are necessary for self-defense and for the security of the area in which they are stationed. Increased American aid had increased the ability of the Diem government to oppress its people and to inflict damage on the Viet Cong. They derided the assistance the North had provided to the Viet Cong. One Assemblyman, to make the point about oppression in the South, cited statistics gathered by the National Liberation Front that the Diem government had killed 77, people between and and imprisonedpolitical dissidents.

He told President Kennedy to be cautious when contemplating American combat soldiers in Vietnam. Mansfield said, "we cannot hope to substitute armed power for the kind of political and economic social changes that offer the best resistance to communism. The Vietnam problem was not one of repelling overt invasion but of mixing ourselves up in a revolutionary situation with strong anti-colonialist overtones.

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Secretary of State Rusk had reservations because Diem was "a losing horse. The Rhade conditions were that all ARVN attacks against their villages and their neighbors, the Jaraiwould cease, amnesty would be given to all Rhade who had helped the Viet Cong, and the government would provide medical, educational, and agricultural assistance. Buon Enao, in exchange, would create a self-defense force, initially armed only with crossbows and spears, and fortify the village.

If proven successful, the Buon Enao model would be replicated elsewhere in the Central Highlands which constituted most of South Vietnam's area, although had only a small share of its population. This was the beginning of the Civilian Irregular Defense Group program. The initial use of herbicides was to be for clearance of key land routes, but might proceed to the use of herbicides to kill food crops. This was the beginning of Operation Ranch Hand which would defoliate much of Vietnam during the next decade.

The essence of the plan was to win the loyalties of the rural people in the Delta rather than kill Viet Cong. Instead of search and destroy military sweeps by large ARVN forces, Thompson proposed "clear and hold" actions.

Protection of the villages and villages was an ongoing process, not an occasional military sweep. The means of protecting the villages would be " strategic hamlets ", lightly fortified villages in low risk areas. In more insecure areas, especially along the Cambodian border, villages would be more heavily defended or the rural dwellers relocated. Much of the British plan was contrary to American counterinsurgency plans.

Many questioned the view of the Department of Defense that conventional military forces and tactics would defeat the Viet Cong. Air Commandos would have a "second mission of combat operations.

The NSAM also called for South Vietnam to improve its military establishment and mobilize its resources to prosecute the war. Thus, Kennedy stopped short of what many of his advisers, including General Taylor, had advised: The herbicide most used would become known as Agent Orange.

Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara said he would be responsible.

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Kennedy also demanded that Ambassador Nolting in Saigon press Diem to take action to reform his government. He expressed disappointment that the army had not moved more quickly to implement his counterinsurgency proposals, saying, "I want you guys to get with it. I know that the Army is not going to develop in this counterinsurgency field and do the things that I think must be done unless the Army itself wants to do it. South Vietnamese Special Forces were already in the village building a dispensary and a fence around the village, and training a man self-defense force.

The CIA provided rifles and sub-machine guns to the self-defense force. The Buon Enao experiment was a holistic approach to the threat of the insurgency, relying on social and economic programs as well as military measures to create an anti-communist movement among the Montagnard people who traditionally mistrusted Vietnamese of all political persuasions.

where vietnam and the hood meet

He listed three tenets: In closing the meeting McNamara said the job of the U. He and 8 South Vietnamese soldiers were ambushed by the Viet Cong while on patrol. There were approximately 35, communist party members in South Vietnam. They lived at Leavenworth and Ellis, near the restaurant.

But I remember him as a powerful man — we always thought he could move the Earth. Warring in Vietnam continued after the U. There were shortages of everything and long lines for the government-controlled rations, the only food available.

where vietnam and the hood meet

The battered populace fled by sea by the thousands in flimsy, leaky boats, many drowning. It took 10 years. Not that much has changed in the Tenderloin over his 23 years here, John says. The world is moving on without them. I see them every day, and I did as a teenager — the same blank looks back at me. Why are they suffering like this? People long to get out of the crowded, messy conditions, he says, and he does, too.

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If I could, I would have been gone a long time ago. Boniface building on Golden Gate Avenue. Its mission is to help disadvantaged Vietnamese children, and has 20 projects in place. A rate card in the office shows what earmarked donations provide: They work also with Catholic-run orphanages. One of the longest-running programs is aiding pregnant Vietnamese girls. Franciscan Charity supports their decision to keep the baby or give it to an orphanage. Then the charity helps them get on their feet financially.

Any charity in Vietnam comes mainly from the U. He was an only child, but there were shortages of everything. That was my childhood. The census showed 12, Vietnamese living in San Francisco.

The Southeast Asian Community Center he runs was founded in the s by Vietnamese refugees and immigrants to help their countrymen assimilate.

Philip served on the committee overseeing the U. S Census in San Francisco and Alameda counties. A number of the immigrants are monolingual and reclusive.

where the hood and vietnam meet

Still others identified as Chinese. The biggest community in the U. Vietnamese businesses have surged with an estimated — 75 in Little Saigon — amid escalating homelessness in the ever-filthy streets. He sees a serious decline at church where he and Van sing in the member St. Boniface choir for the Sunday afternoon Mass said in Vietnamese.

I feel the population is shrinking. A major stumbling block to the hood for the immigrants has been language. Even those here 10 or more years have trouble, Philip says. Some Saigon families, despite book bans and risking harsh punishments, kept secret libraries. When John had saved enough pennies, he could rent the Jack London stories his father had recommended.

Mangosteen in Little Saigon, Tenderloin.