Purple and gold gymnastics meet scores


purple and gold gymnastics meet scores

Mar 16, Washington broke its season high on floor, putting up a team score of It was the second week Purple And Gold Intrasquad Meet Up Next · Morgan Bowles Signed UW Gymnastics: Highlights. Close. Top Notch Score out12/5 - 12/5/18 - Norcross, GA · 18th Annual Arctic Blast12/6 - 12/9/18 - Oklahoma City, OK · National Team Selection Competition12/6 - 12/8/ 18 - Kearney, MO · VLAGA Team Atlanta School fo Gymnastics Intersquad12/7 - 12/7/18 - Tucker, GA .. Purple & Green Invitational12/8 - 12/8/18 - Lubbock, TX . Get the latest New Jersey high school girls gymnastics news, rankings, schedules, stats, scores, results & athletes info for high school football, soccer, basketball.

Points may be deducted from acts that do not comply. Dancers who do not perform within 10 acts of their scheduled time may be ineligible for Overall High Point awards. Performers may not enter or exit the stage from anywhere other than the wings. Starting, dancing, and ending the performance in the audience is not permitted. Jumping off the front of the stage is not permitted. No gifts can be presented to the judges in conjunction with a performance.

For safety purposes, props and performers should never come within 1 foot of the stage edge.

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Special stage or house lighting will not be provided for any performance. Rehearsing on stage prior to the start of a competition or after the completion of a competition day is strictly prohibited. At no time are teachers, parents or dancers allowed to practice, rehearse or meet on stage. Failure to abide by the aforementioned rules may result in point deductions. For safety purposes, all props hand-held or freestanding are restricted to a maximum height of 15 feet.

The use of safety railings is recommended. Hanging backdrops and special lighting may not be used. Helium balloons are only allowed if they are weighted and if permitted by the contracted venue. There is no guarantee that power outlets will be available for props that require electricity.

purple and gold gymnastics meet scores

Battery-operated props are recommended. If the weight of a prop exceeds the maximum weight limit for a stage, or if the Competition Director feels the weight of the prop is a safety hazard, the dancers will not be allowed to use the prop. When sliding props or moving scenery, do not alter or damage the backdrop, wings or marley dance floor.

Props must be loaded in and out of the venue on the same day they are used.

purple and gold gymnastics meet scores

Storing props in the wings or backstage is not allowed. KAR will not be responsible for props left overnight or unattended. Any special requests for the assembling of props must be discussed with the Competition Director upon arrival to the venue. All props MUST be labeled with the studio name for identification purposes. Toy weapons are acceptable. However, toys may not fire projectile objects or have blunt points or sharp edges. Hoverboards and motor vehicles are not allowed.

All props should be non-toxic substances.

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No form of liquid, gel, powder, glass objects, aerosol cans of any type including hairspray or spray paint or similar substances may be used that will physically alter the backdrop, wings or surface of the marley floor. Please contact the KAR office if you need further clarification on our prop and set rules. Special note regarding rosin: Rosin must be self-contained and cannot be applied directly on the marley floor. If a performance is requesting to use rosin, KAR must know upon registration so that schedule adjustments can be made to clean up the marley residue post-performance.

There may be point deductions if KAR is not notified about the rosin usage and the marley floor is affected during the act. Contestants must also agree that the time, manner, and method of judging the competition is at the discretion of Kids Artistic Revue. In the event that an infraction was overlooked during a Regional competition, it will be taken into account at National Finals. Technique — 40 points total 2. Stage Presence — 25 points total 3. Execution of Performance — 20 points total 4.

Choreography — 10 points total 5. Technique — 30 points total 2. Overall Entertainment Value — 25 points total 3. Stage Presence — 20 points total 4. Execution of Choreography — 15 points total 5. Costume — 10 points total There is a maximum of points per judge and the total points attainable varies per level.

purple and gold gymnastics meet scores

If a dance, costume, or music is deemed inappropriate for family viewing by the judging panel, it will be scored lower by judges and may not be eligible for Overall High Point awards.

Ties will not be broken for the general competition awards. However, all ties will be broken for Overall High Point awards. General awards are based on composite scores and not on placement within an age group in each category.

Each act will receive one trophy per performance and individual award pins for the dancers in the act. Although acts are competing against an adjudicated point system for general awards, all contestants will compete against each other for the Overall High Point awards within their level and age division.

purple and gold gymnastics meet scores

If there is only one act competing in a particular division, that act will be judged against a point system. The point break for all given awards is determined by the scoring range of that particular competition.

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Any act that performs outside of its original scheduled performance time, will receive General award placements at its assigned awards ceremony. Cash awards will always be given to the overall winner regardless of the number of entries in each division.

All acts must perform on the same day and before their awards ceremony to be eligible for Overall High Point awards.

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If an act does not compete on the scheduled day and time, only a General award will be given, unless pre-approved by the Customer Care Specialists or Competition Director. Entries received after the program is printed are also ineligible for High Point Awards unless pre-approved by the Customer Care Specialists or Competition Director. Overall High Point awards will be divided into the following age divisions: Dancers who have more than one Solo can only place once in the Overall High Point awards.

Gymnastics: 2017-2018 Purple and Gold Intrasquad

Should an act drop below the minimum number requirement for the group size during the competition, it may compete for adjudication only and remain ineligible for Overall High Point awards. Should an act drop below the minimum number requirement for the group size after the program is printed and KAR is notified before the start of the competition, the act may compete in the appropriate division and time for eligibility.

Any entry that does not comply may be disqualified. Absolutely no mailed photos or photogenic entry fees will be accepted in the KAR office. Each winner will be announced and presented with a plaque and an award certificate. All photos not claimed at the registration table by the conclusion of the competition will be discarded unless previous arrangements were made with the KAR office. She also won the title on the uneven bars with a combined two-day score of It was during this meet that she met Andrea for the first time.

Senior career[ edit ] Hernandez made her senior debut in In March, she competed at the City of Jesolo Trophy in JesoloItaly, earning the bronze medal in the all-around with a score of She also earned a silver medal on vault and a gold medal on balance beam, ahead of Smith and Olympian Aly Raisman. She contributed an all-around score of Hernandez also qualified for the balance beam final, but USA Gymnastics announced that she and Biles would not compete in event finals in order to rest them before the Olympics.

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Classic [19] on bars only, scoring At the end of night one, she was tied for second place in the all-around with Raisman, behind Biles, with a score of On night two, she scored She finished the two-day competition in third all-around, behind Biles and Raisman. She placed third on uneven bars and balance beam, and tied for third on floor exercise with MyKayla Skinner. Hernandez scored a Martha Karolyi decided not to put Hernandez onto the bars lineup in qualification due to Gabby Douglas and Madison Kocian both being brought onto the team to maximize their score on bars and to allow Simone Biles and Aly Raisman to qualify to the all-around final.

She also posted the fourth highest score on floor, but did not advance to the final due to Biles and Raisman getting higher scores. August 9 was the Team All Around Finals meaning each country had 3 girls compete on each event and all scores counted.

Hernandez contributed to the team by scoring