Minato and naruto meet again fast

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minato and naruto meet again fast

Also, I try and avoid Yaoi and incest between Minato and Naruto at all times. the fourth shinobi war leaving Naruto to go back to where he is supposed to belong. As sky ocean eyes met another bright pair, life for the teenager sprang anew in Obito is able to seal the Jūbi within himself a bit faster than he expected, fast. Hiruzen then selected Minato Namikaze seeing how he was Jaraiya's student and ultimately the next best thing. Later, Orochimaru challenged. "I'm sure that the time will come when we meet again. Minato interrupted Naruto before he could finish asking his question to Yamato. They'd had dinner with the rest of the townspeople after a quick search to find the.

In his last attempt he uses the Forbidden: But what will happen if he also sends Sasuke along with himself 18 years into the past? From demon to human.

A new beginning, a new life. Yet it seemed as though a curse had been placed upon Naruto; promising pain and loss. He was predicting it through dreams. Now the dimension hoppers are struggling to figure out what's happening in a world that seems to have gone haywire. This leaves Uzumaki Naruto completely at his mercy. He meets his soon-to-be father and mother. But there is something wrong. Chapter 20 has finally arrived! Belly of the Beast by Mari Falcon reviews Naruto has passed the first two tests of the gods.

Now, he has the chance to get what was stolen from him at birth. The question is, will he? Sequel to 'If Only. But things seem to happen not the way he planned. Now Konoha receives a powerful ally. But why Naruto is not happy at all?

minato and naruto meet again fast

T - English - Chapters: My home is your home by Clarlie reviews Naruto returns from his mission to hear really unpleasant news. Looks like Yondaime is the one who can help him, but who is standing behind the scenes? Will they be able to find it and understand each other at the same time?

What about his wife and son? And why could no one see, feel, or hear him in any way, except this kid? The sound of the doors closing seemed to pull Naruto back to himself, and he grinned sheepishly when he realized Minato had caught him staring after Sara. Naruto narrowed his eyes and pointed his finger at the taller blond. By this time, Naruto and Minato had taken spots at the table beside each other, with Yamato across from Naruto and Shibi across from Chouza.

Kakashi had announced that he would be in the sleeping area, and Minato had dismissed him accordingly. As in, you completed it?

You couldn't have found a more impressive name for it? Something about the chakra cutting chakra, and she can't fix that kind of damage. Then I guess it can't be helped—you'll just have to develop a newer, stronger technique," he said with half his mouth already smiling. This time all three of the other men exchanged a glance, and Minato changed topics with another smile, this one with a twinge of amused disbelief.

And she does still occasionally beat him for it. Then he burst out laughing, dropping the handful of grapes he'd had in his hand onto the table. Tell me that's—No, don't tell me! To recruit a Hokage? And now you call him Pervy Sage? And we found her drunk in a bar, and she beat me up and then decided to take the job!

He wasted so much time on his stupid 'research,' I think it's fair. And you're…what, just now 16? He'd always thought the man would die of boredom or heartbreak or some other dramatic but non-violent manner. I would have gone, but he didn't tell me he was leaving.

He didn't tell anyone he was leaving, except Granny Tsunade.

minato and naruto meet again fast

A code he knew only I could read, since I'd read his manuscripts. That kind of thing is exactly why I'm going to become Hokage. Sacrifices like Ero-Sennin's shouldn't be needed, and when I'm Hokage I'm going to make everybody see that. This shinobi life…ironically, it was all about love and hate, no matter how much he hated that fact. Hate the people who hurt whoever you love, hurt others to defend yourself and your village, love the people who you hurt and hurt the people you love.

Minato Namikaze

Or would love, if you lived long enough to know them. As he looked at the young man beside him—his son, he reminded himself—his heart swelled with pride at who he'd become and regret at not being able to see it firsthand. I know you died to protect the people you loved, and everything you did was for the village and for me, and that's how I'm going to live too. All eyes turned to the wood user. Instead, his eyes shifted to Minato as he explained to Naruto.

Unable to think of anything, but noting the serious expression on the man's face and the way Naruto seemed to actually be listening to him, Minato nodded. Whatever it was that you were about to say, I think it's something that I probably shouldn't know. Even for a short time. He looked once more at Yamato and then again at his father, then nodded to Yamato to let him know he accepted the restriction.

Once Yamato drew the branches back into his sleeve and his hand returned to normal, Naruto remembered the mention of his mother and a question he'd always wished for the answer to came back to him. Minato blinked at the whiplash of the teen's emotions. Anything she cooks is the best thing in the world to come home to. Dinner guests rarely ask for seconds. Does she make good ramen? It's her favorite food too.

I bet it's almost as good as Ichiraku's!

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Old man Teuchi makes the best ramen on the whole planet! His son would never have the chance to try her homemade cooking, and Kushina would never get the chance to share her favorite food with her son.

Our son, he reminded himself yet again. While Minato seemed to lose himself in thought for a moment, Naruto looked around and noticed that the seats previously occupied by Chouza and Shibi were now empty.

Minato snapped himself back to the present, then raised an eyebrow and looked at Yamato out of the corner of his eye. Yamato made a small but dramatic gesture with his hands as if to say "I don't know why he doesn't pay attention to these things.

Once he was gone, Minato turned back to Naruto and propped himself on his side against some cushions, and Naruto followed his lead. Tell me about your team," Minato said, curiosity showing in his smile now that he could give Naruto his undivided attention. Naruto and Minato stayed up late into the wee hours of the morning chatting about their teams.

Naruto told his father about how Team 7 had been his first friends; about Sakura's beautiful pink hair and scary temper and drive to become the best medic nin since Tsunade; about Kakashi's bad habits of being late and always disappearing when it was time to pay the bill at Ichiraku; about the story of Sasuke's leaving to study under the rogue ninja Orochimaru; about Yamato's super-intimidating flashlight-face and ghost stories; about Sai's insulting nicknames for everyone and grudgingly his useful ink jutsus.

Minato told Naruto about the team he'd been on as a genin much to Naruto's disappointment, he'd refused to talk about Kakashi out of respect for the older version of the cranky young chuunin ; about meeting Kushina and how no other girl had ever entered his thoughts after he'd seen her; about learning sealing techniques from her and how she pushed him to perfect every brush stroke to become almost as good at them as she was, scolding him for being a poor student one moment and bringing him homemade study snacks the next.

Minato had just emerged from the bedroom with still-mussed hair and tired eyes. He joined Yamato on the balcony and squinted against the dawn's light. Naruto was still snoring away in the sitting room where he'd fallen asleep mid-sentence only a couple of hours ago, and the other two jounin were still asleep in the bedroom. When you have something special that you want to protect, only then can you become truly strong!

Well the Hokage would do all that and more and he'd do it two times a day! Oh Bushier Brow, it's you! I know that feeling, I've been there, in that dark and lonely place, but now there are others, other people who mean a lot to me. I care more about them than I do myself, and I won't let anyone hurt them. That's why I'll never give up, I will stop you, even if I have to kill you!

They saved me from myself, they rescued me from my loneliness, they were the first to accept me as who I am.

Isn't it so, Sasuke? I'm going to make everyone recognize my existence. If there's such thing as peace, I will find it. I won't give up!

It may have only been for a second, but in that second, they gave me so much Faith that I could finish their jobs!

Faith that I could fulfill the role of a "savior! Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be! Being with a tailed beast isn't such a bad thing [To Nine-Tails] You aren't a monster fox anymore. You're one of my teammates from the Leaf Village Thanks to you I made this far! I will break that curse. If there is any such thing as peace, I will seize it. I won't give up dattebayo!

minato and naruto meet again fast

My sensei told me that a ninja is one that endures Believe it! And I'll never become trash!! And I won't let you kill my comrades!!

minato and naruto meet again fast

Earlier, I was feeling uncharacteristically depressed, but now I feel great!! You know about you I always though that you were just a plain looking, dark weirdo But a person like you Then don't blame me for what happens to you. So this is the full extent of the main branch's strength? This is the unchangeable reality. From the moment you said you wouldn't run, your defeat was inevitable. The only possible outcome was your present despair I can see with these eyes It's taking all your strength just to stand!

You were burdened from birth with the destiny of the Hyuga clan's main branch You've hated and punished yourself for your own weakness and frailty But you need not suffer anymore.

The head family gets special treatment, huh? I have two pieces of advice for you. First of all, of you intend to call yourself a shinobi, stop that stupid cheering of yours- it's disgraceful. Once a failure, always a failure! You can't change that! Naruto, sometimes, your eyes are even better than mine. He will be saved. It's because, Naruto, you saved me from the darkness.

You are the strongest enemy I've ever met The strongest opponent I ever met said this to me: That is what we live with. And we live with it everyday. Only in death are we free of it. Father, I can't be sure if a person's destiny is like a cloud floating on a fixed current that it can't escape. Or if people are able to ride on whatever breeze they choose. I don't completely understand it yet. And maybe the destination is the same, no matter what you choose. Just when you choose one course, along comes someone who's picked a different path, one that's devoted to living life to its fullest.

There's real strength to be found in that love of life, I finally understand that because of this latest battle. Now father, I have only one goal: To become stronger so I won't lose to anyone again. They're finding their freedom too. The only destiny that every person shares. No one can determine another's destiny. Even if my enemy is far stronger. Even if my body should fail me. There is a reason. Everyone, I leave the rest up to you A loser is a loser [to Naruto] There was dust in my eyes.

You see, while coming here, I ended up having to help an old lady who had too much luggage crossing the street. I am Obito Uchiha of the Uchiha Clan!

And one day I'm going to surpass you Sure, in a ninja's world, those who break the rules are considered scum If I'm scum, the rules are no good to me! And if breaking them makes me the wrong kind of Shinobi I'll crush that idea of Shinobi! I'm the only one who didn't get you something for becoming a Jonin, Kakashi. Don't worry, it's not some useless, extra baggage.

Whatever the Village may say. That's how I feel I'll become your eye and I couldn't tell Rin I loved her. I could've spent more time. The moment people come to know love, they run the risk of carrying hate. I'm no one… I don't want to be anyone. All I care about is completing the Eye of the Moon Plan.

This world is completely worthless… there is nothing left in it but misery. That's why I'm pursuing the dream of infinite Tsukuyomi. I want to build a world where heroes don't have to make pitiful excuses in front of graves. Hope… is merely an illusion. Naruto… what do you have in this reality?

You have no father and mother… your master Jiraiya is dead, and as long as you keep opposing, your friends will die one after the other. No one that acknowledges you will survive. And you already know what lies ahead of all this… Loneliness. There's no need to be in this reality, come here Naruto!

There is nothing in my heart! I don't even feel pain!! You don't have to feel guilty, Kakashi. This windhole was opened by this hell of a world. Perhaps you can find something interesting to do while you are alive. Like how you found that flower.

Like how I found you. This child seems quite exceptional His bloodline is that of the Uchiha clan, and his face and his body are very beautiful.

He could be the perfect vessel to succeed me. Well, I sort of have a goal, and if I were to state it in words, I like to see moving things. They're boring when they don't move. A windmill that is not moving can be nice from time to time, but most of the time, it's not even worth looking at. Now, I want to move the windmill with the wind called the Destruction of Konoha All things with a form will eventually perish. I have eternal youth. The body ages, but the mind is immortal. In the grand scheme of time, you're nothing more than a trivial footnote in the brief history of a cluster of huts called the "Leaf Village"!

In time, the Hokage Stone Faces will crumble and be worn down to nothing There is a limit to stupidity! The title of Hokage is a piece of crap. Only an idiot becomes one. I want to master all techniques to understand the truth of this world. That's how I feel when I look at you.