Sora meets donald and goofy meet

sora meets donald and goofy meet

Nov 7, Ten years after Kingdom Hearts II, Sora, Donald and Goofy meet Hiro Hamada, whose life has been catapulted at the mercy of the notorious. if it is explain in bbs why they must not tell sora just tell me it is and sorry to Donald and Goofy forgot where Yen Sid lived, how do you expect them to Also Mickey may have helped Aqua but he never met Xehanort face to. Jan 16, Nomura shouldn't have even had Donald and Goofy meet Ven in BBS. Neither Mickey nor Yen Sid ever met Roxas, nor was he ever relevant.

Walk back to the entrance and go left, opposite of where you were before. Go through the door to enter the hotel. At the moment Sora enters the hotel, Donald and Goofy will come wandering into the district, still searching for Leon and the wielder of the keyblade. The two will dismiss the area to look elsewhere. Exit the hotel to battle another group of Heartless. At the end of the path will be the Gizmo Shop. Enter to see Donald and Goofy come out of the hotel just as Sora enters, still looking.

Battle the multiple groups of Heartless that attack you inside the shop for EXP. Exit the Gizmo Shop and then go into the Alleyway, located inside the double doors at the end of the path opposite the front of the Gizmo Shop. Another scene shows Donald and Goofy entering the area just as Sora leaves, again with wrong timing. A treasure chest containing a Potion will be to the left from where you entered, hiding behind crates. Lift the box with the star design and set it down next to the view of the hotel you have from the Alleyway.

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Use it as a step up to the small roof next to the porch. A treasure chest will be there, containing a Pretty Stone.

sora meets donald and goofy meet

Jump across the porches to the other end of the Alleyway for another treasure chest with a Potion. Jump down and enter the tall double doors. This is the Dalmatian house. You will be told the 99 puppies are scattered around various worlds. Find them for rewards. Leave through the other side of the Dalmatian house to be taken back to the main area of the district.

Go back to the entrance and return to the First District. First District[ edit ] Enter the accessory shop and exit through the other side leading to the main area of the district for a cutscene.

sora meets donald and goofy meet

Sora will meet Leon, who asks him to hand over the keyblade. Sora refuses, and the two battle instead. He also has the ability to use Firaga, throwing it in the form of fireballs. Dodge them, as they do a lot of damage to Sora. A positive side of the battle is that you can use the whole first district as a battlefield.

Try to fend off Leon's fireballs by hitting them with your Keyblade. This will temporarily stun him, giving you the chance to perform a combo. A loss doesn't matter; whether you win or lose, the outcome is the same. After the battle, a cutscene will show Sora standing over an exhausted Leon. Sora starts a sentence, but isn't able to finish as he falls over in exhaustion.

Yuffie then comes over, and Leon claims he went easy on him. Second District[ edit ] A change in the point of view will show Donald and Goofy exploring the Alleyway, still searching for a sign of the Keyblade. Aerith will then show up, and the point of view will switch back to Sora. Sora mistakes Yuffie for Kairi, saying he's glad she's okay. She then proclaims herself as the Great Ninja Yuffie, and Sora is taken back to the real world. After Sora asks what happened to his home, Riku, and Kairi, Leon ends the conversation by saying he doesn't know.

Open the blue treasure chest on the table for an Elixir. Go to Leon and he'll ask you if you're ready. Say you are for another cutscene.

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After the cutscene, leave the hotel and start fighting the Heartless for EXP. Go through a path to the left from the entrance of the district to find a door leading to the third district. Third District[ edit ] After making it to the third district, a cutscene will show Donald and Goofy looking around as Sora enters. Donald and Goofy are then faced by Heartless. Goofy cowers behind his shield while Donald is ready for a battle, only for both to be thrown off the balcony, landing on Sora.

Donald and Goofy then notice Sora's Keyblade, only for the three to be blocked inside the third district and attacked by Heartless.

You will be fighting the Heartless with a party for the first time. After you defeat them, a cutscene will show the next boss, Guard Armor, entering the arena. The Guard Armor utilizes its size and strength in battle. Each part attacks individually.

The Torso and Gauntlets attack by spinning, while the Hammerlegs attack by stomping. It may also jump in the air and crash down, creating a shockwave. Guard Armor has a torso and four limbs, all of which act as targets. As such, his ability to forgive is incredible along with his ability to connect to others and quickly befriend them.

As the series progresses, Sora learns from his past mistakes and becomes less selfish over time as he learns how powerful the heart can be and fight with this in mind. Physical appearance In most of his appearances, Sora is a slender teenager with spiky brown hair later becoming a caramel colorpeach skin, and blue eyes.

When he was fourteen, Sora's attire was based around Mickey Mouse's; he had a red jumpsuit with puffy shorts with a long zipper, white gloves with blue, black and yellow straps, and large black-and-yellow shoes. In addition, he wore a black hoodie with white sleeves and a blue inside over his jumpsuit and a loose blue belt with a crown-chain hanging on the left side of his shorts. He wears the crown pendant around his neck. At age fifteen in Kingdom Hearts II, Sora undergoes a growth spurt, but his appearance does not change that much other than having more matured looks.

Sora wears a new outfit that is a black edition of his previous clothing, with the exception of the undershirt; the hoodie is completely black with white lining, but has silver patches on his shoulder. His black pants have yellow straps across them along with a patch of navy blue and silver edges.

His undershirt is navy blue with a red patch in the center with a black belt under it.

sora meets donald and goofy meet

Red pockets appear on the sides of the pants with a black cross over them. His gloves, now black, have a white inside with a yellow line running around them. His shoes remain with a similar color scheme to his previous outfit, but with a few modifications: This change of clothes has magical properties, and can make him into the stronger Valor Form with the help of Goofy, which turns his clothes red, the magic-stronger Wisdom Form with the help of Donald, turning his clothes blue, Master Form or Final Form with the help of all his friends in battle, both forms much stronger with magic and physical strength.

sora meets donald and goofy meet

His clothes turn yellow in Master Form and white in Final Form, where he floats in the air. He can also go Limit Form with the help of distant friends. This reverts him to his KH 1 clothes. However, if he Limit Drives too much with the exception of Final Formthe darkness in his heart overpowers him and turns him into Anti-Form, a black, Heartless-like version of himself who can only attack with speed and claws.

This also uses the power of both friends in battle. He is extremely strong, which is depicted by his appearance. In fact, he is so strong that he can withstand several gunshots and can destroy Heartless with a single hit. Sora's appearance can vary on the world he visits. He becomes a Merman when visiting Atlanticaa classic black and white anime character in Timeless River where he also wore his KH1 outfit despite it being KH2and more drastically, a brown furred lion cub in the Pride Lands.

He sometimes wears an appropriate outfit as well, such as a Data armor in Space Paranoids, and a Halloween and Christmas outfit in the Nightmare Before Christmas world.

sora meets donald and goofy meet

Powers and Abilities Sora's primary strength lies in his ability to use the Keyblade, which not only allows him to vanquish the Heartless and other Darkness-based beings, but also acts as his primary weapon against foes big and small. Unlike other Keyblade wielders, Sora did not inherit the ability to use the Keyblade from someone else.

Instead, it chose him over Riku, it's true owner, due to the darkness in Riku's heart when the two of them were being absorbed by the darkness engulfing Destiny Islands. Over the course of the series, Sora becomes a skilled fighter and has triumphed in various feats against the most dangerous of the game's enemies.

He is extremely strong, as he can crush rocks and some extremely powerful Heartless with a strike of the Keyblade. His strength affects the Keyblade's strength. Sora is also knowledgeable with magic, which allows him to cast various spells to aid him or cause damage onto foes. He can also use spells to heal himself and his allies or revive them whenever they fall in battle.

Applying magic with his fighting skill, Sora can access other magical abilities that affect his own physical prowess, such as Drive Forms. However, these abilities only last for short periods of time. Sora is also able to fight in combined attacks with allies or other characters. With allies, Sora can perform special attacks known as Limits in combat. In cases when the character is not physically available, Sora has the ability to summon them via Summon Gem, card, or charm for a temporary time.

Sora wakes up in Traverse Town. The two explain the Keyblade and the Heartless to him. Next, he meets Donald and Goofy. Sora begins traveling through many worlds, becoming good friends with Donald and Goofy and making other friends also.

Again, he encounters Riku, who has just defeated the Beastwho had come to rescue Belle out of sheer willpower. Defending the Beast, Sora stands against Riku. However, Riku takes control of Sora's Keyblade, claiming that he is the true master of the Keyblade.

Donald and Goofy choose to abandon Riku and go with Sora because of their friendship with him.