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Jun 22, Ronaldo's brilliance and Messi's struggles in Russia are settling the biggest This World Cup makes it official: Cristiano Ronaldo is greater than Lionel Messi . as Ronaldo time and again thrusts himself into the middle of the. Oct 24, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. and Messi: The story of a friendship that seemed impossible On Monday night at the London Palladium, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. again became the star, and even It was a meeting of the two amigos. Jun 11, For a plethora of reasons, FIFA's decision to select Russia as host is controversial . ordered to (again) play in an empty stadium due to racist taunting of players. . World superstars Lionel Messi (of Argentina) and Cristiano Ronaldo (of Portugal: On the tournament's second day, powerhouse Spain meet.

Taylor Natatorium also underwent extensive renovations.

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Next to Schneider Arena, construction on a new soccer and lacrosse stadium is in planning phase. The project was the result of Driscoll working strategically with lead officials in the City of Providence and the State of Rhode Island. In September ofrenovations of Alumni Hall were completed. Additionally, the Concannon Fitness Center serves the whole Providence College community and houses the recreation sports staff, furthering the bond between the campus community and Friar Athletics.

Driscoll established the athletic fundraising philosophy and department that has been instrumental in making program upgrades possible. The additional revenue remains critical to building and supporting championship programs and providing the best opportunities to the Providence College studentathletes. He also was honored in by his alma mater, Ithaca College, when he received the Distinguished Sport Industry Leader award.

Driscoll played hockey and baseball at Ithaca College N. A native of West Concord, Mass. He and his wife Cathy have three grown children. Father Shanley is a native of Warwick, Rhode Island. A parishioner at St. InFather Shanley earned his undergraduate degree in history at Providence College. He holds a doctorate degree in philosophy from the University of Toronto, where he completed the Collaborative Providence in Philosophy and Medieval Studies.

He also holds a master of divinity degree theology and the Licentiate in Sacred Theology S. Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception. Ordained to the priesthood inFather Shanley has devoted his entire career to teaching and administration in Catholic higher education.

Following teaching assignments at Providence College and the University of Toronto, he began his tenure at The Catholic University of America inachieving the rank of associate professor in He was an instructor of philosophy, and taught in the Development of Western Civilization Program.

Joseph, Father Shanley holds a seat on the Provincial Council, a body of 12 Dominican Friars serving as cabinet-level advisors to the Prior Provincial.

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He advises the Prior Provincial on all matters pertaining to the intellectual and academic life of the Province and oversees the academic endeavors of members of the Province, including those in preparation for the priesthood and those engaged in graduate studies.

Father Shanley has been widely published in philosophy-focused academic journals and has been a guest lecturer at a wide range of scholarly conferences.

  • For the first time since 1986, the U.S. men's team will be absent from the tournament.
  • Yes, the World Cup is in Russia.
  • 'Ronaldo Is More Complete, But Messi Is Supernatural'

The conference will crown champions in 22 sports inthe 35th season in its history, with its student-athletes continuing to achieve success in the classroom as well as the athletic arena.

Inthe seven BIG EAST schools that do not compete in FBS football decided to return to the type of conference alignment that existed when the league was formed in and quickly surged to national prominence as a college basketball force.

Since opening its doors inthe league has won 34 national championships in six different sports, and student-athletes have won individual national titles through The conference reflects a tradition of broad-based programs, led by administrators and coaches who place a steadfast emphasis on academic integrity.

BIG EAST student-athletes sport significantly high graduation rates, and the league has always been able to boast that many of its best students are also its best athletes.

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The league has long been considered a leader in innovative concepts in promotion and publicity, particularly regarding television. The schools also announced the addition of three distinguished institutions that share the same academic and athletic values -- Butler University, Creighton University and Xavier University -- and forged a landmark, long-term broadcast partnership with FOX Sports.

Over the past 10 years, Butler, Georgetown, Marquette and Villanova have each reached the Final Four, with Butler making two trips in and Xavier has also advanced to the Elite Eight twice and the Sweet 16 three other times.

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She currently serves as the U. Val grew up in Pennington, N. She graduated with high distinction with a degree in political and social thought in and played one year of professional basketball in France before earning a law degree from UCLA in Val started her legal career as a corporate and banking associate at the New York law firm of Simpson Thacher and Bartlett and later joined the National Basketball Association as a staff attorney in The league established new benchmarks tive.

Disorganization to an overall competitive record tinguished Alumna Award, the March of Dimes of and gold medal performances by the Sports Achievement Award, induction into the U. Val and her husband, Charlie Rappaport, Olympic Games. Goalkeeper of the Year: She is a member of George Velasquez, Sr. She also serves Matt Walker, Sr. There was a tie for Defensive Player of the Year. The Lennon Family Field opened its doors in August of Since its opening, the Friars have catapulted into the national polls and have enjoyed some of their most successful seasons in program history.

During each of the last five seasons, Lennon Family Field has proven to be a difficult venue for opposing teams, as the Friars have posted an impressive The multi-level facility also houses a wide variety of nautilus, cardiovascular and free-weight equipment, which is open to the student body. Memberships also are available to the local community, alumni, faculty and staff. The varsity weight room is designed for use by student-athletes only, and is located on the first floor.

The majority of the strength and conditioning curriculum is conducted in the facility - in addition to the Astroturf field, the Peterson Recreation Center and Taylor Natatorium. The facility houses over 10 tons of free weights, including dumb bells ranging from five to pounds and a full set of kettle bells. All hand weights, iron plates and bumper plate sets are engraved with one of the College's athletic logos. There are six Power Racks, each with an Olympic Weight-lifting platform. Still, there will be plenty of excitement for even casual soccer fans to tune in for.

Yes, the World Cup is in Russia. For the first time in World Cup history, the tournament will be hosted by Russia. In total, 12 stadiums will host games across 11 cities. In direct soccer terms, the Russian World Cup bidding process was accused of corruption. Yet formal investigations into the bid produced no tangible proof of corruption though the report bluntly noted that Russian computers used for the bid had been systematically destroyed.

After International Olympic committee investigators confirmed a state sponsored doping program during the Sochi Winter Games inthe Russian Olympic team was formally banned from the recent Pyeongchang Games. Fans were deported after instigating violence. Advertisement Russian fans have also been consistently cited for racism. Petersburg, a top Russian club, was recently ordered to again play in an empty stadium due to racist taunting of players. Many Russian fans, like any soccer fans, are simply excited to see the World Cup in person.

The dominant subject for U. To know that the country is being ripped-off by Exxon is one thing, but for the government, which should represent the interest of the people, to not know what local content should entail, is backward, disgusting and outrageous. However, several international local content experts have contended that it is important for the government to understand the difference between local content and spending that benefits the local economy.

They have stated that advertisements in local newspapers and catering and hotel services should not be considered local content, because Exxon did not have a choice. It cannot advertise for jobs in Guyana in foreign newspapers or purchase cooked food daily from abroad.

It had to utilize the local media, restaurants and food outlets, and even though the money spent would benefit the economy, it is not local content. The use of restaurants, hotels, media outlets and other local services which the company had to use should not be characterized as local content in terms of value creation.

Local content involves investment in the development of local skills, the transfer and use of technology, the expansion of local manpower and the growth of local manufacturing. Third-term presidential bid - CCJ Upholds the Guyana Constitution Dear Editor, It was the right of those who felt the need to challenge the Constitution of Guyana and exercise their will in the Caribbean Court of Justice CCJ to seek to have former president Bharrat Jagdeo serve a third term in office outside of the constitutional framework.

It is not the right to test that is wrong but the issue that was brought before the Court failed the test of law. This issue of a third term as President of the Cooperative Republic has occupied tremendous time and much energy of the people-- on both sides of the political divide-- given what it was felt to mean or hoping to achieve.

And this atmosphere has not been without rancour, boast and trepidation of what it could mean if the ruling goes one way or the other. That being said, the ruling of the CCJ to uphold the Constitution of Guyana sends a signal to all countries of the Caribbean, all peoples of the Caribbean, that their respective constitution will be upheld by this highest decisionmaking forum of justice in the Region.

For Guyanese it brings hope and a sense of validation that the Constitution sets no one above the law, and everyone can be held similarly accountable to this instrument. What this decision also reinforces is the importance of pursuing public education and awareness that would bring about compliance and enforcement.

The two-term limit broadens the spectrum for more Guyanese participating at this level of decisionmaking and said office. It is hoped members of the respective political parties and people of Guyana will see this as a positive sign for our fledgling democracy, and be encouraged to further activities to deepen and strengthen our various rules and laws to give more meaning to our Constitution.

All Guyanese are encouraged to be vigilant in protecting and defending these values. The best test of the Constitution is the court of law. The Constitution rules without fear or favour. Persons may not like the decision, particularly when it goes against them. No decision of the court has ever pleased a percent of the people but the Rule of Law must prevail.

We asked GPL to come before the committee to tell us what is going on at GPL and in particular, what were their plans to explore renewable power opportunities for Guyanese. This was some time late in or early The minutes of this meeting are there in Parliament for any enterprising young reporter to investigate.

I am not sure if the then PM Samuel Hinds was with the delegation. Some time in I left Guyana to live temporarily in the US and returned in This hydro project is set to generate megawatts and was deemed too costly by this same government, as recently as last year Also why build a plant which can barely service us now? Most of our big manufacturing businesses generate their own power—all the fisheries, all the drinks manufacturers including Banks, DDL, all the sawmills, places like Giftland, etc.

So if the present Demerara-Berbice interconnected system is currently supplying around megawatts, are we estimating that all of the big businesses now selfgenerating, only account for 30 Megawatts? And if that is so, what about expanding new and existing business? And for example, what are we planning to do with our Bauxite? To have hydro power potential such as ours estimated at 7. I did not say so, this link to Norway says so: Most engine blocks are now made from Aluminium, the aircraft industry uses a lot of it as well.

Over the past 12 months residents of Montrose has been living at the mercy of this bar. The owners have no consideration for the people who are living around its immediate environment.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. and Messi: The story of a friendship that seemed impossible

Most nights we cannot have a good night sleep, because of the loud music. Due to lack of rest at nights, we cannot concentrate and work the next day, as we always have a drowsy feeling, sometimes headaches, and lack of energy as well. Please note, some of us have huge bank loans to repay, hence we have to work. Students cannot concentrate on their studies at nights. There are elderly and sick persons in the area who are affected as well. Our windows keep vibrating from the bass of the music.

The vulgar lyrics that come out from that bar are not what we would like for our young children. At an early age, their little minds have started to grow in a negative direction, as against to good values in life. We cannot continue to live with this noise; it is having negative health effects on us. It is driving us to the limit. Yes, it is driving us to the limit. Please Honourable Minister and Commissioner of Police, look into this matter with immediate effect.

It is not going down well. People need to sleep when the night comes. Residents in Atlantic Gardens are terribly affected as well.

GuySuCo management mistreats staff Dear Editor, Employees of the Guyana Sugar Corporation have to go through a very inhumane and inconsiderate fate every month of not being paid their salaries on time. There are bills - rents, mortgages and installments that need to be paid. What happens to the lower level who live from pay cheque to pay cheque?

When asked Continued on page 6 Just for information purposes, our investigation on the opening of this bar on March 18, revealed, they were NOT in possession of any permission from the L. A to play music within the limit of the law, and a cut off time of Yet this building went up, opened its doors and it is business as normal; no one can touch them.

What are the regulatory bodies doing? It will appear that the law only applies to those who do not have contacts. Why do the people who are living around that bar have to struggle to get justice, struggle to get a good night rest, so that their bodies can recuperate to go on the next day? Why must they tolerate the lawlessness and vulgarity which goes on there on almost a daily basis, by a handful of people? Many nights after 2. We trust that immediate action will be taken against this bar, and we iterate, this bar should be closed, because it will continue to have our lives in misery.