Ichigo and rukia meet again song

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ichigo and rukia meet again song

"Since when did the captains' meeting room have a large stage?" "Since they decided to build one, duh." Ichigo grumbled as Rukia sat down next to him. He scanned Kenpachi smiled evilly as his song came to a close. Ichigo Ichigo sighed as Chad came back with tea, "At least it won't be awkward ". Its time for Ichigo to back home and Rukia doesn't want him to. Ichigo/Rukia Rukia/Ichigo. Fluff. Song-fic. Rated: Fiction K+ - English When their eyes meet, Ichigo leaned downed and planted a soft, gentle, sweet, innocent. When the school dance goes into epic fail mode, will a song An IchiRuki fanfic featuring Ichigo, Rukia, other Bleach characters, and a He doubted Rukia hid it, as she was plainly inside drawing Chappy again all over her.

Kuchiki-sensei probably didn't know how to play a guitar or the piano at all. After all, all Kuchikis were trained for business from the moment of conception. There was no more hope for the music club she loved. It was her departed sister Hisana who instilled into her the love for music. There was a reason why Hisana played the guitar but she wouldn't tell Rukia. The reason for her playing the guitar also provided her the guitar and Rukia would never know the donor.

Rukia sighed as her favorite place was in sight. She was only two feet away from the door when she literally froze on the spot. She could hear the unused piano being played. Rukia closed her eyes and listened some more. It was an extremely intricate piece No, it's more aggressive than Chopin This piece is Alkan.

She knew every person at school and no one, not one person knew how to play the piano No this is way much more than just that. Who is this person who can play a piece written by The Charles-Valentin Alkan?

ichigo and rukia meet again song

Who could play a piece by Alkan, the composer whose pieces made pianists cry learning them. Rukia slid the door open with great urgency. She wasn't anticipating this. The first thing she saw in the sunset lit room was orange hair that matched the sky. His fingers move with such skill and such finesse.

ichigo and rukia meet again song

No one his age could perform the Grande sonate with such perfection and mastery. It was as if he had been practicing this very piece his whole life. He was so indulged in his own music that he failed to notice Rukia.

His fingers kept going at a inhumane rate. How could he not make a mistake in a nine minute torturous piece. He was already a minute away from ending. Rukia's eyes were closed as she listened to him play. Every note, every sharp and every flat enchanted her. It kept pulling her into the music. Rukia found herself slowly being taken by the music and losing herself.

She could feel every emotion. Strangely, as grand as the piece was, all she could hear from his version was sadness, angst and anger. He was already pouring his heart out. This piece was about conquering or prevailing to the dark side but she felt and heard none of that. His version was all about losing himself into the darkness.

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Down to the deepest abyss where light could not reach it's dark confines. She heard the final part and after one conclusive note, the sound resounded in the room. He lifted his head and saw her looking at him. His eyes widened instantly and the piano bench made a shrill sound as he stood up abruptly. The Kurosaki Ichigo standing before her was not the charming sweet dream boy from earlier.

There was something dangerous and dark about him. Sorry for using the piano, you have club activities yes? I'll be taking my leave now, I'm sorry to disturb you. Rukia was sure he didn't even have sheet music. Rukia quickly turned around and was met with his rather broad back.

He stopped but he didn't turn around. She could tell that he didn't want to talk about it with every fiber of his being but she was desperate. He was her only chance. That piece is like child's play for you Every phrase, every measure You didn't even have sheet music and although the emotions were kinda wrong, I believe that's your unique way of playing this particular piece. He was a bit intrigued by one thing she said. All I heard and felt was you giving into the darkness I know you understand the story behind this piece What intrrigues me is why you choose to fall into your own darkness rather than conquer it like what the piece implies.

The way he was speaking to her now was so different from earlier in the day. It was somewhat terrifying. Rukia took one step forward. The music club is in a bind and I need one member to keep it running So I'm asking if you want to join.

You're an excellent pianist.

ichigo and rukia meet again song

Rukia's eyebrows scrunched upwards. I don't know what happened to me but. I suddenly felt like playing it again and as I was playing it, I swore to my very soul to never touch it again I love music too much to give it up and I love this club way too much!

You don't need to play! Just be a member That's all I ask. I've already asked the entire student body You're my last chance! I won't be able to play anymore All I have left is my guitar The school provides most of the equipment Rukia was now directly behind him. All Rukia knew was that she was standing behind him, his back facing her.

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Meanwhile, Ikkaku Madarame is holding fighting matches, when Ichigo shows up to challenge him. Their bout is short-lived though, because Captain Kenpachi Zaraki arrives to fight Ichigo. However, Ichigo has no intention of fighting the captain again, so instead, he runs away. She has forgiven him and invites him to eat and drink. Hitsugaya visits a recovering Momo. While those two are partying, Hitsugaya goes to visit Lieutenant Momo Hinamoriwho is still unconscious.

He even made Rukia a dress and so Orihime Inoue decides to go take it to her, and somehow comes to the realization that Ishida likes Rukia. Renji was sitting with a recovering Byakuya, who asks Renji if he wished Byakuya was dead.

ichigo and rukia meet again song

Renji said no way, because without him, Renji would have no reason to become stronger. The moon was shining on the lake at night.

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Your Slayer T-Shirt fit the scene just right…. Have you seen my iPod?? He doubted Rukia hid it, as she was plainly inside drawing Chappy again all over her History notebook. Besides, how would she have toyed with it when she obviously knew nothing about mp3 players?

Without even looking up from her drawings, she replied in a monotone voice, "You've probably misplaced it again. Where was the last place you found it anyway? I need help with Math!! As inconspicuously as possible, Rukia slid the earphones back into her ears and continued the paused Weezer ballad. Well that's chapter one for ya.