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Obito Uchiha (うちはオビト, Uchiha Obito) was a member of Konohagakure's Uchiha clan. to do anything for Madara if it could bring him together with Rin and Kakashi again. . He also met Danzō around this time, for unknown reasons. Obito felt guilty about his actions and declared himself unworthy of seeing Rin in the. When he met Naruto again and was about to attack with his Mangekyo Sharingan, the crow activated and stopped Itachi. This showed a major. "Obito" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Boruto, Naruto shippuden and Anime naruto. See more. Uchiha Madara Mehr Kakashi And Obito, Madara Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, Boruto, Itachi .. Nice to meet you and your works, this is Drawing Lee. meet again. Manga and You don't have to feel guilty Kakashi.

Instead, an Uchiha just has to give you theirs. His teammate Obito Uchiha was pinned beneath a large boulder. Believing himself to be at his end, he offered one of his eyes to Kakashi. Kakashi is known for a long scar that travels through his eye and down the side of his face.

That particular scar was the result of Kakashi taking a blow meant for Obito. Taking the hit is part of what prompted Obito to push Kakashi out of the way of a falling boulder and end up pinned.

The scar and the Sharingan served as a reminder for Kakashi for most of his life. Instead, he created his own version of it in the Chidori. The Chidori allows the user to essentially hold lightning in their hand and use it against their opponent. The speed at which he had to gather and use the lightning was too much for his body to handle when he first created it. He can actually use the electricity he holds in the palm of his hand to cut a bolt of lightning.

In order to use it, he has to also be using the Sharingan. Once he actively uses it instead of keeping it covered, it rapidly drains him. If he does, he suffers dangerously depleted chakra levels. In fact, he could end up bedridden for an extended amount of time until his body recovers. Water Release is most commonly seen amongst shinobi from Kirigakure, the same land where people have teeth like sharks.

Using this nature type means that the shinobi can manipulate existing water around them to create waves, blasts of water, and even water prisons. After losing first Obito and then Rin on different missions, Kakashi was the only member of his team left standing. He suffered from nightmares as a result and began to lose interest in missions altogether.

And Sakura fights, too — the last remnant of Kakashi's Team Seven. They all give their best and even though it isn't enough — it never is — they buy time for Naruto to return. Naruto fights Pain and defeats him, but he wouldn't ever have made it without the help of all the people who gave their lives for him to do so.

Obito doesn't see what Kakashi sees in those few minutes of hovering between life and death. He closes his eye and deliberately refuses to peek. It's a private conversation between father and son that takes place and Obito knows he has no place here. He can close his eye, but he cannot stop listening to Kakashi's heart. He learns a lot during that time, he learns what Kakashi learns and they both keep it in their hearts forever.

If anyone would ask, Obito might admit although it would have to be someone he trusts with everything he has that he is waiting. Waiting for Kakashi to die and join him. The fights don't end here. Danzo is chosen as new Hokage and Obito silently rages while Kakashi smiles crookedly but he isn't able to hide his thoughts from his best friend. And the summit of Kages takes place and Danzo is assassinated by Sasuke and Tsunade-hime wakes and all the shinobi countries go to war against Kabuto and his army of dead.

Obito Uchiha

Kakashi fights, and Obito fights alongside him as they always did. They meet many people — dead and unforgotten and dead and forgotten alike.

They watch from far as Sakura and Naruto fight, as well, and pride is mingled with fear for them. And Sasuke appears again, as well, and Naruto almost dies fighting him and Sakura offers her life in exchange for Naruto's.

Sakura dies and Sasuke returns to Hidden Leaf and Kabuto is killed by his own puppets. It all comes down to fairness, Obito thinks, satisfied, while Kakashi feels the loss of his next student. He loses them all to something, he thinks, Sasuke to the quest for power and to Orochimaru and ItachiSakura to love so she did love Naruto, in the end and Naruto to bitterness because he only now realizes a person never can have everything one wishes for.

Maybe Naruto's loss is the least one because Naruto lost illusions and now sees reality. He lost Sakura in exchange for gaining a thoroughly broken Sasuke and everyone in Konoha is of the same opinion. They'd rather kept Sakura than have Sasuke instead. Sasuke might be broken, disillusioned, abandoned, bitter and empty, but he isn't stupid. He knows exactly what people think about him.

But he keeps his mouth shut, rarely shows himself in public and slowly starts to take up life again. Obito rages, in between fits of justified grim and hysterical laughter.

He does so because Kakashi cannot. Obito blames Sensei for not being around when they needed him. He blames Rin for leaving and never returning. He blames Kakashi for being blind for too long time and for not having been able to save his students. He blames the Uchiha for being traitors, he blames Kushina Uzumaki for having been the kyuubi's host, blames Danzo for having been a thoroughly twisted visionary idiot and Naruto for being Naruto and Sakura for being exactly like Rin, but only during her last breath.

Rin, too, in the end, has given everything for the two men she loved and even though nobody can tell she probably has died for it. Sakura has died for Naruto and Sasuke and left two broken shells without apparent souls. And Obito blames himself for only being able to watch.

Obito watches the world continue to turn. Summer turns to fall and fall to winter and when the first spring flowers bloom, Kakashi and he look outside and see Naruto and Sasuke spar. They do so with great care. They haven't spoken much since last fall, when Sakura died to save them both. Konoha has been rebuilt still is and the war has ended and slowly, oh-so-slowly, peace starts to feel normal again.

Team Ten goes back to meeting on a hill on the outskirts of Konoha to watch the clouds and share a cigarette instead of doing so on the battle field. Team Eight celebrates the Hyuuga heiress' official nomination. Team Twelve goes on a training trip to Wave and returns bruised and bloody and laughing like idiots. Even Hyuuga Neji grins. And Team Seven — the last remaining members of Team Seven — begin to feel again. Naruto casts aside duty and work as the official future Rokudaime for one morning and Sasuke leaves the Uchiha estate for more than a mission the same day and they meet on the training grounds like they have nine years before.

They test each other, test boundaries, never really seem to hit. Naruto doesn't touch Sasuke and Sasuke doesn't seem to know how to react. From a tree, Kakashi and Obito watch and silently discuss whether to intervene or not. Obito want to, Kakashi refuses to, and Obito calls him a hopeless fool and eternal optimist. Kakashi turns out to be right and he never lets Obito live it down: Finally, Naruto lands a solid punch and Sasuke hits back and they somehow ruin the entire training grounds.

Thanks God it is early morning and nobody witnesses their Hokage scream at his oldest friend and enemy like a madman, and, sadly, nobody witnesses the last Uchiha heir having the ground wiped with his ass. And he does fight back and Naruto has to pack his share of punches and in the end, they part without once looking back. But Obito has the feeling that they just might be able to get over Sakura's loss and Sasuke's betrayal and that probably is more than anyone could say about them.

Kakashi feels… confused, perhaps, and thankful and a bit relieved. Maybe life can go on. Kakashi is marking off on him. It seems Obito's becoming the same eternal, hopeless optimist. Obito watches Team Ten laugh again and Team Eight have a picnic in the Hyuuga Estate's gardens and Team Twelve enjoy a training match all-out against their teacher and Team Seven build bridges.

After two years of cold silence, Naruto and Sasuke talk to each other again. Which is just as well. The Rokudaime must be able to talk to his strongest jounin. Obito watches Kakashi die. It's an odd feeling. One second he is there and here, a piece of him alive, another piece extent, and he feels the kunai pierce Kakashi's lungs and torso.

Because Kakashi is Kakashi, he continues fighting and by the time the porcelain mask has fallen to the ground no enemy is alive anymore. The wolf mask cracks but does not break and both smile at the fact that Kakashi lived as a loner and now will die as a loner, alone in the woods of Konoha. But he dies a good death, Kakashi reckons, he has fulfilled a mission and has brought down a terrible enemy and the Rokudaime and the people of Hidden Leaf will be safe.

The Reunion of Kakashi & Obito Two-Man Squad, Minato Stumbles Trying to Counter Madara

Maybe the Rokudaime shouldn't be in the first place in his mind but Naruto is Sensei's son and his legacy and the only one left of what once was Team Seven.

The next second, Obito is standing next to Kakashi, looking down on him. The forest floor underneath them is wet and cool and familiar. Kakashi dies in the place he loves most: Above the still-leafless branches of trees, the bright-blue spring sky is visible.

What is it like? Kakashi asks and Obito needs a second to realize he is really talking to him.

It's beautiful, he replies, and he feels happiness spark inside of him. Kakashi will join them now, will join him and Sensei and Rin and Sakura and all the ones who have been waiting for so long to see him again. Obito has waited, too. Watching isn't the same as seeing. Kakashi does not die a quick death but he does not feel pain.

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His eyes do close, though, and suddenly Obito is blind. There is nothing he can see, nothing he can feel, and he panics. The connection he and his best friend have shared for the past thirty years is gone, suddenly severed by death. All they did was provide a plethora of fights for the different villages. Obito even admitted himself that he could have captured the Tailed Beasts on his own. Under Madara's tutelage, he could teleport, manipulate space and time, and basically, he had the Sharingan ocular powers that could extract the Beasts.

So again, why did they need the Akatsuki, which was basically a team of disgraced and mercenary ninjas for hire? Kishimoto touted them as villains who would play a major role but they either died or underwent redemption.

Obito didn't use them in his end-game so it shows how flawed Kishimoto wrote them in. He would partner Kakashi in their youth as both had tragic and loveless upbringings. What made Yamato special was that as his clone, he was blessed with Hashirama's ability to manipulate wood, which could control the Nine Tails in Naruto. Kishimoto showed that Yamato was just an add-on because apart from arriving late in the series, no mention was made of Yamato early on when Naruto underwent his training.

With Kakashi's Sharingan also able to help quell the Beast and Yamato's skill, Naruto could have controlled his power early on. Kishimoto clearly realized this later and tried to write Yamato in as a by-the-way teacher. If he existed all this time, why not use Yamato from the onset? These purple eyes could even bring back the dead. However, as he was dying, he had the eyes implanted into Nagato so that he would reclaim them when he came back from the dead with Obito's help.

This was a major risk and another big plot hole from Kishimoto. What was to stop Nagato from being killed, losing the eyes or defeating Obito?

Sure, Obito had him join the Akatsuki later on but that took a lot of planning and killing to turn Nagato bitter.