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the flintstones meet rockula and frankenstone dvd shrink

In The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone,the Flintstones and the Rubbles travel to fear-fraught Rockysylvania thanks to a big game show win. The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas Wayne's World 2 Jimmy Neutron: Boy The New York Ripper Paper Soldiers The Little Bear Movie Mission Kashmir The . Flyer La Cucina Led Zeppelin DVD Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star Hearts and Seven Years The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone The Forgotten . Find great deals on eBay for Flintstones DVD in DVDs and Movies for DVD and Blu-ray legendary Frankenstone Monster who promptly revives his vampiric master Rockula. The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones [New DVD] Manufactured On Demand THE FLINTSTONES Complete First Season DVD- New in Shrink Wrap.

There is a Western themed show that is resolved when a stone-age version of the Cartwright familywith no warning whatsoever, charge in out of nowhere to rescue the main characters.

At least one episode has Fred getting shamed into dieting. Dinner with the Boss: Slate does this a few times. Abuse, Female on Male: Often played straight throughout the series, especially in first episode "The Flintstone Flyer" when Wilma and Betty find out about their husbands feigning illness to avoid going to the opera, in order so they can sneak off and go bowling.

What's worse is that Fred and Barney's scheme got surely blown at home in the Flintstones' house when Barney blabbed and gave away his disguise, where the two wives became domestically abusive. Wife beater may be considered a serious term, but not sure to say the same for husband beater.

Downplayed later on thanks to Character Development as they both became more sweet-natured, although Wilma isn't above hitting Fred whenever he behaves in an exceptionally bad way, usually giving him a Dope Slap to keep him in line.

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Does Not Wear Shoes: Due to the prehistoric setting, the entire cast is constantly barefoot an exception is spats worn with tuxedoes, but even then they just covers the top of the foot. Lampshaded in a Comic-Book Adaptation story in which shoes are invented, but fail to catch on. Bamm-Bamm was found by the Rubbles this way. Very common in the early seasons. They became more cheery as the series progressed. Featured in the second opening and second closing credits.

A heartbroken Barney attempted this when thinking that the Stonyfellers won their court case and were free to adopt Bamm-Bamm, by roping a boulder to his torso from a bridge. Fred saved his life, but caught the boulder by accident and wound up alive, but grumbling in the river. Fred, in the first live action movie. In the Latin American dub, the show was renamed "Los Picapiedras" The Stonecuttersand changed pretty much everyone's names.

Fred as Pedro Picapiedra. Wilma as Vilma Picapiedra. Dino and the other tame dinosaurs are friendly, but not particularly bright. The show in its original run did not feature its famous "Meet the Flintstones" theme song until the third season. Which may explain why for decades the syndicated version of the series transplanted the later theme song. Boomerang reruns include the restored first and second season title sequences. During the first two seasons, the show was sponsored by Winston cigarettes and originally intended to appeal primarily to adults Betty had a different hairstyle in the original pilot "The Flagstones"; itself an exampleand in the first episode.

In the first season, Mel Blanc played Barney with a nasal, high-pitched lilt that was sort of a cross between Bugs Bunny and his normal speaking voice. When he returned to playing the role after being incapacitated in a car accident Daws Butler filled in during his recoveryMel began playing Barney with a deeper, dopier voice, similar to how Art Carney played Ed Norton on The Honeymooners.

Fred was more of a Jerkass in the first few episodes especially "The Flintstone Flyer". Fortunately, he mellowed out pretty quickly. Every Proper Lady Should Curtsy: Betty in the Stony Curtis episode. She's playing maid for Wilma who is putting on airs for Stony's arrival. Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: Because a Flintstones which only used creatures that lived during the Paleolithic wouldn't be nearly as interesting, although those kinds of animals are around as well.

From the third season onward, with the completely revised "Meet the Flintstones" opening sequence. It began with Fred taking Wilma and the pets for a night out on the town. As the cast continued to grow, Pebbles, Barney, Betty, and Bamm-Bamm the second and third of whom earned a Promotion to Opening Titles in the process joined their activities.

They're the modern Stone Age family Any time Fred Flintstone dresses up full body as a dinosaur specifically in "The Monster From the Tar Pits," "The Masquerade Ball" and "Son of Rockzilla"the rubber dinosaur mask 's mouth moves perfectly with Fred's, and the eyes match his own expressions. Fred and Barney in speedos in the Flintstones: On The Rocks special. The Hatrocks and the Flinstones in "Bedrock Hillbillies.

See this page's quote. It could be explained that he lost it as he grew up, except it later came back in the TV movies. As if you'd expect any different from a Hanna-Barbera cartoon? A number of times, including once where Fred and Dino swap bodies. In "The Story of Rocky's Raiders", the final episode of the original series, Fred is reading from his grandfather's diary of Stone World War I and the adventures of Rocky's Raiders, which abruptly ends with no further writing.

A moment later, as the Flintstones and Rubbles are wondering whatever became of them, Grandpa Flintstone is engaged in a ground-to-air dogfight with his old nemesis as the episode closes out. Fred is a compulsive gambler. Simply mentioning the word "bet" around him will cause him to get a crazy look in his eyes and start repeating the word over and over in a loud voice: Getting Crap Past the Radar: Betty apparently kept her pledge paddle, when asked what it was used for she simply took a big swing and said "Whacko" Make of that what you will.

Wilma is pregnant, so Fred takes her to the hospital, with Barney helping. The two of them semi-carry her to the hospital entrance, which is a revolving door. Barney is even more nervous than Fred, and takes Wilma through the revolving door so fast that Fred is spun out, and across the street through the revolving door of a hotel.

Slamming into the counter, Fred thinks he's in the hospital, so he innocently says to the desk clerk, "I'm looking for my wife, she just came in here with my best friend. The very fact the Flintstones procreated was a case of this trope, given that this was the early s. The fact they even slept together in the same bedroom was groundbreaking enough; the fact it is implied they had a sex life was unheard of. Remember, when I Love Lucy had Lucy Ricardo become pregnant, this was only because Lucy herself was pregnant and they couldn't stop the show for several months.

With an animated series, there was no need other than for story reasons to have Wilma become pregnant. Try to name one other animated TV series ever that addressed this issue, and this was at a time when discussing such topics in live-action programs was simply not allowed so don't go looking for a live-action example of such a storyline in this era, either.

Flintstones DVDs

Meanwhile, there was also the episode in which Dino fell in love with a neighbour's pet dinosaur and by the end of the episode she's pregnant with his puppies A scene in the 70s primetime special "Fred's Final Fling" has Fred at the doctor's office. When the doctor examines his x-ray, Fred jokes "How 'bout that, Doc? Flintstone in an x-ray-ted picture! Fred and Barney enter a costume store to look for costumes.

Fred asks Barney what costume he's gonna get, in which he replies he wants something to make him look tall. Fred suggests another head, cue audience laughing. When Fred and Barney accidentally enlist in the army, Wilma asks "How do they always manage to bollocks things up?

the flintstones meet rockula and frankenstone dvd shrink

In US slang the word "bollox" - note spelling - meant "mess". It is not related to the later slang term for testicles. One episode opens with Fred and Barney discussing their television watching. At one point, Fred asks Barney: Make of that what you will See Accidental Pervert above. Happened quite a lot, and like F Troop before it, uses here also predate the Trope Namer. God for a Day: He finds that it's actually a burden, since he has to deal with higher-ups, stay late in meetings, etc.

The Flintstones: Prime-Time Specials Collection - Volume 1

Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress: So many of Fred's schemes end in him falling or having things fall on him. In the episode featuring Stony Curtiswhen Wilma quickly gets herself cleaned up to meet the celebrity, four quick strokes of her brush are all that is needed to bring her hair to its usual style.

the flintstones meet rockula and frankenstone dvd shrink

Bamm-Bamm is notable for being one of the first examples on a cartoon. Both couples, but Barney and Betty are portrayed more often this way than Fred and Wilma, especially when the latter have marital issues. Helping Granny Cross the Street: There's an episode where they and the Rubbles end up camping with a group of Boy Scouts. In one scene, a pair of boys "help" she didn't need it walk Betty across the camp. When Betty tells the second boy he already walked her, he tells her she only counts half as much as an old lady.

Put it this way: The alien who created 10 clones of Fred. The premise of the whole show is to displace modern stories into a prehistoric setting, so language was obvious to follow. One episode has a character who's a Western-stereotype rich cattle guy, and his stone-age car sports a pair.

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Horse of a Different Color: Dino is just like a dog, except he's a sauropod dinosaur or, as it's known In-Universea "snorkasaurus" ; Hoppy is a kangaroo-like "hopparoo". Both Wilma and Betty, though Betty occasionally took up part-time jobs. Plus there's his robot doppelgangers in "Ten Little Flintstones". The hired help finally quits. It's never explained why Bamm-Bamm has super strength—at least, not in any of the animations The Movie with John Goodman explained it as a Raised By Mastadons situation.

The Flintstones Prime-time Specials: Volume 1

In an early episode, Fred gets hit in the head with a bottle. When he comes to, he becomes a "formal" personality who insists on being called "Frederick", but who ends up of being a bit too sickeningly sweet. Fred's physical appearance is a composite of Alan Reed, his original voice actor, and Jackie Gleason.

The Flintstones Prime-Time Specials Collection, Volume 1 NEW DVD | eBay

Dino, in his debut episode. He reverts to a standardly intelligent non-talking cartoon animal in the next episode he features in and stays that way. J to P Jerk with a Heart of Gold: No matter the series, movie or special, Fred always falls into this trope.

Jumping Out of a Cake: Rockula finds and corners Fred, but is scared off by Barney, wearing a werewolf mask. The couples eventually end up cornered inside the Rubbles' room. Fred challenges Rockula to a fight, using a bat statuette as a weapon, but the statuette turns out to actually be the switch for the trapdoor to Rockula's laboratory, which Rockula and Frankenstone were unknowingly standing on.

As Fred raises the statuette to strike, both Rockula and Frankenstone fall through the trapdoor, and the Flintstones and Rubbles escape and return to Bedrock. Wilma invites Betty and Barney to stay for dinner and leaves the three of them in the living room while she goes into the kitchen to cook. Unbeknownst to them, Rockula has flown in the form of a bat all the way from Rocksylvania to Bedrock. Flying through the kitchen window, he begs Wilma to marry him, promising her a life of luxury if she agrees.

Winking at Fred, Barney and Betty watching surreptitiously from the doorwayWilma agrees to consider marrying Rockula, then immediately begins nagging him about chores, upkeep of the house, and his bad habits. Aghast, Rockula apparently forgetting that most chores would be left to the servants changes back into a bat and flies off, claiming to need another years of rest. Barney laughs and lauds Wilma for defeating Rockula by telling him "the real truth about married life".

Rockula and Frankenstone[ edit ] Count Rockula: Having been asleep for five hundred years, Rockula is awoken by Frankenstone and sets out to clear his castle of the guests and take Wilma, whom he thinks is his bride, for himself, even if it means killing Fred.