The batman batgirl and robin meet starfire

the batman batgirl and robin meet starfire

When Robin left Batman to become his own hero, Batgirl became Batman's main sidekick. using a time machine, Nightwing summoned Starfire and Raven to stop them. Looks like Cyborg wants that kiss from Batgirl. Who is better for Dick Grayson Batgirl (Barbara Gordan) or Starfire (Korian. I honeslty thought that Nightwing/Oracle #1 did a good job of showing I like both romances, but I grew up with the TAS and The Batman cartoons. Dick hiding his boner from Batman and Batgirl was funny though:v. permalink .. Don't hate me, but all I know of Starfire is from Teen Titans.

But Batman never goes, "Hey, that's my son's girlfriend. Like when your spouse is resisting the oppressive body you're the face of. That's what happened in the Nightwing: New World Order storyline. In an alternate future, Dick Grayson becomes the public face of an anti-superpower government that's forced many of his friends underground, including Starfire.

She's joined the resistance against the very people he works for. This strained not only their relationship, but her relationship with their son Jake too.

Nightwing eventually saw the error of his ways though, reuniting with Starfire and helping the resistance. Robin's case is more well-known of course. It was the accident that cost him his parents' life that led to Bruce Wayne adopting him.

It was his need for closure that led Batman to train Dick Grayson to be his partner. Starfire has lost her parents too. The King and Queen of Tamaran fell defending their planet from the Gordanians, an enemy species that enslaved Starfire and her sister. Being orphaned has had profound effects on both.

the batman batgirl and robin meet starfire

It's a little more surprising when you remember they were created decades apart. Back in the s, Robin's creator Bill Finger based the Boy Wonder's iconic red and green costume on the look of Robin Hood, which is also where the name came from. And in the s Starfire's creator George Perez based her look on the female barbarian hero Red Sonja, though Starfire's outfit was far more modest. How's that for a coincidence? Take Robin for instance.

Part of the inspiration for his classic look is the red-breasted robin, a bird to match Batman's winged look. But Starfire has an animal connection to that doesn't come up as often. Her species, the Tamaranians, are descended from felines. Like how humans evolved from apes, they evolved from alien cats. You know, given how cats and birds usually get along, it's kind of surprising these two are in a relationship. Nightwing and Starfire would know, both are well-known for their attractiveness in the world of DC Comics.

It's obvious why for Starfire.

the batman batgirl and robin meet starfire

She's a beautiful alien princess with giant hair and a As for Nightwing, he's regularly been said to have the best behind in comics. It's probably the skintight suit that makes his butt such a prize. This goes doubly for tragedies. Both Robin and Starfire had traumatizing experiences as children. He saw his parents lose their lives in front of his eyes. Batman was able to help overcome his grief and need for revenge at the unfairness of it.

She was kidnapped and enslaved at a young age. Enemies of her people performed experiments on her and made her a weapon. Perhaps it was sharing these scars of their early lives that brought them closer together. Though she genuinely loved him, the general would end up having to sacrifice himself to save their planet from an alien being called the Sun Eater.

Batman's archenemy shot her in the abdomen, paralyzing her from the waist down. Barbara would eventually recover and become the hero Oracle but still. That is not a great track record for either Robin or Starfire. His taking on the mantle of Nightwing is a pivotal moment in his character development. We have Starfire to thank for that partially. It was the confidence Dick gained from their relationship that moved him to finally step out of Batman's shadow and become his own man.

His first costume, with its infamous disco collar, might not have been the best but it was an important step for him. Heck, they haven't even been on the same team together sometimes. She may be able to do this by sustaining herself in space or she can absorb solar energy and create a force field that lets her breath in it.

The solar absorption experiments performed on her by the alien Psions granted her the ability to channel and project that same energy into destructive blasts called "starbolts". She is also capable of assimilating other languages through physical contact with another person.

Starfire is inpervious to most kinds of damage. Starfire is also an extremely proficient in armed and unarmed combat, having been trained in those arts by the Warlords of Okaara. Starfire appears in the Teen Titans animated series, voiced by Hynden Walch.

Elements of her storyline appear in different episodes spread across the show's five seasons, in which she deals with her arch-foe and sister, Blackfire also voiced by Walchthe responsibilities of being a princess, and her insecurities about being an alien on Earth.

Starfire was born and raised on the distant planet Tamaran before arriving on Earth and joining the Teen Titans. Her race, the Tamaraneans, are an emotional race who see feelings as the force that drives their very livelihood.

Their emotions fuel their natural abilities of flight and superhuman strength, as well as Starfire's energy blasts, called starbolts.

Her race is also highly resilient to radiation and the cold though the longer she is outside, and the more exhausted she is, the more susceptible she is to sub-zero temperatures.

the batman batgirl and robin meet starfire

The animated Starfire also has the ability to travel faster-than-light without a ship, as well as the ability to survive in the vacuum of outer space for long periods of time. However, she cannot breathe underwater. Sometimes her powers act beyond her control, such as releasing explosive energy blasts when she sneezes, as well as her strength accidentally bending a street light down to the ground.

the batman batgirl and robin meet starfire

She can absorb knowledge of basic language through a kiss. Starfire's Titans character bears some similarities with her comic version. In the flashback episode "Go! Eventually, she manages to escape and flees to the closest planet, which happens to be Earth. Starfire runs into Robin and the other soon-to-be Titans, but after being mistreated for so long, she is aggressive, antagonistic and does not trust the Titans or any one else for that matter. After Robin aids her in taking off the "space cuffs" that bind her wrists, the Gordanians whom she escaped from show up looking for her and the Titans help her fight them off.

After winning and driving off her jailers, Starfire elects to stay on Earth with the four heroes and quickly develops feelings for Robin. Starfire is inherently the most sensitive of the Titans. This kid-friendly version of Starfire is naive, innocent, and somewhat insecure, but it is this trait that endears her to others, especially to Robin.

An alien and an outsider, she is still new to Earth and its customs, which serves as a recurring source of comic relief.

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She also insists on sharing her own customs with other members of the team. Presumably because English is not her first language, Starfire speaks without contractions and misuses idioms. Additionally, she uses several Tamaranean nouns. Starfire has a pet giant moth larva named "Silkie" in the series, given to her by Beast Boy. Starfire takes friendship very seriously, and is easily distressed when others, especially her friends, argue or fight.

Although her naive and slightly overly friendly yet kind nature can sometimes clash with Raven's more secretive one, she has shown a closeness to her. Reflecting the comic books, the series hints at a potential relationship between Starfire and Robin.

But we're not saying for sure," Rob replied.