Natsu and lisanna meet again

'Fairy Tail' Creator Teases Who He Thinks Natsu Winds Up With

natsu and lisanna meet again

natsu and lisanna love together when the day she appear and send to other world Extalia till natsu try so hard to find her when the day comes lisanna returns.. . returns to earth with natsu. they were happy again Meet Gray, Cana, Elfman, Loke, Mirajane, and Master Makarov - Duration: Friendship. Lisanna is a fanon rivalry between Fairy Tail Mages, Lucy Heartfilia and Lisanna she comments on how happy she is for them to be able to see each other again. As she looks around again, she sees Natsu, bends down and stares at his . List of Fairy Tail Episodes Episode 95 Screenshots Lisanna is the. The anime added a flashback of Natsu finding Happy's egg and Marl and.

This is just a little one-shot about Lissanna and Lucy becoming friends, with a dash of Nalu just because I couldn't help myself. But then reality dawns on her, and she loses it. She is determined to end her pain, uncapable of bearing with it any longer. However, the person who saves her is someone Lucy never expected to befriend. Hope not by eaf2hina reviews Lisanna suddenly comes back. Lucy and the new members feel out of place with her now alive.

With the endless welcoming parties and nonstop Lisanna topics, the others take their move and handle it their way. What is going to happen to them and the guild? Confrontation by melt reviews Lisanna's had enough of Natsu's insensitive behaviour. Lisanna is eager to make friends and just might be certifiably insane. And Natsu is feeling rather left out of the loop. The pink-haired man would throw a quick apology back but never slowed his speed. Only when he reached the Strauss Residence did he slow.

Natsu took the steps leading up to the front door two at a time. He rapped he knuckles against the door in a rapid motion. As he waited for someone to answer the door he hopped from one foot to the other in an impatient manner. When the door finally opened Natsu rushed inside before even looking to see who it was, nearly knocking the woman with the long white hair over.

Mirajane Strauss stood in the doorway with a look of mock surprise on her face. Why am I not surprised? What's got you all riled up? You said that she'd come back this mornin'. It's almost noon so she should be here right? Natsu turned and looked to see a figure, almost identical to Mira, standing on the landing of a flight of stairs leading to the floor above.

I missed you too Natsu! Natsu only hugged her tighter. From within he drew out a blue sleeping cat. He's gotten really big since you left but he's still Happy! Hey Lisanna are you ready for school tomorrow?

I'm nervous though, High school's got to be way different and I haven't been here in so long. His smile grew even wider when he saw what Mira had made for lunch. It was Monday morning and Magnolia's elite high school, Fairy Tail Academy, was slowly filling with its students. In the main hallway was a small crowd. Everyone was welcoming the youngest Strauss sibling back to school. It's so good to see you! You haven't changed much. Gray upon realizing that his shirt and tie were gone rushed over to his locker to find it.

I have missed you!

'Fairy Tail' Creator Teases Who He Thinks Natsu Winds Up With

Getting to see everyone again? It's great seeing everyone! I missed you all so much! At the mention of his name Natsu smiled his signature goofy grin. He's been dying to see you since Mira and Elfman mentioned you were returning from that boring boarding school of yours to finish high school here. Lisanna laughed at the childishness of her friends.

She probably in the library like she always is. I think Mira might have mentioned her.

The return of Lisana | FanFiction

Not more than twenty feet away a small group of three girls gathered near the lockers opposite the welcoming crowd. That's the crowd welcoming Lisanna Strauss back. She's Mira and Elfmann's younger sister remember? I've already said hi but I'll go with you two if you want to go introduce yourselves. I know Natsu's been looking for you all morning Lucy.

natsu and lisanna meet again

Nice to meet you. Headmaster Makarov has asked to see me about something. I'll see you girls later in class. Natsu, who had been looking for the blonde in the slowly thinning crowd, hoping that she'd come over and meet Lisanna, finally noticed Lucy with Levy and Juvia.

He left Lisanna saying he'd be right back and walked towards the blonde. As he pushed his way through the crowd, Lucy left her friends and began walking in the opposite direction of him.

natsu and lisanna meet again

Lucy turned to look at him. She smiled and waved but continued walking down the hall. She said she had some business with Headmaster Makarov. While on the Tenrou the battle between Fairy Tail and Grimoire heart continues. After the battle between Freed, Bickslow, Lisanna and Rustyrose, Natsu, Lucy and the others arrive at the guild's camp when Lucy is shock to see many Fairy Tail members were injured.

When Wendy decides to use her healing magic, Lisanna stops her and says she must not trouble herself. After Natsu sees that Lisanna is safe, he asks Lisanna what had happened. Lisanna tells Natsu that the camp was attack by Rustyrose and luckily Freed and Bickslow fought for them. Lisanna also says that they're all out of magic power and she is sad because Mirajane and the others are injured. As Lisanna is about to cry, Happy comments that a cheerful character like her must always smile, to which Lisanna agrees.

Although reluctant at first, Lucy agrees to his idea and the three are joined by Wendy, Carla and Pantherlily. Before leaving, Lisanna stops Lucy and tells her to stay close to Natsu, saying that he is stronger when he is surrounded by the people that he trusts. After they flee, the guild celebrates their victory and returns to camp.

Lucy vs. Lisanna

Everything is interrupted when the "Black Dragon of the Apocalypse", Acnologia lands on the island and starts its rampage. Everyone flees after Makarov defends the guild from the Dragon by himself shortly return to help Makarov though. Eventually, the Dragon flies into the air, tired of the battle, and prepares a final attack to destroy the island. All the Fairy Tail members on the island hold hands in an attempt to negate the attack by using defensive Magic.

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They watch as Mavis Vermilion reveals that she was the one who saved them and then disappears. The returning members, are welcomed back by Romeo and the guild celebrates the return of their missing members.