Robin and jason meet the millers

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robin and jason meet the millers

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He's the kind of kid, who at school, would kill it.

Full Cast & Crew

And he games a lot. That is very different from me," Poulter said. But I do tend to be a little dopey at times so there are similarities and dissimilarities between me and Kenny for sure.

He said the idea for "Waterfalls" sprung from his collaboration with Sudeikis as the two spent a lot of time listening to hip-hop together.

robin and jason meet the millers

If Kenny was to rap hip-hop, of course it would be Left Eye's verse in 'Waterfalls. Another one of Kenny's major moments features him getting a kissing lesson from his "mother" Rose Aniston and his "sister" Casey Roberts.

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Meanwhile, his "father" Dave films the sequence on camera in a moment of self-reflexivity. It took an average amount of time but it probably felt longer for everybody involved and more drawn out. When asked which of the two actresses was the better kisser, Poulter responded: I'm not allowed to contractually. The actor was forced to wear a prosthetic that took approximately three hours to apply and remove; he was fully exposed throughout that time period.

It is as gross as it gets," Poulter said about his colleagues' reactions. We gelled really well and there was a nice chemistry that developed. It was really fun.

robin and jason meet the millers

However, Poulter noted that doing improvisational work with Sudeikis was extremely difficult. And doing scenes with him was virtually impossible," he noted.

The youngster was also taken aback by the terrific improvisational work of Offerman and Hahn in their supporting roles. They smashed the improvisation; they were just amazing at it," he marveled. Poulter's Path To Stardom Poulter said he always wanted to be an actor. During his formative school years, he knew he wanted to perform, but simply did not know how to achieve his goal. Lacking a clear path to his dreams created a great deal of frustration, said Poulter.

I can't get over it. I was in London a few months ago at the University and now I'm out here doing this. It's the most crazy transition.

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Shuffle," "Lead Balloon," and "The Fades. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader," receiving acclaim for his performance. Despite his trajectory, Poulter admits that his relatives are still getting used to the idea of having a movie star in the family.

They'll keep a newspaper if I'm in it. My friends still tape trailers if they see them on the TV. Because it's me," he noted before explaining that he is the only thespian among his relatives.

robin and jason meet the millers

They're all in medicine and all super clever and I'm the performing monkey. They're all so supportive. Couldn't be more supportive.

robin and jason meet the millers

The actor revealed that the production was a blast and complimented Ball on his work. He thinks about how it fits into the larger picture. His supplier Ed Helms, going goofy-dark makes Dave work off what he owes by driving to Mexico to bring back a huge delivery of weed through customs. Since he has an RV to carry it, Dave has to fill the ride with humans to provide cover. So he rounds up a rogues gallery of neighbors in his apartment building and turns them into a fake family, with stripper Rose Aniston as his wife, and a dork and a runaway Will Poulter, Emma Roberts as their kids.

The movie gets on ours, eventually. Though it sometimes can outrun gags you see coming a mile away who'd have guessed this dysfunctional "family" would squabble like a real one? Or that they'd develop a depth of feeling for each other? A few supporting performances shine, including Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn as two would-be-swingin' vacationers, and Roberts, whose turn as a sneery punkette is enjoyably tossed-off.

robin and jason meet the millers

And there are fun small touches to push through, like a clueless Dave reading a Wikipedia entry on "drug smuggling" on his iPhone. Aniston seems a little beyond this stuff. Whereas the mellow Sudeikis doesn't need to go far to find his inner mock-slime, Aniston — once and forever America's favorite ex-girlfriend — is doing the movie equivalent of a pole dance after too many drinks.