Meet and move tu darmstadt 2014

Technische Universität Darmstadt

meet and move tu darmstadt 2014

tax in Hesse ) is collected directly with the wage tax; in other words, it is In Germany, when you move to a new city, you must register within one week of. Successful Participation of the PtU at the Ultramarathon. TU meet & move On July 6th the TU Darmstadt once again invited to the annual. TU meet & move On July 6th the TU Darmstadt once again invited to the annual Campusparty TU meet & move, where numerous culinary and cultural.

August 24, Dear Mundus Urbano alumni and friends, For the past 10 years the Mundus Urbano Program has been providing urban professionals and researchers with innovative solutions required to address the increasing needs in the field of international cooperation in urban development.

To celebrate this occasion we are happy to invite you to join us for a day of discussions, exchange of experiences and networking in Darmstadt on October 7th, Remembering the past, envisioning the future Thinking across the theory-practice divide: We look forward to your presence and participation, please send us a confirmation to mail mundus-urbano.

URI will embody a network of institutions including: We look forward to next meeting and fruitful collaboration with the URI partners!

The Consortium was represented by: We meet again soon! With a focus on housing and sustainable urban development, Habitat III gathered stakeholders Member States, multilateral organizations, local governments, private sector, academia and civil society from all over the globe to join the dialogue on how to realize a sustainable growth in cities facing challenges of rapid urbanization and climate change.

meet and move tu darmstadt 2014

The partner organizations will jointly work toward urban resilience in line with the post sustainable development frameworks including the New Urban Agenda.

URI will address the specific challenges for urban resilience transition creating a platform for collaboration on growing research interests, facilitation of increased interaction between research and practice, and the support of a growing community of practice. TUD will assist through research and data management to improve the efficiency of Water Operator Partnerships, where water and sanitation utilities co-develop solutions and the capacity to improve, establish new regimes, monitor progress and strategically plan next steps.

Mundus Urbano representatives in Brussels Photo: The event was intended to kick off a networking process as well as to provide support for the implementation of projects. Great importance was given to the exchange of experience among the Master programmes themselves, so that lessons learned and good practices identified under the previous Erasmus Mundus programme can be used as a feeding ground for the new generation of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees.

The conference offered a complementary mix of plenary sessions and practical workshops on themes such as added value of joint programmes, employability, promotion, sustainability, etc.

Moreover, plenty of networking opportunities were provided to the participants - all in order to make Erasmus Mundus Master programmes even better experience. Success at the "Designing Resilience in Asia "! Resilience refers to the ability of an urban systems to respond to natural disasters and to cope with their consequences.

Einladung zum TU Meet and Move, dem Campusfest der TU Darmstadt

In the focus of this year's competition task was the Valenzuela City in the metropolitan Manila, Philippines, which is plagued by typhoons several times a year due to climate change.

In addition to storm and heavy rain, Valenzuela faces the challenge of almost permanent flooding that affects life in the city. The students were expected to develop prompt and innovative urban, architectural and building technological measures enabling the residents to deal with the new climatic challenges.

Of the ten participating universities from Asia, Australia, US and Europe a total of 19 projects were submitted and presented to the jury in Singapore. The Faculty of Architecture was represented by two design proposals. Apart from the actual planning area in Valenzuela, the winning design considered the entire river and waterflow system of Manila, which is mainly responsible for the floods.

The rivers of Metro Manila get loaded by enormous amounts of water during the rainy seasons, which can not be efficiently drained due to heavy contamination, erosion and illegal construction. Besides the use as an open green space, introduction of this park also addressed various social and cultural aspects, as well as the necessity to renature the rivers in order to support the natural ecosystem.

In addition, the park offers great compensation areas and polder zones, and thus not only increases the capacity of the existing 'La Mesa' dam, but also creates a second reservoir to respond to the increased heavy rain events.

A relief channel in the city itself leads the water from the linear parks in a controlled manner towards the sea, thus protecting the urban environment. The project was coordinated by Prof. Annette Rudolph Cleff, Dipl. Since the official opening of this manifestation on innovative approaches to current urban challenges, the intention was to promote thinking outside the box in different ways and through different media.

Athene reist Fotogalerie – Technische Universität Darmstadt

During the past four weeks, diverse socio-economic issues, uncertainties of climate change and above all unpredictable impacts of urbanization were all in the focus of this exhibition and lecture series.

During the first session, emeritus professor Alan Mabin from Wits University of South Africa dealt with the rising issues of affordable housing in 21st century city. In the present climate of migrations, popular disenchantment with political elites and economic difficulties, affordable and decent housing remains a growing challenge.

This lecture offered a broader perspective on the concept of affordable, reminding us that affordable housing also requires maintenance and renewal.

Neglect of these vital issues can lead to immense problems in public housing projects and other schemes, as it already happened over the past generations. His lecture highlighted the efforts to integrate disaster risk management into the already complex urban development agenda, challenged by missing functional links between the still very separate sectors of academia, commerce, and aid.

In addition to that, also our approach to the concepts of risk and disaster need to evolve and adopt a broader perspective. And today I am running Zhejiang Institute of Intelligent Robot, researching automatic guided vehicles and industrial robots.

Der Arbeitssaal im 3. Noch kann man nicht viel sehen, weil die Ausgrabungen noch weitergehen. Hier habe ich mit zwei befreundeten Architekten die Kollaboration a. Das macht es nicht immer einfacher; z.

meet and move tu darmstadt 2014

Wo soll das passieren? Wie auf dem Bild ersichtlich auch sehr gut geeignet zum Ski-Fahren oder Schneeschuh wandern. InI moved to San Francisco with the intention to stay for two years and learn about urban planning in the U.

I fell in love with the city and the beautiful Californian landscapes, and I have been living here for over 17 years now. I have worked as an urban designer in several small and large firms and started my own practice, Urban Field Studio, three years ago.

I also work as a motorcycle instructor on the weekends. What I really like about living in the Bay Area is that it truly lives up to its reputation as a melting pot, where people of all nationalities and cultures come together. There is a small community of German architects and other German and European expats as well. The photo is taken at one of my favorite spots in San Francisco, at Crissy Field.

This is a beautiful park along the waterfront in a formerly underutilized area and has become a popular spot to view the city's most treasured landmark, which is — yes, you guessed it — the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge never ceases to fascinate even after all these years and having crossed it many times.

It looks different every day. Sie war die erste Frau, die in diesem Studiengang absolviert hat. Ich habe von Maschinenbau studiert mit dem Abschluss Diplom-Ingenieur. Kennengelernt haben wir uns im Studentenwohnheim.

meet and move tu darmstadt 2014

Mit der TU Darmstadt sind wir daher in besonderer Weise verbunden: Seit drei Jahren leben und arbeiten wir beide in Wuxi P. Chinaeine Stadt, die sich ca. Ich lebe jetzt seit 4. Doch nicht alles im Emmental ist derart beschaulich. Das Bild wurde wenige Kilometer entfernt von meinem Arbeitsort im Emmental aufgenommen. I fondly remember that time.

I wrote my final thesis on logic, on model theory to be precise. It was a very abstract topic, and the private sector does not engage in the research of model theory for lack of practical applications. I shared the fate of most mathematicians and left my field of study behind when I entered the world of work.

My first job was in London, at Commerzbank in the market risk function. Market risk is reasonably technical, although less abstract than mathematics. Still, my work was interesting. I stayed there for three years before moving to Barclays. Being a bank supervisor is a very diverse job.

A vibrant university – Technische Universität Darmstadt

I get to work on an incredible breadth of topics, more than most other professions would allow me. Athene hat am 4. Today I live in New Zealand working as a consultant in environmental engineering and hydrogeology across the north and south islands. The photo was taken from a boat in the Manukau Harbor in Auckland during one of the many sailing races around the volcanic island of Rangitoto.

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Auckland, known as the city of sails, is the city in the world with the largest concentration of sailing boats per-capita, so its fairly easy to join a boat in need of crew for the many sailing trips around the harbor every week, just make sure you know how to swim. Im Metroplex Dallas — Fort Worth leben und arbeiten ca. Athene kam am I am originally from Brazil, and after my wonderful exchange period in Germany I returned home and graduated from my university.

The cultural and academic experiences I lived in TU Darmstadt were essential for me to succeed both in my professional and personal life, and I still have close contact with some of the friends I met during that time.

I finished my Habilitation in Bielefeld in and was funded on a Heisenberg stipend from I am currently running the Center on Aging and the Aging Mind and Brain Initiative at the University of Iowa most likely for the next three years health permitting. At age 71 I plan to retire. Since I am a faculty member at the Texas Tech University.

The picture shows me at the seal at the main entrance. I am married to Patty Giesselmann, who I met here in Lubbock and we have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren. After my graduation I started to serve Mekelle University in teaching, research and giving community services up to date.

TU Meet and Move 2014 – TU Darmstadt , Germany

Mekelle University College was established in as the Arid Zone Agricultural College which had been a military barrack since the time of Emperor Menelik. But starting from this recent year, Mekelle University became a home of sciences owning greater than seven colleges and eleven institutes with a great performance. Mekelle University is ranked as the 2nd University from Ethiopia and rd in the World Ranking The picture was taken at the gate of main campus of Mekelle University, Ethiopia.

Ich bin zufrieden mit meiner Arbeit und froh, dass ich immer noch meinen Bezug zu Deutschland halten kann.

A vibrant university

Programme for Civil Engineering. Two years into my studies VordiplomI was selected to participate in the double degree programme T. This had been a great opportunity for me to meet students from other universities throughout Europe and to study in an international environment. As part of the T. That same year, I was hired by Bouygues Construction, a large French construction company and one of the biggest worldwide.

For over the past 10 years, I have worked within Bouygues on major construction projects, specializing my works to the preconstruction stage.

meet and move tu darmstadt 2014

The photo was taken in downtown Miami, right next to our office. It was like dream comes true and a life changing event for me. I completed my masters degree of Geophysics and Geoscience at the University Of Dhaka, Bangladesh and was working in a mining company from Australia.