Mighty mom and dyno dad meet the crimson chin costume

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mighty mom and dyno dad meet the crimson chin costume

General Trivia Appearances Images "The Crimson Chin meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad" Images by Character "The Crimson Chin meets Mighty Mom and. The Fairly OddParents S3E15 - The Crimson Chin Meets Might Mom And Dyno Dad. The Nega-Chin was introduced in The Crimson Chin meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad and is known to be the Crimson Chin's evil twin from a parallel universe.

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mighty mom and dyno dad meet the crimson chin costume

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During Timmy's fight with his enemies taking the form of supervillains, disguised as the Crimson Chin, he sends the three to his lair and afterwards, he offers a deal to team up with them to take down Timmy as he knows the secret to his powers in the form of his fairies as Ace the Chin-Hound and Clefto.

Later, the trap was set as the super villains greatly over powered the kids as super heroes, including Cleft. Then Cleft tried wish away all the super heroes and villains, the Nega-Chin counters the wish by stopping Cleft after he said super heroes.

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Forced to be literal in wish granting, the disguised Cosmo and Wanda grants the wish, wishing away all super heroes, taking away their powers and leaving the Earth defenseless to super villains.

Triumphant, the Nega-Chin mocks Timmy and kidnaps his fairies rendering them powerless. Later on, over confident on his victory, he didn't count on Timmy and the Crimson Chin in his alter ego, Charles Hampton Indigo, and the other kids and ordinary everyday heroes teaming up to take them on.

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Believing they'll win in a matter of seconds, while the other villains battle the remaining heroes, the Nega-Chin takes an evil shower. When done, he's surprised to see they actually defeated the other villains. Angered he attempts to blast them with his Nega-vision, but he accidentally breaks Ace and Clefto free from their prison.

mighty mom and dyno dad meet the crimson chin costume

Timmy then quickly wishes the world back to normal, no one from his town would remember what happened and that the Nega-Chin be placed back in the comic. Bitter about his defeat, he wonders why he keeps losing despite all what he did, Timmy informs him that it's all the Crimson Chin Author's doing, since he does write the story.

So the Nega-Chin plans to take down the author himself to finally win as he manages to escape.

mighty mom and dyno dad meet the crimson chin costume

The episode ends with the Nega-Chin finding the author in the real world and beating him to a pulp. It is likely that this failed as well since he is not shown triumphing over the Crimison Chin.