What episode does inuyasha and kagome meet miroku

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what episode does inuyasha and kagome meet miroku

Fateful Night in Togenkyo Part I is the fifty-seventh episode of the InuYasha anime. When Kagome, Miroku and Shippō began to shrink, the Shikon shards did. The fifth season of the anime series Inuyasha aired in Japan on Animax from May 19, , The season continues the half demon Inuyasha's and the high school girl Kagome Higurashi's journey alongside their friends Shippo, Miroku and Sango Rin is met with the good persona of Suikotsu in a forest, as he brings her. The first season of the anime series Inuyasha aired in Japan on Animax from October 16, , The series follows a half demon Inuyasha's and a high school girl Kagome Higurashi's journey, alongside their friends Shippo, Miroku and Sango to obtain the fragments of the shattered Jewel of Four Souls, a powerful jewel.

The villages go on the attack which manages to distract everyone long enough for Kanna to suck out a lot of Kagome's soul. Inuyasha is severely damaged by the reversed attack when Naraku makes a surprise appearance on the battlefield. Naraku reveals to everyone that Kikyo gave him the large portion of the Shikon Jewel that she took from Kagome during their last encounter.

Everything seems to be going Naraku's way until Kagome fires her arrow at Kanna's mirror. Kagome's power causes the mirror to spill out all the villagers souls and Naraku, Kanna, and Kagura all quickly flee. While everyone rests the next day, Inuyasha wonders why Kikyo would give the shard to Naraku. Tetsusaiga Breaks Inuyasha doesn't have to wonder long about Kikyo's motivations. He sees her soul skimmers appear and Inuyasha follows them despite the fact that he is still trying to recover from being hit by his own Wind Scar attack.

He confronts Kikyo about Naraku and she explains that she plans on killing him.

What episode do InuYasha and Kagome meet Miroku in?

Kikyo departs just as the others arrive and ask Inuyasha what happened. Kagome is frustrated by Inuyasha once again defending Kikyo. Meanwhile Goshinki, Naraku's youngest creation has been unleashed in a village and massacred everyone living there. The group crosses paths with the grostesque monster, but because Goshinki can read minds it is able to dodge the Wind Scar and bite Tetsusaiga in two.

Unexpectedly Inuyasha transforms into a full-blooded demon. With his new power Inuyasha kills Goshinki quickly, but then warns everyone to stay away from him. Inuyasha fears for their safety, but a well timed "Sit!

He takes the head to Kajinbo, an evil, rouge, swordsmith who was once a disciple of Totosai, who forged by the Tetsusaiga and the Tenseiga.

Totosai arrives after discovering that the Tetsusaiga was broken in the battle against Goshinki. He tells Inuyasha that he will be able to repair it, but he needs to use on of Inuyasha's own fangs in order to do so. All of this coincides with the New Moon which leaves Inuyasha in his full human form.

Soon Kaijinbo arrives with the new sword he has created from the remains of Goshinki. The new blade is called Tokijin and proves to be a formidable weapon. With the repairs to Tetsusaiga complete Totosai gives the blade to Inuyasha so that he can fight off his former pupil.

The new and improved Tetsusaiga seems to have some problems though, as it has become to heavy for Inuyasha to wield properly. Inuyasha insists on staying put until the person who commsioned Tokijin's creation arrive to claim the blade.

While they wait Totosai explains that Inuyasha's power plus that of his father now flows in the Tetsusaiga, hence it's heavy weight.

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In order to use it properly Inuyasha must become more powerful. Kagura meets up with Sesshomaru and tells him what has become of Tokijin. Sesshomaru sets off to claim his sword and finds Inuyasha awaiting him. The two do battle, but with the increased weight of Tetsusaiga Inuyasha is at a disadvantage.

Inuyasha ditches his sword and leaps at Sesshomaru who repeals him easily. Without the blade Inuyasha begins to transform into a full demon again, but before Sesshomaru can strike him down Totosai sends a firey blast between them allowing for Inuyasha and the others to make their escape. All of this has taken place under the watchful eye of Kagura who thinks Sesshomaru may be powerful enough to kill Naraku.

Suddenly he picks up on Kagura's scent and races off to find the source.

what episode does inuyasha and kagome meet miroku

When he arrives he finds one of Naraku's puppets and a new demon creation born from Naraku. The new demon's name is Juromaru, and Koga doesn't feel up to fighting it. Koga flees as Inuyasha arrives. Inside Juromaru is a smaller creature named Kageromaru. Kageromaru is so fast that it is able to evade Miroku's Wind Tunnel. Koga returns when he realizes that Kagome could be killed during Inuyasha's battle.

Koga and Inuyasha bicker amongst themselves as the battle Juromaru and Kageromaru, but they finally manage to defeat the duo even though Inuyasha is still hampered by the weight of the Tetsusaiga. Sick and tired of Koga and Inuyasha's pettiness, Kagome decides to go home for awhile.

Meanwhile in the past, Naraku and Kikyo meet once again. Naraku realizes that he still carries Onigumo's heart, which loves Kikyo. Naraku sends a giant Soul Skimmer after her which begins to suck the deceased souls from Kikyo. Growing weaker Kikyo arrives at the Goshinboku Tree where Inuyasha was imprisoned for so many years.

Inuyasha is in the area awaiting Kagome's return when he happens upon Kikyo. He saves her from the giant Soul Skimmer and then she tells him about Onigumo's heart being inside of Naraku. Kikyo and Inuyasha hug one another just as Kagome arrives. Kikyo leaves after telling Inuyasha he is no better than Naraku because of his possessiveness. She tells her friends that she was dumped and realizes that she can not possibly compete with Inuyasha's feelings for Kikyo.

She considers returning her Shikon shard, but can't bear to deal with Inuyasha. Kagome's mother tries to give her some advice and soon Inuyasha emerges from the well to check on Kagome.

Kagome tells him that she wants to make him happy and stay with him even though she knows she cannot compete with his feelings for Kikyo.

While searching, Sango uncovers remnants of her father's armor. Nearby Kohaku has wandered away from Naraku. He has no memory of who he is or what has happened to him, when suddenly a demon attacks him and attempts to steal the Shikon shard in his back that is keeping him alive.

what episode does inuyasha and kagome meet miroku

The group saves him, and Sango insists on bringing Kohaku with them even though Inuyasha is adamant in his believe that this is another one of Naraku's traps. Kohaku leaves them because he does not want to cause problems for the group, when suddenly they are attacked by a swarm of Naraku's wasps with Kagura leading the charge.

With Kohaku found Sango heads back to the battle and leaves Kagome to take hide out in a cave with her little brother until the coast is clear.

what episode does inuyasha and kagome meet miroku

Suddenly Kohaku remembers that Naraku has ordered him to kill Kagome. Kohaku strikes out at Kagome and cuts her arm. She flees, while Kohaku's blade hovers over her, ready ready to strike the deathblow. Inuyasha is still trying to do his best against the demon wasps without using the Tetsusaiga which is still too heavy for him to wield properly.

He soon realizes that this must be a distraction to keep him away from Kagome, and leaves Miroku to deal with the demons. Miroku has no other choice but to open his Wind Tunnel and take in a lot of venom from the wasps. Kohaku flees when Sango arrives, but she pursues him.

what episode does inuyasha and kagome meet miroku

Kagome realizes that Sango is planning on killing Kohaku. Inuyasha finds them battling against each other and Sango ready to kill her brother.

Inuyasha stops her and explains that that is what Naraku would want her to do. Kagura and Kohaku fly off together on her feather as Inuyasha promises to bring Kohaku back alive.

inuyasha episode summaries

Bokuseno tells Sesshomaru why Inuyasha was given Tetsusaiga- it is designed to keep his demonic blood from overcoming him. For if this happens often enough he will fly into murderous rages and eventually the pure potency of the blood will be too much for his half-demon body to handle and he will die. While Sango cares for the ailing Miroku who has injested too much poison from Naraku's wasps, Inuyasha and Kagome have a moment to themselves.

Eventually they help an old man make his way to a village, but encounter Gatenmaru, a moth demon disguised as a human who is raiding the village. He manages to trap Inuyasha and Miroku inside his venomous cocoon, and tries to take Tetsusaiga for himself. Without Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha begins to undergo another transformation into his full-demon side.

Youkai no Hounshou The Demon's True Nature Gatenmaru proceeds to viciously prey on the girls of the village as Inuyasha and Miroku are helpless to do anything but watch.

Kagome and Sango arrive but are unable to fend off the numerous bandits. The old man Inuyasha helped earlier realizes that Inuyasha needs his sword, and tries to get it to him, but fails. As he does Inuyasha flies into a rage and breaks free of the cocoon just as Miroku's protective barrier is about to give out.

Inuyasha begins viciously killing the bandits and then quickly kills Gatenmaru himself with little effort. A revived Kikyo is confused, but also enraged and now seeks to destroy Inuyasha for betraying her fifty years ago. When Inuyasha cries out in pain, Kagome calls the soul back into her body, leaving Kikyo wallowing in hatred. Inuyasha tries to save Kikyo from falling off a cliff, but to no avail. He then recalls to the time of the betrayal fifty years ago.

He encounters Kagome and discreetly steals her shards of the Shikon Jewel. Inuyasha soon trails him to an okiya in hopes to retrieve them. Miroku unleashes the void of the Wind Tunnel cursed in his right hand, however Kagome prevents him in doing so. Miroku notices ink demons surrounding the castle, in which they are paintings created by the artist.

It is unveiled that a shard of the Shikon Jewel is responsible for bringing these paintings to life. Miroku uses the Wind Tunnel to draw the ink demons into the void. The shard of the Shikon Jewel must be recovered before the artist tries to escape. Nonetheless, the ink demons actually devours the flesh of the artist, due to his malevolent ambitions.

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Sesshomaru approaches Inuyasha, demanding the ownership of the sword. Inuyasha goes in that direction in hopes of finding her. When a group of soldiers captures Kagome, along with Miroku and Sango, she finds out that she has been tricked by Kagura. While Miroku and Sango are surrounded by the soldiers, Kagome becomes ensnared by the darkness in her heart, as The Infantthe seventh incarnation of Naraku whom Kagura took from the mountain, takes control of her.

After defeating the soldiers, Inuyasha realizes he was deceived by Kagura. However, Kagome has regain her control of her mind but not of her body.

Kagome must overcome her bitterness towards Kikyo. Inuyasha and the others find her, and they interrogate The Infant as being the human heart of Naraku.

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The Infant departs after repelling Inuyasha's attempted attack. Inuyasha later discovers how dangerous his deep and strong affections for Kikyo are for Kagome. Unfortunately, the high school is preparing for a cultural festival, much to her chagrin, being suggested by her friends to be an understudy for the cultural festival. It is realized that Naraku has nearly all the shards of the Shikon Jewel, eluded by only a single shard that cannot be found anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, Miroku urges Inuyasha to prevent Kagome from being kidnapped a second time.

Kagome is frustrated that she must be the star attraction of the cultural festival, yet she is able to appreciate her active role in participation.

Inuyasha goes to the present to fetch her, only to learn about the upcoming cultural festival. Inuyasha must seek and destroy any demon lurking within the high school to cease any potential chaos. Kagome, on the other hand, is to complete her understudy assignments, minding her attention of the demons. During her theatrical performance, Inuyasha interrupts the play, in which Kagome must ad-lib to evade the scene. The demons are recognized as the folklore characters of Journey to the West[5] being the heavenly spirits who had accompanied the Buddhist monk Tripitaka.

Chokyukai, as a descendant of Pigsywears the necklace of skulls worn by Sandybewitching the maidens using a diadem similar to that worn by the Monkey King. Chokyukai asks Kagome to be his bride, thrilled with her knowledge about his ancestors. Kagome is soon allured by the diadem, to which she is later abducted.

Inuyasha and his companions elaborately try to distract Chokyukai in order to find and free Kagome. Shippo meet a girl named Mizuki at a local village. They turn to Shippo for help, assuming he is the leader of his group.

what episode does inuyasha and kagome meet miroku