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meet crysta and donna

Apr 2, 10 Noah Tepelidis a Donna North 11 Daniel Perez DQ Rio Grande .. 9 Daisy Chavez a PSJA Southwest 11 Crysta Medina DQ. Dec 28, The girls, Donna, Crysta, Audrey, Melissa, Becca, Ashley, Jen, Nikki, Mika and Beth, all met in the common area Monday morning to go to the. Mar 22, It's so nice to meet you!” She was definitely not what I had expected. My mom just stared, her brow furrowed, and my dad, well, he tried to look.

Wilson went on to say. Wilson and I will check you students to make sure you are lubricated sufficiently to help the judges with their duties.

The Chairman remembered her own days in the dorms. Two obvious points appeared on her tee-shirt in response to the fond memory. Eddie started on one row. They were considerate, taking enough time to do a through job.

The ten girls, now aware of the methods, appreciated the extra effort. Megan and Eddie did not mind taking the added time to be sure. Megan called for the boys to form a line behind the first girl. Fighting temptation, he moved on to the next girl, Crysta, and slowly started to fuck her. Boy 2, entered his first pussy and repeated the action of 1. He noticed that she was still tight, even after having been recently judged.

Each boy proceeded in order to each girl. None of the boys thought to think that each girl would seem tight to them because the boys were lined up in order of increasing width.

None of the girls thought that their fucks were anything but great since each dick was larger then the last. Except for Beth and Mika. Never in their wildest fantasies did either imagine that their first ever sex would be in public, in class with their girlfriends, with four different, very well hung boys. With a male and female teacher directing the event. By the time the boys got to them, they were as nervous as they had ever been, and as hotter than either could remember.

Both had lost their maidenheads, at least partially, to sports. What would the girls at home think of this! Mika and Beth knew that their stories would be told and their friends would be amazed. And both girls knew that the stories would be told over and aver. Girlfriends eventually tell girlfriends everything. Beth felt Boy 1 grip her hips, and felt him touch her pussy lips. She was on the verge of a very public explosion. Soon 1 pushed in slowly, marveling at the tightness. He suspected that this was a rare-to-the-College virgin.

The effort was not entirely needed. Beth was so primed that she had her very own dick-induced orgasm in seconds. Her moan was quite loud. Beth did not know whether to be embarrassed or thrilled. She did not know how her knees would hold her up if this happened while the other three boys make their judgments! Mika, meanwhile had been watching Beth with wide-open eyes. She could not believe how wet her vagina was. OMG, Mika almost was coming in anticipation. Boy 1 started to push into her pussy and she felt herself stretch to accommodate her first penis.

There was a slight twinge as the last vestige of her hymen gave way to the welcomed invader. That sensation merely heightened and completed the sensation of her first fuck.

Mika wondered how she had even lasted this long. Mama must have lied about chastity. She thought about all the wasted time! Beth, getting her second fuck, had a massive orgasm watching her friend get her first boy.

College life was going to be legendary!! Boy 1 realized that she was the second virgin in this group and could not believe his luck.

It was all he could do not to come on the spot! But duty calls and he had move on. By this point in the judging process, all the girls had at least one orgasm by the time Boy 3 fucked them.

Most had had several. Most of the boys had come, too. The girls stopped seeing this as some impartial comparison and saw it as sanctioned orgy. The reality of College life, the purpose of the Code of Conduct notwithstanding, made the girls surprised yet not too shocked by the turn the Health Class had taken. After all, it was part of an official College project, and they knew the consensual rape rules. Ms Martin and Mr. Wilson did make sure that they were aroused, after all.

Everything was by the book. But it did not seem like a penalty, really. Megan observing carefully, making sure that all the students were in compliance with the rules established for the judging process, leaned over and braced herself on her knees.

She forgot that, purely out of habit, that she was wearing nothing but the tee-shirt. The double coverage rule, forbidding panties when the shirt might cover her vagina, was second nature now. Her shaven pussy peaked out behind. She noticed the sudden cool breeze and thought nothing of it. Anyway, she was getting very excited watching the girls being judged for the jump rope fitting.

Her wetness began to drip down her thighs, visible to any who cared to look Eddie cared to look. A lot and closely. Like magic his gym shorts disappeared when Megan passed in front of him with her hands on her knees as she watched the girls. Had anyone been paying attention to anything but their own activities, they would have noticed that Mr.

Wilson was substantially more endowed than even the widest and longest of the boys. That is the characteristic that made the Dean think of him as one of the finest of the Dress Code enforcers. Even the most nonchalant girls remembered their consensual rapes at the end of his tool. Megan hardly noticed when Eddie put his hands on her hips. She did notice when he started to push into her. Old memories flooded back as she stood there and let Eddie have his way with her. Then she remembered that because of her position on staff, the consensual rape rule did not apply to her.

But as the monster orgasm that had been building became very close, Megan decided simply to go with the moment. Not likely that the students would even see, they were too caught up in their own fucks or hanging their heads down attempting to recover their balance. Eddie, experienced ex-inspector that he was, kept up through his orgasm and through quite a few of hers.

Nostalgia felt good today. By now, all had finished the judging section of the class and the boys went over to the bleachers to enter their opinions and to tabulate the result. They discussed it for 30 minutes, but could not agree. The four boys went back to Ms Martin and Mr.

Wilson, admitting to arriving as a hung jury. They owed it to the College to evaluate the Pilot Program so that it would pass peer review in the future. It was illustrated with pictures that look like they came out of the 's -- girls wearing pant-suits and long dresses. Well, I think--" "I mean girls don't want to wear such long dresses any more, am I right, Donna? Girls just don't wear panties any more, am I right? Crysta smiled, and Donna shrugged, being careful not to shrug too much, wearing just a t-shirt.

Donna's dad went on, "I hate to think of you girls all bundled up in outmoded clothes just because of some stupid Dress Code. I don't want you to get in trouble. I'm bottomless, and you're wearing panties! When does the Dress Code go into effect? Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. I never really got over my shyness last year, so I really wanted to work on that over the summer.

My goal was to work up to a point where I was wearing even less clothes over the summer, so I could come to school and feel decent. My plan was to wear just t-shirts around the house, and then 'forget' to put anything else on to go out with my friends.

I tried wearing a size 'large' t-shirt to go out with my friends to the mall. I've worn baggy t-shirts before with shorts, and sometimes the shorts are completely covered. So who would know I was bottomless this one day? With my friends all around me I said 'bye dad', and started out the door, but this time he asked me what I was wearing under the shirt. I said shorts, but he didn't believe me.

He made me lift up my shirt to show him. I kept hoping one more inch would do it, and he would say 'OK'. But he made me lift up my shirt higher than my belly button, with everyone looking at me. It was so obvious I was naked, but he still made me lift my shirt higher, so it was covering my face. Everyone was so quiet, just looking at my utter humiliation, it made me juicy, which only made it worse. Then he pulled my shirt right off me. I was so embarrassed standing there naked with all my friends around me.

He sent me to my room to put on some panties. I found a pair of panties that left very little to the imagination, just to spite my dad. He looked at my crotch, and shook his head with dismay, but he let me have my shirt back.

I climaxed as I felt it cover my tits. I ran out the door because I didn't want him to know how turned on I got by being humiliated that way. Her name is Willow, which is a good name for her, so tall and thin, with long, straight hair.

She was a year ahead of me in High School. I told her that I needed to convince my dad that girls just don't wear panties any more, and she said she would help me. One day, she wore her shortest dress -- a sexy dark blue metalic micro-mini skirt, really tight with slits up the sides to her waist.

You just can't wear panties under that kind of dress. Even a thong wouldn't look right -- the straps would show through the slits. And let me tell you, this dress was really cute on her. The front covered her so exactly that any movement, no matter how slight, was enough to flash her cute little pussy. Did it cover her asshole, at least? But how did that help you? That's a good one. Then he said something like 'out of style? They just don't make clothes you can wear panties with any more.

The next day I went out with my friends in a 'medium' t-shirt, so I could show off my cheeks a bit. My dad made me lift my shirt in front of my friends, which was really embarrassing, because I still wanted to keep them guessing whether I was wearing panties. I turned on the charm. I lifted my shirt up all the way past my tits to show him I was completely naked under it, and then I said 'daddy, please don't make me wear panties, because girls just don't wear panties any more'" Crysta laughed, "I can just picture you with your perky little tits holding up your shirt, standing with your legs apart, batting your sexy eyelashes at your dad.

It worked, did it? He asked my friend, Faith, whether she wears panties. Faith said no, and I was desperately hoping that would be good enough for my dad, and maybe it would have been except for her boyfriend, Hayden, who teased her. It was a game to those two, but not to me. I was afraid Faith would be wearing panties, and that would destroy all my plans.

Before long, Hayden caught up to Faith, and stripped her naked on our front lawn. Faith wasn't wearing any panties, either. My dad laughed, and told us to have a good time, convinced now that panties are out of style. Bless their hearts, the girls got together and decided to forgo the panties just in case, to help me out.

The other girl, Lauren, was prepared to strip, too, if necessary. She's really shy, though, so she was glad she didn't have to strip for my dad, the way Faith did. Lauren and I sat next to her. With all the excitement, I had forgotten to pull my top back down over my tits, and the boys thought that was very funny.

They said Lauren would have to show her tits, too, or else Faith wouldn't get her top back. But Lauren was too shy. I begged her to lift up her top for the boys, but she just wouldn't do it. The boys drove to the mall, and got out, leaving us three girls in the back seat, and poor Faith was stark naked.

We didn't want to leave her by herself that way, so we stayed with her, hoping the boys would take pity on her and bring her top back. Finally, Hayden returned and told us how Faith could get her top back. Lauren and I would have to give Hayden our tops, and then the three of us would have to walk -- completely naked -- from one end of the mall to the other. Then we would all get our tops back. I took off my shirt, and gave it to Hayden.

I felt embarrassed already to be naked, and we were only in the parking lot. Faith was nice to me, though, soothing me with her touch. In a way, the heat was off us, because we were already naked. I leaned back and relaxed, as Faith stroked my thighs. It was a bit cramped with the three of us in the back seat of the convertable, though, and so I told Lauren that there wasn't anything that could be done, except just to do it.

I don't even think she had ever gone bottomless before. The poor girl started crying. She begged to be driven home. Faith and I gently tugged at her top, saying it was all just in fun, and she should go along with it. I noticed Lauren's pussy was open like a pretty pink flower.

She flinched as my hand accidently brushed against her juicy pussy. I pressed my palm against it, with my fingers curled between her butt cheeks, and felt her pulsing. After she came, she relaxed, and let us take off her top, which we handed over to Hayden. Lauren said she had never felt anything like that before in her life, and if it took being stripped naked to feel that way again, she was all for it. Lauren and I had a lot of fun in the mall. While Faith spent most of her time trying to hide behind things, Lauren and I jumped in the fountain and splashed each other.

Lauren hugged and kissed me a lot, too. I was a little embarrassed because Lauren's kisses excited me, and she knew it. She did everything she could to excite me more. I sat on her lap, facing her, while she gave me the world's best back rub -- from the shoulder blades, down between my butt cheeks, and then along my inner thighs, teasing me mercilessly while she kissed me. She giggled when I came. I had to agree. It was almost a disappointment when we reached the end of our walk, and Hayden finally handed us our tops.

We stopped kissing long enough to slip them on, but then we kissed some more. We didn't even care that our butts weren't covered, we were having so much fun. She just needed a little push.

She said she had been reborn. And the catalyst was going out of her house just once bottomless. She told me she was through wearing panties. Anyway, for the whole rest of the summer I never saw her in panties again. She had the same trouble with her parents, though. Lauren called me up one day to say she wanted to wear a really cute outfit but her mother wouldn't let her out of the house. She begged me to come over, naked from the waist down, so her mother could see other girls dress that way.

I asked her if that was a little extreme, but she begged me, and said I would understand when I saw how cute her outfit was. I tried on all my t-shirts, and none of them were small enough. Naked from the wasit down," Donna repeated, as if she could scarsely believe it. Take a look," she drew a line across her body. Do you realize that means naked from the small of the back on down? Just sit back, and enjoy the story. Here, let me help you with your panties.

Donna sat down next to Crysta, and rested a hand in her lap. None of my t-shirts were small enough, but I remembered a cute little yellow camisole I had tucked away in the top drawer of my dresser. I picked it up.

meet crysta and donna

I could see right through it. But it was cute, so what the heck, I tried it on. I felt really sexy in it -- maybe a little too sexy. You see, it didn't completely hide my breasts. But then I thought about it, and I realized no one would notice my breasts anyway, since I would be naked below the waist. I just couldn't do it. I went downstairs, dressed only in my sexy yellow camisole, and as luck would have it, both my mom and dad were in the kitchen.

I went in and fixed myself a bowl of cereal, pretending nothing was wrong. I saw my dad look me up and down, so I knew the wheels were turning in his head, but he didn't say anything right away. My mom asked me what my plans were for the day, and I said I was gonna drop by Lauren's house for a bit. My mom asked me if I was going to put something on first, and so I played dumb. What do you mean? Then I started in on them.

The two of you are something else! Always fixated on me wearing panties! Can't you get it through your thick heads that girls just don't wear panties any more? Do you always yell at your parents that way? I was really trying to get them to make me wear panties, or ground me, or anything to prevent me from going, half naked, to Lauren's house. Anything to get me off the hook. Both my parents started saying things like oh, honey, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to make you so upset. My dad came over to me and gave me a hug.

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Eventually, one of them settled on my butt. He stroked it sweetly as he said how sorry he was, and that he just wasn't thinking about today's fashions. I'm sure my dad didn't realize it, but his fingertips brushed very close to my butthole with each gentle stroke, and it was making me excited. How embarrassing is that? To be turned on by your dad! So I just got out of there.

You must have felt almost naked! I smiled sweetly at the people I passed, but I was dying inside. The only thing that saved me was that little yellow top. I was past caring whether people could see my nipples through it, I was just so thankful to have it. I closed my eyes and imagined it expanding in size, so that it covered my naked ass, and my nubile pussy.

Then I opened them slowly, careful not to look at myself, and the illusion held. I was able to hold my head up high, imagining I was fully covered by that sexy little top. I'm so happy you were able to do that!

Donna leaned back, enjoying Crysta's attention. But then reality came crashing back on me when I arrived at Lauren's house. I remembered why I was there, dressed that way. I had to convince her mother that all the girls dress this way. I rang the bell, and waited.

I crossed my legs, and looked around. Luckily, no one was about just then. I was so hoping it would be Lauren, but it was her mom. You must be Donna, she said. Yes, hi, I said, waving at her. I felt so silly, standing in her front hall. I could feel her eyes searing my naked flesh. It seemed like ages before she appeared at the top of the stairs.

Her eyes widened when she saw me. Wasn't that the plan? She was wearing a thin blue micro-minidress. As I watched her come down the stairs, I could see she wasn't wearing anything under the dress. Did you walk over here like that? It turned out the girl was confused about femail anatomy.

She didn't know where her waist was. Maybe she meant 'hips' or something. Anyway, what's done is done, she said. She turned to her mom and told her all the girls are going bottomless. Her mom rolled her eyes, and said, 'Yes, I see.

She led me into their family room. I said hi to the girls, and noticed they weren't wearing any panties, either. I said sure, and sat between the young girls instead. The last thing I wanted was that old man's hands all over me. The girls loved my outfit, and one of them asked her dad if they could take off their skirts, too. He thought about it, and said, 'well, I guess it would be OK.

The other one hesitated, and I could see why: Her sister asked her what she was waiting for, and she shrugged, and took off her clothes. Can you picture it? She was really pretty, and just old enough to have puffy little tits. The little girls were so cute! They leaned their heads on my shoulders, and rested their hands in my lap. I wished they would move their hands because I was pretty wet, and I was afraid they would be put off by that.

But they wiggled their little fingers into my pussy, and played with me while we watched TV. I had mixed feelings when Lauren got me up to go out with her: I was glad showing up bottomless convinced her mom it was OK for her to wear that micro-minidress, but I was a embarrassed that her cute little half-naked cousins got me almost to orgasm with their dirty old dad watching.

With seconds to go before cumming, I stood up, and said what a pleasure it was to have met everyone. Lauren took my hand, and we were out the door. It was an indescribable experience having two little girls stroke me, their innocent little fingers probing me everywhere.

I was so afraid I would cum, I was actually shaking. Not in a sexual way, anyway. Especially with their dad watching us. So it was all one-sided. It was all about my pleasure. And something about trying so hard not to cum just made the whole thing that much more exciting for me.

Let me tell you, for a skinny girl, she's pretty strong. She threw me down her front lawn, and got down on her hands and knees over me, with her ass facing the people looking at us from inside the house, and my pussy facing the sidewalk where I prayed no little old ladies would walk by. Donna, it was horrible! She teased me mercilessly, tickling my feet, and stroking the whole length of my legs, forcing me to spread them wide and arch my back.

All it would take was one lick of my pussy and I would be done. But she dragged it out something horrible. I grabbed her beautiful butt, and lapped her like a dog, from her pussy to her asshole, over and over, but she still wouldn't finish me. At one point, as I was licking her cute little pucker, she ripped off her own dress and started screaming! I reached up as high as I could, rubbing her back, her belly, her thighs, and licking her like a thirsty dog.

She's so cute when she cums, Donna. She arched her back and screamed as her juices gushed out of her pussy. Then she collapsed in a heap on top of me with her face right on my pussy. Only then did she give me the one or two licks I had been begging for, and I came, too. I'm so glad you found such a good friend," Crysta said, stroking Donna's belly with her fingertips.

We knew everyone had been watching us from inside the house, and so we didn't want to stick around. We laughed hysterically about the show we must have put on for the neighbors, but we were so happy we didn't care.

Then, after we had been driving for about five minutes, I noticed Lauren had forgotten her dress! She had left it on the front lawn. Lauren hit the brake.

meet crysta and donna

She wanted to turn around and get it, but I urged her to keep going. She hit the gas, but then reconsidered, and hit the brake again. We must have lurched three or four times before Lauren finally decided she wouldn't be able to take another afternoon naked in public. By the time we got back to her house, everyone was out on the front lawn, including her two naked cousins.

One of them was holding Lauren's dress. She giggled as she handed it over. One beautiful naked girl handing a micro-minidress to another beautiful naked girl -- a real Kodak moment! Lauren took the dress, and got back in the car. We all waved bye again, and took off. I really just meant for you to be, you know, bottomless, but still more or less covered. Do you think you'll be OK where we're going?

Donna looked down at her pussy and saw it was pretty ripe.

meet crysta and donna

I just can't get them out of my mind! We got to the park, and there was Hayden, in basketball shorts and a tank top, and Faith -- stark naked! Lauren was so glad to see her friend she left her dress in the car. Now I was the only one with a stitch of clothes on, can you believe it? I asked Faith why she was naked, and she said she just felt like it. Hayden said, 'tell her the real reason, Faith.

Lauren and I looked at Hayden, who put up his arms in a gesture of innocence. She knew the punishment. How many times does she have to be stripped before she breaks up with Hayden?

Were you doing anything illegal? There's a park regulation against naked girls. The cops said I was fine because I wasn't completely naked, but the other two girls had to put something on or they would be hauled off to jail. I started to tell Lauren to get her dress out of the car, but she shushed me. She asked the cops if it would be OK to wear Hayden's shorts. They looked at each other, and said OK. Hayden said what about my shirt instead? Lauren said he should give that to Faith.

The cops nodded, and waited for Hayden to strip. He took off his shorts first, and we could see he already had a pretty big boner. He gave them to Lauren, who pulled them up. She tried to tighten the string, but it was no use. As tight as it would go, she was still swimming in his shorts, and had to hold them up.

Next, he took off his shirt, and gave it to Faith. It came down to her knees, but it was so loose it really didn't hide her boobs at all. In spite of their shortcomings, Hayden's clothes fit the girls well enough to satisfy the cops. They let the girls off with a warning, which they each had to sign. We all laughed -- even the cops -- when Lauren had to use two hands to sign the ticket, because as soon as she let go of her shorts, they fell to the ground, leaving her naked as a jaybird!

Since he was naked, didn't he have to go off to jail?

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Hayden was really embarrassed by his boner. Every time it would go down, one of us pointed it out. Sometimes that was all it took to give him another hard-on. Other times, one of us would kiss him, and rub his chest while the others would watch it rise.

His dick was really pretty, if I can use that word. He shaved completely, the same as us, so it was really fun to lick it. Lauren giggled every time she licked his balls because of the way they contracted. The three of us held him down on his back and attacked the poor boy mercilessly until he begged us to let him out of his misery.

We were all pretty wet, but Faith was the wettest, I think, and besides Hayden is Faith's boy, so she lowered herself onto him, and he came right away while Lauren kissed him and stroked his chest.

Meanwhile I knelt over Hayden's head, facing Faith, and stroked her tits. Then, as Hayden licked me, I hugged Faith, rubbing her back, and her butt. Hayden was still hard, and Faith was moving up and down, letting the full length of his penis in and out as I rubbed her cheeks, and fingered her asshole. Hayden kept licking me the whole time, and before long, Faith and I came together. Hayden, bless his heart, kept licking me as Faith and I kissed.

Mmmmm," Donna hugged Crysta, as she recalled the sweet taste of Faith's lips. I think I came again, and maybe Faith did, too, as I kept fingering her ass, and she kept riding up and down on Hayden. Either that or we had one really long orgasm! It was really delicious. Donna had been so wrapped up in her story that she didn't even notice she had been re-enacting the story, hugging Crysta with one hand, and fingering her asshole with the other.

When she realized Crysta was about to cum, Donna rubbed her pussy with the palm of one hand, and fingered her asshole with the other. After a few seconds, she softened, and the girls hugged tenderly.

meet crysta and donna

One reporter whispered to another, "Boy is she gonna be sorry she forgot to put her clothes back on! Bambi glared at them. Then a feeling came over me. It's hard to describe.

I felt like I was stuck in some kind of cobweb. It was hard to breathe. My little bathing suit felt really tight.

MAMMA MIA! 2 Here We Go Again "Young Sam & Donna" Movie Clip

I thought something was wrong with it, like maybe it was shrinking. I was really afraid it would kill me, but I was embarrassed to take it off. I didn't know what to do, but the pain got so bad, I realized it was a choice between my modesty and my life. Faced with that choice, what would you do? I took off my top.

I hid behind the tree as best I could, not daring to move from its cover. But then my bottoms started feeling tight, too. They dug in between my lips so hard I was afraid they would cut me. So I took them off, too. I must have screamed, because a whole bunch of people gathered to see me hiding behind the tree, and well, it just isn't big enough to hide behind, so I was really embarrassed.

Instead, she continued taunting the reporter. She realized too late she was in a no-win situation, and blushed as all the other reporters laughed. The laughter died down, and the reporters, even the pretty lady, were interested to hear Bambi's story. But Bambi just wouldn't let the pretty reporter off the hook. A whole lot of clapping and cheering broke out. The lady slowly lifted the hem of her dress, then said "I'm sorry, I just can't do it.

Bambi was delighted the focus of the news conference had shifted away from her.

meet crysta and donna

Then one person yelled, "what if she's not wearing any panties? All eyes were on him as his fingers tickled her most tender area.

She relaxed as he probed between her cheeks, letting him fondle her asshole, and then she spread her legs as he felt her wet inner lips. She couldn't say anything more as she was on the edge of cumming.

He withdrew his hands. As the crowd murmured disappointment, she came. His act of kindness toward her was all it took.

Suddenly, the naked girl standing before the reporters describing her urgent need to get naked seemed unimportant. As the other reporters continued to pepper the poor girl with questions, all she wanted to do was wrap her arms around her savior and kiss him. He clasped her cheeks with his strong hands beneath her short dress. She felt his excitement as their bodies pressed together. She wrapped her legs around him and held on tight.

Feeling his strong fingers on her asshole, she came again. She had picked a very good day to forget her panties. Girls' Muff Guide Some girls are shy when they first grow their bush, because they've grown up thinking their bush still needs to be covered up.

This is a pictorial guide for you, the shy girl who wants to get over her shyness in time for our annual Muff Day celebration!