Kaitlin olson and rob mcelhenney meet

Sunny's Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney Welcome Baby No. 2 | TV Guide

kaitlin olson and rob mcelhenney meet

Jul 25, Rob McElhenney And Kaitlin Olson Hid Their Romance From Their 'It's But when I met him, she continued, “he was just so easily in charge. Robert McElhenney (born April 14, ) is an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. He is This was a result of McElhenney meeting Lost co-creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof, who is a fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. McElhenney hired actress Kaitlin Olson to play the role of Dee Reynolds. Nov 18, One night in , Sunny's creator and star Rob McElhenney Glenn Howerton and Kaitlin Olson were shooting a tweaked version of that exact . this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines.

The episode found Dee in a low place, with a cigarette and bottle of whiskey in one hand, and a forkful of "trash cake" in the other. I'm glad you asked about that, because you see someone doing an eating scene, and normally you're just moving food around on your plate and pretending to eat, because you can shoot it 50 times," Olson tells Yahoo TV.

We probably shot that scene six or seven times. I believe I ate an entire cake. Will she finally have a dream romance? It's another episode in which all of Dee's dreams are coming true… but not," Olson laughs.

Kaitlin Olson, Rob McElhenney Expecting a 'Really Handsome' Baby Boy

We all hide and freak out, and the camera zooms in on each one of us individually, as you see that character's fantasy of what would happen if they were to save the day. You get inside the head of everyone, their ideal circumstance.

Dee is the character who has the best chemistry with the rest of the gang. Who's Olson's favorite storyline co-star? Manhunters"because Charlie and I play a lot. We just kept screwing around and improvising.

kaitlin olson and rob mcelhenney meet

Everyone's got a different energy, so you can react in different ways. It keeps it fresh, and it's always a good time. Mac is probably the character Dee is paired with least often. Any chance the two of them might imitate real life and become a couple on the show?

I think Mac and Dee are revolted by each other.

9 'Sunny' Revelations From Kaitlin Olson

In fact, you'll get a much more clear understanding of, how shall I say, Mac's lack of interest in women in this season. Mac is like a very aggressively bible thumping rule follower who… it just becomes very clear this season that Mac's just straight up gay.

Straight-up homophobic gay man. When you see this season, and then you look back, you'll be like, 'Ohhh, right. Some of Dee's best moments involve physical comedy.

kaitlin olson and rob mcelhenney meet

Did she really ram her head into that car door in that Season 4 episode? I don't want someone else to do it for me. So, yeah, I needed to see a chiropractor many times afterwards, but whatever, it worked out.

The funniest part of that story is that they had to limit her to one take. She wanted to smash her head into the car door more than once? I really wanted to do it a few times so I could get a good take.

kaitlin olson and rob mcelhenney meet

I joke about hurting myself. But when I hurt myself on set, a couple of times it's been bad. I ripped my leg completely wide open on a steel grate that we were running on. It was a mess. I can't see this. But I've had two babies, so I was extremely calm. I was like, 'Alright, well, this is a real problem, but let's get the ambulance here, and I'll apply pressure, and we'll figure this out.

Kaitlin Olson & Rob McElhenney visit the UO campus

It's just a skin thing. Any downsides to being the only female cast member? But I'm not sure if I love being the only woman, or I just happen to love the dynamic that we have going.

I just think of myself more as a piece of the puzzle. I'm not sure if I feel too gender specific about it.

Kaitlin Olson, Rob McElhenney Expecting a 'Really Handsome' Baby Boy | acryingshame.info

Here is Jordan Reid blog about it: When I graduated from college, I moved out to Los Angeles, where I knew absolutely no one except for my ex-boyfriend, Rob. We began dating again, first casually, and then very seriously.

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Shortly after I arrived in Los Angeles, Rob conceived of the idea for a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style show that centered on a group of four actor friends living in LA this, of course, was later changed to four friends working in a Philadelphia bar. It was exhausting work that took many months to complete: It was a busy time, but an exciting one — we all felt like we were participating in the creation of something really great, something with enormous potential.

When the two initial episodes were finished, Rob began shopping them around to networks. And a miracle happened: All of a sudden we were on an actual set, with for-real makeup artists and someone else to hold the boom mike.

kaitlin olson and rob mcelhenney meet

Things seemed to be going swimmingly, but we still had trouble believing that all of this would actually pan out. I was surprised to learn that Rob, Glenn and Charlie had all been made executive producers, while I simply remained the lead actress.

kaitlin olson and rob mcelhenney meet

I went very quickly from being at the center of the project to standing on the periphery, and…truth? It felt like it had everything in the world to do with my gender. But chances are they probably doubted that the show would ever see the light of day.