Sam and dean meet damon stephen

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sam and dean meet damon stephen

Jan 14, Sam and Dean vs Damon and Stefan. That's When SPN meets TVD. Find images and videos about supernatural, dean winchester and sam . An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Partitioned Lovers ~ Elena, Dean And Damon Love Triangle. Reads 43 While Sam & Dean are on a case in Mystic Falls Dean meets the radiant Elena Gilbert. They even And how will Stefan & Damon react to her new love interest ?.

Both Winchester brother's got out of the car and Dean immediately spotted the car parked in the garage and stopped right in his tracks. Sam spotted the car that Dean was staring at and he recognised it as a Chevy Camaro convertible and to his big brother this car was as good as the impala they drove around their whole lives. Meanwhile there was something going on inside the Salvatore Boarding house….


Stefan and Damon Salvatore had been on this earth for more than years but had been to different parts of the world before coming back home to once where they lived way before they were turned into vampires.

They were in the middle of their third argument of the day, it was same argument every day it was a difference between their diets and how they stayed alive. See Stefan had always had a problem with human blood ever since he was turned, which leads him to dink from animals as he refuses to hurt people, but he also knew this is what made him weak compared to his older brother.

Damon has the simple solution of snatch, eat, erase when it comes to feeding on humans it comes naturally to him. Stefan had always admired Damon for this ability be he was pretty fed up of Damon trying to get him to change from animal to people when there was only one thing that Stefan craved from Damon and that was his love.

It was no secret that Stefan had grown to love his brother especially after their mother had passed away and the fact that Stefan had killed their father now the only family he has left was his older brother but Stefan didn't care.

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However the love and feelings that Stefan was feeling towards his brother were way more than brotherly. Damon knew this about his younger brother and would use this knowledge to his advantage to get one over on Stefan whenever he wanted something, know Damon does love his brother and would do anything to protect him and he doesn't like sharing Stefan with anyone else not that he would admit that to anyone.

Even more so Sam, since he was always the emotional, feeling Sam. He showed his indifference and callous streak when he let Dean be attacked and turned by the vampire in 6. He felt nothing and did nothing.

This is where Stefan differed. He was made to forget his humanity. Stefan still recalled it and tried to break though and gain it back. Yet through it all his actions were still motivated to protect Damon and the girl he loved, Elena Nina Dobrev.

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Dean and Damon share similar qualities too. Both joke around, never take important issues seriously at least Dean never used toengage in witty banter. Dean was forever on the side of good and helping people; to the point of feeling guilt and irresolvable shame at having to torture in hell. Damon has helped out but he shows his cold, vampire side on many occasions too and loses his temper a lot.

sam and dean meet damon stephen

A sign of hot blooded-ness, ha. When he gets angry he takes it out on whoever is around him, be it furniture or be they human, friend or foe as he did with Alaric Matt Davis in 3. Sometimes you really don't want to get on his bad side!

But Dean didn't covet his brother's girl, he did however go as far as killing one, a monster in season 7 and was willing to kill Madison for him in season 2 episode Heart. In contrast, Stefan killed Damon's "fake" girlfriend, Andie in a bid to prevent Damon from constantly coming after him, hoping to get him back to 'normal'.

As a result, Damon gave up on Stefan in season 3 - he couldn't be bothered wasting his time on trying to bring back the old Stefan. As he told Elena, the old Stefan is gone and he's "not coming back in your lifetime.

Something Dean has never done, nor would he ever give up on Sam, even if he made him endure an unmentionable and unimaginable hell when he became a vampire. Everything he's done and does, has been for Sam, for his family and their unfaltering brotherly love.

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Though viewed as extreme by some, such as Lisa, it is the ultimate force that holds them both together as Winchesters. Dean, after being turned into a vampire, may share this experience with Damon and Stefan, although Dean didn't feed.

sam and dean meet damon stephen

He came close and felt the heightened feelings and strengths of being one of the 'undead. He's partaken in drinking demon blood: He was superhuman and he was bad, whooping demons left, right and centre, encouraged by evil Ruby Genevieve Padalecki in season 4.

Setting him apart from Dean and also in conflict with him for what he was doing, it was unnatural and not something Dean would have wanted for him or expected from Sam. Salvatore's are vampires, centuries old.

sam and dean meet damon stephen

One family would inevitably hunt the other - but that works both ways. Vampires can also be termed Hunters and can turn so when survival is on the agenda. Brothers, can't live with them, can't live without them! These four have lots in common and lots going for them and yet plenty to set them apart and make them unique.

Which brother is your fave: