Marius and cosette meet the robinsons

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marius and cosette meet the robinsons

Marius and Cosette's love for each bring HOPE to this tragic tale- they are meant for . were Adam Bayjou (Jean Valjean) and Talia Simone Robinson (Eponine). . I actually went to stage and met Adam Bayjou and he signed my playbill. In the middle of Marius' and his friends' rebellion, Cosette plans to run visit, call or visit the Robinson Center. After meeting Thénardier, who is robbing the corpses of the At Marius and Cosette's wedding, the Thénardiers try to blackmail Marius. in To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch makes the unpopular decision to defend Tom Robinson. How.

Marius asks him to leave him and Cosette. He then allows Valjean to visit her each evening, but makes those visits increasingly difficult until Valjean stops coming. While Marius, assuming the worst about Valjean's character, searches for the real origin of Cosette's money, Valjean loses the will to live and becomes bedridden. As Marius looks on, Valjean tells Cosette the story of her mother Fantine and how he came to be her guardian. Character role[ edit ] Critics have often considered Cosette to be something of an empty figure, with no real independent character apart from the role she plays in the lives of others: Grossman remarks, she brings out the "hatred of humanity" that is typical of Hugo's villains.

Mario Vargas Llosa says of her relationship to Marius, Now the love between these two is completely ethereal; the sex drive has been surgically removed so that their relationship can be purely one of feeling. Before the wedding the young people exchange one kiss, which is not repeated because, as the narrator says, neither Marius nor Cosette was aware of the existence of carnal desire The dialogue between these two virtuous lovers is as unreal as their amorous behavior.

For this reason, the episodes where the two lovers talk to each other are the most artificial moments in the novel. She is the primary motivation for several characters in the novel to lift themselves out of darkness, regardless of whether or not they succeed. For this reason the picture of her sweeping the inn in the evening is often the image most associated as being singularly representative of the main themes of the book, and is used frequently on the cover.

Cosette can be seen as a strong female lead in the novel, aiming to achieve happiness ultimately in her life. Ultimately, with Marius, she succeeds in doing so.

marius and cosette meet the robinsons

She can be seen as restrained by the time in which she lived, but still full of hopeful innocence and subtle strength. In the musical[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources.

marius and cosette meet the robinsons

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message In the stage musical based on the novel, Cosette is a principal character played by two actresses, a younger female for Montfermeil in and an older female for Paris in Her role as an adolescent is condensed while her joy in singing and reading is only implied specifically in "Castle on the Cloud".

marius and cosette meet the robinsons

Many other details of her character including her passionate nature "A Heart Full of Love" are similarly portrayed by implication in the songs she sings.

It was December of when I finally decided to watch the 25th anniversary concert. Like I said earlier, I watched this concert because Samantha Barks, my favorite Eponine, played Eponine in this concert. Like expected, Samantha Barks was wonderful in this concert. Ramin Karimloo would be such a passionate Enjolras. So I also own this concert so my Les Mis collection keeps on growing. This concert is worth watching due to an incredible cast. My dream of seeing Les Mis in the West End came true soon after developing my dream for wanting to see it in London.

My family was going up to England in to go on a pilgrimage with our church. The choir was going to be in residence at Bristol Cathedral and that pilgrimage started in London. So inmy family went up two days early, which I found out in That was when I started convincing my parents to take me to see Les Mis in London. I remember in June sitting in my room and my mom texted me emojis of the French flag and musical notes and I do not know what she was talking about.

She told me to check my email. My dream was going to come true and that day was July 30th, I remember on July 30th, it took a while to find the theatre.

Marius Pontmercy

Even when I bought souvenirs and the most surprising thing about the UK is that I had to buy my playbill. Back in the US, the playbills were handed at the door, but this time I had to buy my playbill. On the way to the auditorium, I found a sign that said I had an understudy for Valjean and that was going to be Adam Bayjou. It was crazy because I was in London fulfilling my dream, but yet was going to be an understudy for Jean Valjean. I remember hearing the first notes of the orchestra, which were so powerful, and realizing this dream was becoming reality just by hearing those notes, I know the production was going to much more than expected.

Not only did the cast including the ensemble were brilliant, but the staging was as well. The revolve helped with time change. I loved seeing the building of the barricade along with several other barricade scenes such as it turning when Gavroche climbed over or it turning after the final battle and you could see all the dead bodies on it and singing a light on Enjolras. I remember sitting in my seat and looking at the set and realizing how close I was to the stage.

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My mom wanted to make sure I got the best possible seats. So we were nine rows back from the stage. Back to Adam Bayjou. His version of Jean Valjean made me forget I was watching an understudy.

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The attack at Gorbeau House[ edit ] Marius begins to take an interest in her family, the Jondrettes who are his neighbors. Peering through a crack in the wall, Marius sees Jean Valjean and Cosette talking with Jondrette about returning to give the family money.

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He tells her that if she does this, he will give her whatever she wants. After she leaves, Marius overhears Jondrette talking about robbing and killing Valjean. Distressed, Marius visits Javertwho gives him two pistols and instructs him to fire them during the robbery.

marius and cosette meet the robinsons

He does not want Valjean to die, but does not want to betray the man that "saved" his father at Waterloo. Marius then moves out of the Gorbeau tenement. Marius and Cosette[ edit ] Marius seeks Cosette after he fell in love with her beauty. He assumes her name was "Ursula" after he finds a handkerchief she dropped.

He finally sees where their house was and visits often, but doesn't really talk to anyone except the guard outside. Then, one day, Cosette and Valjean were gone, he asks the guard, but has no idea where they moved. Marius used to see them everyday, but now that they were gone, he falls into depression. She tells him she found Cosette's address, and leads him to the house. Marius, after some days of waiting, decides to write a page love letter to Cosette which she finds hidden under a stone.

Cosette immediately falls in love and Marius reveals himself as a shadowy figure standing behind her. Their shared love blossoms for about six weeks, but Valjean shatters that bliss when he announces to Cosette that they will be leaving for England in a week. Cosette tells Marius about the move, causing much distress for the pair. Marius goes to Gillenormand to try to reconcile and to get permission to marry Cosette.

However, after Gillenormand suggests that Marius make Cosette his mistress, Marius storms out of the house, insulted. At this point, Marius saw no point in living, as Cosette was to move away. Marius drives them away by holding a torch to a powder keg, and threatens to blow up the barricade. She confesses to Marius that it was she who told him to go to the barricades, and saved his life because she wanted to die before him.