Tom and jerry meet the steadfast tin soldier full movie

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tom and jerry meet the steadfast tin soldier full movie

Tom and Jerry Meet Batman is an Warner Bros and DC Movie. Jerry Mouse/Bat Mouse; Kath Soucie as Tuffy Mouse/Bat Mouse; Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/ Batman; Greg Ellis as Tin Just keep handing out guns to any loser who comes in 'ere with a fist full of cash. I knew him when I was a soldier in the US Army. The film is a sequel to the animated film, Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of During the attack, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion show up at Dorothy's farm. ( whom Jerry falls in love with) and her soldiers, while the Lion takes Tom and Toto the Scarecrow and Dorothy are able to escape Ruggedo's Nomes, reach the. Tom Lord Alge engineered, with Steve Griffen assisting. Finally. (Continued from opposite page) Christian Andersen fairy tale "The Steadfast Tin Soldier.

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Bibb files a lawsuit claiming that the twister released some of the Gale pigs who then plundered his prize watermelon patch.

He takes the animals away unless Aunt Em, Uncle Henry and their farmhands can get jobs to get the money to keep their farm animals in twenty-four hours. Dorothy wants to help, but to her dismay, they tell her that she's too young.

While her family is out looking for jobs, Dorothy, Tom, and Jerry stay at the farm to clean up the mess. However, they find themselves with a second problem: They tell Dorothy that Ruggedo the Nome King has taken over the Emerald City, captured Glinda and Tuffy, and took Glinda's wand, and now he wants to destroy Dorothy and seize her ruby slippers. Since his great fear of the Wizard has kept him underground, Dorothy and her friends journey to Topeka to get the Wizard to return to Oz and set everything straight.

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After using some of Glinda's magic potion to bring the Gale farm tractor to life to take them to the Kansas State Fairthey are able to gain entry when they present the carnie at the gate with emeralds from the Emerald City to cover their entrance fee. Once they find the Wizard, he's grown tired of his magic shows and agrees to take them back to Oz in his hot air balloon, but needs the aid of another tornado to do so.

Luckily, he keeps a bottle of magic tornado with him, and with the aid of a device one of the farmhands built to counter tornadoes in the future, they use it to travel back to Oz, but not without causing some damage to the State Fair in the process.

Once in Oz, they are attacked by the flying monkeys again, but Dorothy and the others have to separate from the Wizard when his balloon ends up getting several flying monkeys glued to it with one of his inventions and leave him to fend for himself. As they try to make it to the Emerald City on their own, they are attacked by the Jitterbug, whom Ruggedo released to slow them down, then are separated further when attacked by Ruggedo's Nomes, who capture Dorothy and the Scarecrow, while the Tin Man is thrown into the river, and Toto, Tom, and the Lion nearly fall into a chasm.

Jerry rescues the Tin Man with aid from the Mouse Queen whom Jerry falls in love with and her soldiers, while the Lion takes Tom and Toto into the woods on the long route to the Emerald City since they were separated from Jerry and the Tin Man.

tom and jerry meet the steadfast tin soldier full movie

Meanwhile, the Scarecrow and Dorothy are able to escape Ruggedo's Nomes, reach the Emerald City, and attempt to see if there's anything in the Wizard's old chambers that can help them, but are captured by Ruggedo. One man is born a hero, his brother a coward. Hermits starve, politicians grow fat. Holy men are martyred, and junkies grow legion. Why, why, why, why, why? Blind, stupid, simple, doo-dah, clueless, damned luck! The only justice on a hard world.

Another day of wine and roses. Or, in your case, beer and pizza! We thought you might show up, Batman. We were counting on it!

tom and jerry meet the steadfast tin soldier full movie

Look, Batman, I need the money. It's hard to find honest work with these disfigurements. You make a monster out of us and then you hunt us down! You got this wrong. The Bank of Gotham, it launders money for the mob - or whats left of it. You remember the mob, right? The guys who burned half our face due to how you refused to destroy them as real leaders must!

You called me your friend. But what did you do when Mr.

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Thorne tried to harm me? You let him go. It was far from his fault. You brought it on by acting on anger. You shoulda calmed down. The only way to deal with enemies is to destroy them!

I knew him when I was a soldier in the US Army. I was a major. He was went up to lieutenant-colonel. This distinction earned him admittance into a covert program where he was subjected to extensive mental and physical augmentation.

The procedures left him with increased mental function, as well as enhanced speed, strength, healing factor and stamina, although the experiment was claimed to be a failure soon. His pride and greed led to his betrayal. I told on him and acted to foil his plan The lieutenant-general who led us kicked him out.

Slade Wilson became a mercenary It was proved with Harvey Dent who'd been a brother figure. He acted on revenge by pursuing a crime-boss named Thorne And it was the same with Riddler.

He was mocked and made a laughing stock. And it was the same with Penguin. The Cobblepots abused their power and wealth, so the Waynes needed to stop them. The Penguin swore revenge on the Waynes and to restore the Cobblepot name to glory.

tom and jerry meet the steadfast tin soldier full movie

Killer Croc swore revenge for how people mocked him. Many old enemies I knew began by revenge.

tom and jerry meet the steadfast tin soldier full movie

All revenge does is poison the soul. Two of you were trouble. Too much for the two of us. Curiosity killed the cat. Oh no you not Joker you not going to kill me Joker.

tom and jerry meet the steadfast tin soldier full movie

All that does matter is the mark. I'm so happy you remembered me.

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I'll never forget you. You may have heard that I've been providing freedom to the mindless drones lucky enough to answer my calls. A neccessary act to free them from life's pains. From where I'm standing, I can see little piggies for me to cure of life. From their perspective, I'd imagine they see things differently.

I learned it long ago. I was born into a rich family. Life seemed so good Iinherited millions of dollars, but missed my parents very dearly. To cope with my misery, I turned to gambling.

A pity I was terrible with it. Tom was always terrible with card-games too. One summer evening, I was playing poker on the Iceberg Lounge. Somehow, I was doing very well that night. I eventually worked his way up to the owner table. I started playing alongside card-sharks, thugs, and princes. The owner was the Penguin. I kept winning hand after hand. I went all in because I thought my four 6's would win.

But when I laid down his cards, Penguin laughed and laid down a 3, a 4, a 5, a 6, and 7. Penguin's flush beat Zsasz's four of a kind. Penguin's thugs beat me up and threw me out onto the street. I was upset and almost jumped from the Sprang Bridge. A thug popped up and pointed a bowie dagger to me I used the knife on it's owner and cut a mark on my skin. I freed him from his hard life. So I began my quest to free people from their mundane lifetimes. This is not over.

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It cannot be over. My blade will bathe in the crimson rivers of blood that will pour from the holes I cut into your body.

You cannot deny me the mark. I need to make the mark. It's all I have left. Waylon Jones, better known as Killer Croc. Atavism - the reappearance in an individual of characteristics of some remote ancestor that have been absent in intervening generations. Waylon Jones was put under the guardianship of his incredibly abusive and alcoholic aunt after his mother died giving birth to him and his father had abandoned him. Brutally abused in his home and relentlessly mobbed by kids on class, Waylon accepted his place in society as always being seen as a monster.

Waylon Jones embraced his animal instincts and violently murdered and devoured his aunt after he finally reached his breaking point. Joining a travelling circus and adopting the stage name, "Killer Croc", Jones bonded with his fellow carnival workers and felt like he had a family for the first time.