Lyrics come on down and meet your maker

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lyrics come on down and meet your maker

This prophecy抯 coming true. I can hear the cavalry thundering. Riding over the hill. Riding over the hill. COME ON DOWN AND MEET YOUR MAKER COME. Come on down & meet your maker. Come on down & make the stand. Come on down, come on down, Come on down & make the stand. As I crawled beneath. Come on down and meet your maker Come on down and make the stand Oh, I have been out searching with the black book in my hand And I've looked.

Most of the time, I feel the same way about the anniversary of a recording. When that happens, it deserves a periodic standing ovation, a celebratory shout—yes, even an anniversary tour. My wife and I went and had a foot-stomping good time. Mike Peters, the heart and soul of The Alarm, was a one-man wrecking crew that night.

He sang every song on Declaration and more, making long-time Alarm fans very, very happy.

lyrics come on down and meet your maker

The only thing that would have made me happier that night was if his original band mates—Eddie McDonald, Dave Sharp, and Twist—were also making noise with him.

Peters, however, valiantly invoked their spirits via his brilliant work on guitar, harmonica, vocals, drum kit, and loop machine, all by his lonesome self. Playing the familiar tunes one after another, Peters took me back in time to the year But it turned out I was right—their sound was every bit as big as their hair!

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Far from being a cheap, U2 imitation, The Alarm rode their acoustic guitars on the New Wave that was sweeping Europe at the time and in so doing invented a signature sound. They were balladeers, telling stories via distorted punk riffs and noisy drums.

As I became more intimate with the album, I discovered that The Alarm did in fact have something in common with U2: Our hearts must have the courage to keep on marching on And every song that followed was equally march-able. Those something punkers from Wales scream-sang what are now Alarm classics: Never claiming to be a Christian band, The Alarm defied their public silence concerning matters of faith with overtly Christian lyrics: Finally we heard some loud, acoustic rock coming through the walls to outer walkway.

There began my life long love affair with The Alarm. Part U2, part Big Country and all passion. There are flaws to be sure one is not doing a full version of The Stand but it all made up for by great songs, killer hooks, over the top passion and lyrics that define inspiration.

Where the previously reviewed MxPx album dealt with the struggles of teen life the Alarm here deals with teen struggles from a politically and socially different perspective. These are not songs of suburbia, but the inner city filled with smoke stacks and the ghetto filled with crying babies and laundry hung from string draped across the street from window sill to window sill.

The Stand Lyrics

The title track starts the record with a 40 second acoustic build up that sets the theme of the project: This is a plea to the audience of forgotten and disenfranchised youth to not let the world and their circumstances keep them accomplishing great things.

We are told over and over to keep marching on. In the hands of less believable or passionate band this would come across as trite and pandering.

lyrics come on down and meet your maker

Clocking in at just under 3 minutes this is almost an acoustic punk song with a monster hook in the chorus. This was a plea to those who simply let life pass them by instead standing up for what they believed.